hey hal…and why you still can’t seem to give women props: fake, southern “gentleman”. (that word bout to be forever linked to “misogynist” — in my mind. i prefer “thug”. lmao)

in a black nationalist 5% feminist reality? it works like this:

i’m the sun.

she’s the earth. (mecca)

he’s the moon.

(except i’m no more a black nationalist than huey newton had two black parents. i’m about the people. all people. not just to line my pockets and fly first class. and eat in fancy bougie restaurants, and look down from my trump tower.

to give back. anonymously. quietly. living modestly. and in peace.

all colors of people. like fred hampton, and malcolm x, before they killed them. except i’m not dying. i fully plan on living. i know that usually, it’s the good people who suffer. which is why i’ve suffered so much. trying to do legit upfront business in this country is like asking folks to stop the gluttony. i’m flipping it.

have a great day hal dawkins! please don’t charge women 1,000 bucks an hour to represent them over their father’s death. at the hands of crooked cops. it’s unrighteous.)

my ex boyfriends ain’t gettin no props! LOL

you know why? cuz they thought they were pulling a fast one on me. and women, generally. the first one just wanted to find someone to use for his success, and when he realized i was more interested in loving him, and OUR story…bounced. i mean, it was like — devastating. i was in a really bad place. and he was just outtie! i mean: number changed, gone from his crib, all of it. i was totally blindsided, thinking…all the shit i’ve done for him? anytime he needed me, i’m over here dropping everything to make sure he’s straight, encouraging his art, loving him up?! his first true love, and that’s what he does? whatever. i communicate with his wife now.

the other one, thought he had me trapped. i mean, that type of manipulation is unheard of. narcissistic to the umteenth degree. here i am thinking: we’re getting married, we’re having a baby! and this dude is just here to enjoy a good time. after i specifically told him i don’t get down unless i’m in a committed monogamous relationship. forget about it. so he lies, and lies, and lies. he’s an excellent liar. cuz he been messed up (i don’t know anything, i’m trusting that his words, even 20% of them, reflect his actions). he thought it was funny, when he thought he had me trapped. apathy — and the summer that lasts for the rest of your life. with all these skeletons and shit. thinkin i’m that other mixed chic. i was like…


reach out for help. bitches LAUGHING — on twitter. i laugh at a lot of things? that,

isn’t one of them. i communicate with his girlfriend now.

so don’t give those dudes any props.

give the women who fight back against it — all the credit, hal dawkins.

they are the true sheroes, in ALL of this.

(the lessons both those heads learned, about “the people” — i taught. don’t forget it.)

and, i’m a sun. that’s how my dad raised me.

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