That must be alpha cis gendered male gangsta code. For “I love you”.

How romantic!

😍 I love you so much! YOU da best!

And here come this nigga. 😒

What a dumb nigga. He’s a hood nigga in love! You don’t listen! 😒 Anyway.

Just do you baby. 😁



(You broke nigga! Lol! That’s okay. I love you anyway. It’s an integrity and character and loyalty thing. So sexy. 😍)

Him: Erica, I love you so much. I have, since high school. I built my entire life off of you. But there’s so much pressure in this industry to be what I’m not. And if I don’t act like I like fuckin these hoes? I get clowned. I gotta be gay now . I mean a man can’t even wake up in the morning without being raped by some stranger at my boys crib. Suckin my dick. These hoes are so nasty with it? They come on the tour bus while I sit there and watch as they openly fuck my boys in front of me.

This hoe is so aggressive, the one on my lap, she won’t even get off when I tell her to. And if I push her ass off of me. That’s assault. She’ll go straight to 5–0. Cha ching! She’s a hoe!!

This lifestyle. Sucks yo! So I just let her sit there and shake her ass. While I read your blog. It’s the only time I feel truly happy. When I think about you, and me.

— YG

(Me: I did not know you even existed. So glad I did not know. Until you reached 25. 27 is very young. For a 44 year old woman. But since men do this constantly, as well as hoes in hip hop. I will make an exception. Once. I have never dated a man less than 9 years younger than me. And that was a — huge! — stretch. He had to REALLY convince me, that it was okay. Did. After a full year. And turned out to be a lying, cheating, stealing — literally stole money from me — hoe. Anyway. After, I paid for — everything. Including the gas in his ride. The food he ate. The place we stayed. All the entertainment. EVERYTHING. Which was cool. He only makes 50 bucks a week. But to play me? Ha! So, my levels of trust in men outside of platonic relationships? Pretty much? Nonexistent. No niggaz touch me. Ever. And I like it like that. So, if you another hoe moment whore. You’ll just have to die with a whole bunch of cash and material trash. And a hoe. Who won’t get off your lap. [what a nightmare!!]

And if you are too afraid to go to the ocean and waves. To get my rock. We won’t make it. Because while I have a healthy — respect — for the ocean. I am not afraid of water. At all. I like water. Better than 95% of people on the planet.)