Fuck the police…

Or fuck the 1%?

While I recognize that the police uphold the status quo that the 1% want us to. What do you do when your dad’s a cop, you’re writing poetry about police brutality, and that means…roll up on the teacher? Defend her. And her flaming red hair.

What do you do when a black cop puts a gun to your head and a white cop tells him to lower his firearm? Tell him thank you. And how you still don’t like cops.

Community policing works like this. Your bike gets stolen from your old old old job at the y. Pretty expensive. You know it’s one of your kids who ganked it. So you say to another one of your kids, “I want my bike back. I’m not interested in who took it or why? I don’t want to know…I just want it returned.” 2 days later, your little homie comes rolling up with your bike. No questions asked

A few years back an addict breaks into your crib. You run up on him by accident. Don’t know how badly he wants your ish that’s wrapped in a blanket. So you say, “just leave”. You know that in order to file the claim? A police report will have to be filed along with it. But, you don’t use their services. So you think about it, say bump it. Link up with some of the homies you’ve known since they were kids. Now they’re young men. “He didn’t get much but you know I’m frugal. What I want? Is my Mac back. No police.” 1 day later, on your front steps, is your Mac — in a sav-a-lot bag.

That’s community policing. And while we’re at it? Get cops out of schools. Schools are safe spaces. Not prisons.

Like I said, you don’t know me. The only people who have threatened me with police? Are my two ex’s (one took that back — quickly), and one didn’t. The threat still stands. And one woman. Who linked the police, the fbi, and the Nation of Islam.

So I’m confused, about who’s fighting for freedom. And who’s fighting for penis/punnani.

I’m fighting for freedom, everybody, race unimportant, equally.

Now I’m gonna listen to this? Cuz it keeps me up!

(And, cuz I wanted to interview him on hurricane Katrina. His experience. Which affected black people extremely heavily, death and destruction — everywhere — but quiet is kept? White people too. “Fuck you Dick!” Those white dudes were too funny. I was like, they crazy screamin on Dick Cheney like that! Lol)

thank you spike lee, we spent 1/2 the semester on that documentary — against university protocol, and my kids (most of them white) — changed, into totally different human beings.

and, for the record? i LOVED *chi-raq*... keep your legs SHUT! LMAO!!

And no. I don’t support mr poetry father boy. talkin some shit about women’s big asses. that nigga couldn’t get a handshake. a photo op. NOTHING!!! i have not liked him since i read *the dutchman*. in 11th grade. and i was talking MAD SHIT about him, to his kid, BEFORE i knew who his kid was! lmao!!!! i was like, little piece of shit LIAR. mz. jones? is the woman behind *blues people* your most successful book of all. the WHITE gurl. Cuz he did horrible shit. Fighting for who’s freedom? Not mine. I’m a woman. I support the son. Because I know how to separate bad men, from good ones. his MOTHER, did an excellent job. and i’m really fuckin PISSED OFF, that her words were STOLEN! to support HIM!

Go ahead. Plagiarize truth — hoes.

And I’m not going back to my ex’s. I told you — they are in committed monogamous relationships.

TK: because my MAMA is WHITE and was OPPRESSED by a black man. So I ALREADY KNOW that oppression is not as simple as ya’ll want to make it. PERSONAL experience. That you know nothing about. Now go take care of your kids. ALL of them. Imma play some of your music and forget you the man who made it. *side eye* I should give my dad much more credit. With his drunken “I don’t remember this…” he is a totally different man. The most peaceful, loving man, you will ever meet. Gives me hope that the real “thugs”, like he was, that come from straight nothing? Will do better. These middle class private school boys and the ones who hide behind women “waaa waaaa waaa. I’m calling the police!” Lmao. I’m writing! Calling you a punk ass bitch who’s ass I would KICK and you scared — of a girl! He knows i’m telling the TRUTH about him. I ain’t got much hope for them. Lol

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