hip hop — (and dream hampton’s abuse of marginalized people with and without mental differences. for her hoe moment money. not bipolar — and not that creative.)

i do not want to be the “ruler” of hip hop, who speaks out about patriarchal misogynist men in the industry. not because they are abused men who have mental differences as a result of it. but, because they like power over marginalized women and men. like dream hampton does.

she fucked up thinking she could come for deray. major fail. lol:

she did steal someone else’s film. and her camera. which she needs to return if she has not. because, that’s grand larceny. read all about it!

and, she’s been trying to fuck with jay z. for years. and years. for her hoe moment money. while performing “social activism” on behalf of marginalized black people, only. though, she is mixed. lol!

i think there are many women’s voices that should be heard, besides dream hampton’s. and i read their works. and pay for them. unlike dream hampton. this is who dream hampton is? and she needs to apologize to my ex. face to face. for her abuse of him. she is partially responsible for shattering his heart. i am not. since i had no clue what was happening. and he abandoned me, for her, not the other way around. it turns out? that now that we are not together? she is no longer interested in my ex. who spent years and years, pining after a woman who does not care about him. at all. dream hampton. and he used me, because he has been around too many hoe moment chics —like, jessica care less who was married to his brother, while fucking all kinds of rappers, for her hoe moment money. she is dream hampton’s good friend.

my ex, spent too much time with his patriarchal and abusive father. instead of listening to his mother. and i am not coming back. because he treated me like shit. and i am no longer in love with him. though i will always have love for him.

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