Disclose that you are not a biological woman or man. It is unfair to make a person believe you are a gender you are not. Without them having all the facts. It is very important to be open and honest with your sexual partners. And to let them know what they are working with. I’m not discussing you specifically, Laverne Cox. I’m speaking generally of this idea that any human being has the ability to surpass the certainty of a biological gender they were not born in and of.

Trans people who are secure in themselves feel no need to switch their genders, or attempt to. There’s a deeper issue.

I’m not boycotting the breakfast club. Free speech works both ways. You talking shit about all white people calling monogamous celibate people dumb bitches, oppressed hoes, and some more shit.

Why you chop off your dick?

Why you removed your breasts?

Why you got a fake penis?

If you can be HIV positive and spreading it hoes. Supporting trans sex workers who are teens? Instead of supporting them MISSING HIV!! And getting educations! And leading healthy self love reflective lifestyles.

If you have already focused on the sexualization of teens as prostitutes? Sounds like you’re into sex trafficking and vulnerable children being exploited. So save the R. Kelly speeches. And since we already know some of ya’ll prey on men. There’s layers of truth in this shit.

You need help. Mentally. You don’t support and try to legalize sex work for teens! 😡 nor, should they be caught up in the criminal justice system. Any trans teen who is a prostiture and wants to change his or her anatomy? Has a more serious issue that is not served by the decriminalization of their sex work. It’s served by services our societ is not yet equipped for.

Fuckin some moore. Is not a solution to your problems.

Which means the breakfast club can make jokes about fake trans people. Tryna coopt our lifestyles wit fake body parts and shit. Fuck outta here!

I’m really starting to think you black only twitter hoes are not in touch with anything but this. And your intense hatred for white peoples and anybody mixed black who tells the truth about that fact.

Minus the fruit. More devolved. I need 3 piece GMO chicken. 😒

Good luck with decriminalizing sex work, without some very strict laws in place. Since some of ya’ll can’t seem to use condoms. That’s basic shit. For hoe moment heads. Use condoms. Period.

If you wanna keep HIV in your own little circle. That’s cool. But I don’t care who you are. Don’t be spreading that shit to no innocent humans. Lying about your status.

This shit is not a game ya’ll. HIV is not something to be happy about. It is a serious virus that even with more modern and effective treatments still has very real physical consequences. And, it’s transmittable.

If you mad you caught HIV from hoeing? Go to therapy.

I only roll with the righteous who were like, damn! This nigga/chic fucked up my shit! I thought he/she loved me!

I don’t think my egos gonna destroy me. It’s not that big. I mostly be lookin out for other heads. Tryna get them boyfriends and girlfriends and shit. And support their marriages. Like damn! Why I gotta play Cupid? Go find your own free unattached man. You ain’t payin me to try to get your love starved asses some real shit. You too busy fuckin everybody to know what real love is anyway. Get ta steppin.

No hoe is allowed to touch my body. I already had to disinfect it after a hoe did. With no integrity. And no purification of his dirty been with everybody dick!!

That makes me nauseous. 😷😷 it is one thing to be making music cuz you horny. A whole different thing to just stick yo dick in everybody.

This is what happens to me, just thinking of it:

Man: where you goin?

Woman: same place you were last night.

Man: 😦 [lmao!]

Woman: I’ll be home by midnight.


(Clarification for “dreamy”. I’ve never been interested in a man who wants any other woman or man. Besides me. Mo.no.ga.my. I’m monogamous. You don’t have to be if that’s not who you are. You’re not me. You do have to protect other human beings. It’s your obligation to humanity.)

These are how niggaz treat me when I walk down the street:

This is how they treat you:

I know it’s funny. But I’m not jokin. These kids tryna steal my phone that they begged me to bring since they can’t have phones till middle school, and they only 5 and 7. Lol! Bye!

If you have never created laughter from pain, you have never smiled in the rain/nor do you know what it means to be *black like me*/where you must fight multiple oppressions simulateneously./no choice in this./fighting the biggest hinderance./race/ it’s a delusion./complete with who’s an ally/who isn’t/how are ya’ll really livin?/

righteously?/or looking to be forgiven?

(I’m late. You’re not as important as my real life offline homies. Really.)

I got till 7 now, to babysit. Cuz some baby daddy weekend shit. 🙄 lol

I am currently listening to the boriquas and niggaz next door, on dj duty. While a jeep stops, with Puerto Rican flag, to speak over the blow horn in his ride.

Cuz today is the one day, he can be free to do that. Any other day? That nigga is spending the night in jail for “noise pollution”. Lol!

There’s an etiquette to yelling or calling your man all kinds of pieces of shit, for his actions, on the street.

You just say some true shit, and if he loves you?

She’s gonna do what? Give it up the first time that you see her?

Good luck! 😒


That has a double meaning. My baby need a collab.

He’ll be rappin like this.

Girl, you the best./fuck it up girl/imma fuck it up girl/cuz you fuck up everything/ its the correct thing! [lol!]/Imma rub it on yo titties/make you feel like living!/then we’ll take a shower/do that shit again/you know what they say about real women./freak in the sheets, wife on the streets./that’s my shit./I don’t want no dick!/watchall niggaz be on?/my lady ain’t fuckin wit ya’ll niggaz no more/you be tryna turn her into a pigeon brained whore!!/she an empress!/go somewhere with that shit./oh shit. She really means it/she back in the *women and women first* bookstore. Readin./And talkin to the fufu niggaz. I think she tryna create a truce or somethin/imma let her do her thing./watch her back, cuz a lot of ya’ll are crazy!!/that’s not my territory/I just found out ya’ll don't like to be called fags./my bad.


I have different responses to this trak.

(The other ones are private. Lol)

Good morning! (Hey love. YG. Myopically. Till the hoes get the picture. 😘)

I have to go to bed.

I have…


In the morning.


When ur in love with a black american though. 😒 and, are a black american. A mixed black american. should have got me one of them “exotic” black babies. Instead, I got my own black baby. Right baby?


Ditto X’s 666.

ATL ain’t fuckin with you like that Dream Hampton. you try and meet with any of those niggaz. Best believe, they on restorative justice.

Janet Mock is a victim of Dream Hampton. Leave her be. If I were trans like you? lol I would disconnect from Dream Hampton immediately. Especially if you made the mistake of “transforming” your genitals.

Instead of living in your truth.

I just want to remind the hoes who have infected men with HIV intentionally. Instead of sitting down for face to face conversations about their treatment of women. Which will probably have something to do with hoes. The endless revolving circle.

If you have 5 ex husbands you have infected with HIV — intentionally? You are responsible for those abused and abandoned men. They are your 5 permanent husbands.

If you have been fuckin random niggaz infecting them as well, with HIV intentionally? It is your responsibility to support their healthy growth. From your horror.

And vice versa.

All intentional HIV infectors. Have a huge debt to pay — to the human race.

And any man who has a partner who wants one husband only?

No lying, cheating, stealing hoe.

Will come 1st.

Check with his 1st wife hoe. Chain of command.

She wants to see you, in one of the many forms of porn that are vaulted in niggaz safe’s, dreamy. Your hippo ass clappin.

Women gotta eat. Get that money hoe!!

Money making ideas for hoes: call the niggaz you infected. Ask them what their cut is to release the tapes. Market them. And #giveyourmoneytowomen ! Lol!

(I have all my emails to my ex. Begging him to do the correct thing. By women. Among massive creativity. Any ideas get stolen from me? Nigga goes to prison. 4 life.)

(Have a good day skank hoe. Leave other women’s men? Alone. Lol!)

I just walked to the bodega. I’m checkin my car in except for work. And rockin my bike and my feet. Checkin my phone in much more. I love talking with people face to face.

In pain! 😫

Cuz that swim workout? Was rough! Your entire body is involved in a swim workout. Lowest injuries. But your muscles?

😖 lol!

The boriquas are out in full force in our city. They are rockin jeeps! It’s the Puerto Rican day parade. Which, makes me think of this song (it’s off his *capital punishment* album. I don’t know if he’s talking about the “white” HIV infecting hoes, or the “white” man. Probably both.)

For some odd reason.

My 1/2 Puerto Rican 1/2 Cuban American crush. Zulu. Who I would watch in Mozart Park. Break dancing. He paid very little attention to me. Lol he was my big brother’s homie. I was too little. And he wasn’t a 🐷 🐷.

They’re the first hood festival. Followed by the Dominicans (Honda Civics), and West Indians (those niggaz wear few clothes. And walk while dancing. Plus the floats. And TONS of reggae, and calypso, and konpa. Mainly. Lol!)

I wonder what the Central Americans do in LA? 🤔

Soon come!

I’m currently listening to this. I’m so soulful american black. Guess it’s the music you’re raised with. This is my parents basement house party on poverty music. Roots!

Vinyl rocks. They’re kinda in storage. I gotta find out which ones are scratched. From my dancing. And making the needle skip, as a kid.

Back to one of the best, and most personally honest — high integrity — poets I’ve heard from Detroit. Not only is she a physical fitness — beast. But because she is monogamously married with 4 wonderful children? She was not hoeing at CC. She was — jogging — every morning. Great way to burn fat. And energy.

She’s has 4 kids. Out her own body. I know. It’s amazing!

And, the poet and filmmaker.

I gotta visit Detroit. Lil bri bri is from that city. Another super poet. She has the best “accent”. Lol!

Aricka Foreman and Tommy Blount as well. Google! Research!

My swim routine is on critical. In this next four years of no one seeming to be able to figure out something as simple as competitive optioned full comprehensive healthcare (Massachusetts? Lol!), cuz again, men just won’t hand it over to good women to work bipartisanly to figure out everybody’s needs. They too busy showboating. Very little time for men to figure out how to listen to and respect women — in congress.

Ya’ll better get in your physical fitness. And stop worrying about fried GMO chicken. That’s a treat. Not a dietary need.

Who said something’s wrong with being “skinny” again? Not stic.man. It’s not his fault he’s skinny wit a little booty! Lol! Genetics! Lol!

(Do not cut out the alcohol if you are HIV positive. I am not implying anything about stic.man. He’s got an excellent wife. They’ve been together for a long time. Afya. Anyway…

You need, like medicine, at least one shot of high grade whiskey? Daily. It’s an immune system booster. Bushmill’s is excellent. Best whiskey on the planet? Irish. I drink as self medication. In the absence of the best love face to face. For the time being. I’m sure I’ll always be a drinker. In moderation. Don’t try to make it illegal again? Or niggaz will make a billion off bootlegging! See: the kennedy’s. In Massachusetts. Again. Brookline. To be exact. 🍀 Lol!)

And this is why you should always be who YOU are. And no one else.

There are 2 — #1 hoes — in hip hop. Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. They have spread HIV to thousands and thousands of men — willingly, knowingly, — across the globe. For 25 years. They find joy in this.

They are so sociopathic that they believe that I care more about being #1, than I do about — healthy love. With a wonderful husband.

#1, for me, does not mean I am number #1 — in anything. It means, I am #1 and only, for my man. I don’t share my man. I’m not sure why it is such a hard concept for men to understand. If you don’t want to share your woman with a whole bunch of niggaz? What makes you think she wants to share her man with a whole bunch of hoes? Lol! 🙃🙃

If #2, means me and my husband in a healthy, happy, mutually supportive, creative family where we make our dough together. Off our bipolar brazy all original ideas?

Fuck #2.

I’ll be #4. Me, him, his daughter, and our non immaculate conception black Jewish baby “Jesus”?

Sounds like a dream come true!

(You’re not getting married again Jessikkka. Your only job is to continue spreading HIV. Until you’re dead. And raising your HIV positive son to be a different type of man than you are a woman. Although I’m sure you’re raising him in the image of Amiri Baraka. Like a hoe.

My job is to let the world know that you, Dream Hampton, and your hoe moment followers are HIV positive sex workers. Along with “artists”, and that you want your bodies back and can’t get them — anymore than the innocent black women with their cheating hoe moment partners — who caught that shit, after their niggaz fucked with ya’ll 2 #1 hoes. Or, were on the DL wit that poly hoe moment lifestyle.

And to remind folks to always use condoms. ESPECIALLY with hoes!!

There’s no problem with 2 people who are HIV positive being in love. Being open and honest about their status’. And building a solid foundation. Off mutual respect, trust, love, and in equality.

There’s nothing wrong with 2 people being in love, one who is HIV positive, one who isn’t, and taking the proper precautions. Because they love each other and respect each other that much.

There is something wrong with being with two broke ass hip hop hoes, with no baby daddies — intentionally — who treat men like absolute shit. Have a track record of cheating on their significant others. And hold the collective (and individual) records for HIV spreading. Globally. Really.

Any man who marries a hoe like that? Is asking to wind up heartbroken, with nothing left but a shell of what he once was. Get your lessons niggaz. Watch the track records. Speak with their ex’s about those women’s — characters.

Luckily, one of my ex’s is getting that “extra luv” — the real kind — from his lady. His brother has stepped up to help with his badly needed mental healthcare. And he can finally learn how to be happy without relying on anybody else. Including his mama. To hold him, hug him, buy him some food on the train.

The other 2 are married with multiple children. And as hard as this is to believe? Neither wants HIV.

No one wants HIV!!

That’s why it’s called the *Damn!* tour. Damn! Why didn’t I listen to my GOOD MOTHER! Why didn’t I listen to my niggaz when they said, no! Don’t mess with that hoe!!

Why didn’t I listen when:


The FIRST time.

Make sure ya’ll go shout out my niggaz!

They are super creators off their own lives and originality!

Sold out shows! Globally!



What beautiful lives, and what beautiful righteous souls they are building.

I’m tryna hook everybody up with good men/women! They own. Right Beyoncé? Lol!


(Excuse me. It just get me a little upset when men refuse to listen to women who have their best interests at heart. I don’t have that problem anymore. Cuz I have a bipolar brazy man who can see! Excellent 3rd eye vision. His brain is advanced, biologically. He uses more parts of it than the average human.

See: Donald Trump. He’s so focused on watching you twitter hoes? And getting angry at the names you call him, knowing you spread HIV, so you ain’t no better than his terror.

He only hears 1/2 of what Ivanka tells him to do. She’s the one with the very good brain. ALL the women in that family. And Barron. That’s it. Those niggaz don’t know what they doin. At all.

“Why these niggaz think they doin somethin? When they ain’t really doin nothin?” — speaker knockers)

Women and men’s minds operate differently. They’re complimentary. Which is why so many gay men have close women friends. Even they need us to help think for them. Look at hoemo in ATL. That nigga still takin bout gettin some raw dick. Not realizing their are SUPER STRAINS of HIV in the US. While kids on the continent of Africa, are building immunity.

Mitochondrial DNA from black women. And the most biogenetic diversity known to humanity.

I’m proud to be one of them.

But American.

(That was a slight trigger. But nothing a black woman can't handle. With such a supportive — love! 😍 thank you baby!)

I see your blurred vision is back. Making love with glasses on must not be something you’re into.


Just a minute on trust. For the hoes who cheat on their loves. Trust, is the foundation of any healthy relationship between two human beings. If you can’t build that foundation? You have nothing. But hoe moments. And we know how those turn out..

Ain’t no hoes over here. Well, with my husband. 😋

But that’s between us. 😍


White chics with integrity too. I wonder if some of them are going to say. I’m “of color”, I’m a very light hue of beige. Lol!

At least someone has those. Body cameras.

Not titties. That’s an expensive rack. Lol! What are your bras? Like 100 bucks a pop? It’s discrimination. 😒 My girl wears a size f. And she gets so mad. Like, why should I have to pay that much more for a fuckin bra? It’s not like it’s 666 times the material or something.

You should protest with all the other naturally titty endowed chics. Help out a shitload of diverse women. It’s a big expense. Have a good day!

I’m off to swim! Not much rest fighting the vampire hoes. But, all in a day’s labor. Watch out for Jessica Moore. Especially if you have a son 16–30. She really is crazy!!

Anyway, I look forward to reading your work in *the root*. My dad loves that publication. Lol

Unless, of course, you’re on one of your other 666 twitter pages. Better to have a blog. Write what you want the world to know of — truth, coupled with justice, and “extra luv”.

While sending PRIVATE encrypted texts. That can’t be copied. And which stay — private.

Some things are meant to stay between couples. You wouldn’t know that though as you consistently try to hop your hippo ass into bed with anybody I, or Beyoncé, decide to be with. You ain’t left that woman and her husband alone — ever.

Looks like they are very happy without your ass. Holding hands and eating pizza and shit like that. Lol! She tried to be nice to you and your fatherless kid. And then, obviously, was like, the nicer I am to this crazy bitch, the more she fuckin interferes in my entire life!

oh hell the fuck no! This Becky won’t stop fuckin with my HUSBAND! 😡


Every woman needs one. Hoes never quit. They gotta just die off the azt and shit, with no health insurance. Natural selection, I guess. Comes a point when you’ve had so much unprotected sex, with so many different HIV positive partners? You got like 666 super strains of that shit. HIV++++++.

WE aren’t dying.

So go to the red planet with that. I heard they tryna set up a colony. Where your ass has no choice but to live in containment. Good riddance.

Colonize that bitch. Maybe they can experiment on you to see if that planets environment kills HIV.

Volume of space is very important for hippos. They need a lot of it. Make that cell super big. And make sure there’s lots of junk food. If that hoe had to eat a salad? She’d starve. Lol!

👋🏾👋🏾 lol!

Good luck with the “yes, yes, yes.” Deray. 2 “no’s”

1 yes.

I ain’t fuckin with no HIV spreading — for 25 years!! — sociopaths.

Do you understand how HIV works? Your name’s Jessica. You are the biggest hoe in ATL. You think “hoe moments” are excellent. Your dream is to reinvigorate an epidemic. You start fuckin niggaz. They start fuckin women and men. This shit goes on for like 6–8 years. Innocent people all caught up in your bullshit!! You bounce to the next place. Cuz you are “everywhere”…shit, let me try Belize. That starts with a “B”. Crazy!!

Next up? Another “B”.

Where she will record some lying poetry, while lying about being HIV positive (that’s a red wasp 😒), so she can have some moore unprotected sex. This time with some white dudes.

Facts: her mind does black only, her vagina discriminates against nobody.

I have taken a seat and will not be moving.

See, this shit is just ignorant: there's north, central, and south. and if you’re referring to the US? Very — diverse. We know how confused about — diversity — you are.

Your idea of diversity is men become women, women become men, some shit about hip hop reality tv, Beyoncé (who you have an unhealthy obsession with. Like you are trying to be her), hippos in the damn zoo, and the fact that you’re about to die with no azt. Congress wants you dead. (That’s everybody 😒. actions.)

Give it a rest.


I don’t approve of Trump. Anymore than I approve of you, Dream Hampton. I like his kids. Ivanka and Barron. It’s a character thing.

Yours? The stuff nighmares are made of.

Go get some help.

They sure are. Doing the most. In complete confusion and chaos. And no real sense of self. The ego.

On all 666 twitter pages. You should start a book of life. And just focus on things that affect you, personally. And people you love and care about. And get some mental health help. You’re like a walking database of retweeted information. Among other viral means of spreading out. Your entire existence is that platform. Confusion. Chaos. It’s nice to know who you’re dealing with.

Eyes with out a face.

When your girl Phaedra, ever said,

“You look like a member of Menudo.” About my Afro.

I was like “word! I’m gonna marry one of them!” Lol! Aged: 12. That was the same thing I said about Michael Jackson. And Greg Louganis. 2 of those niggaz are gay 😒. One was, bigger than human. Lol!

You couldn’t tell me that he didn’t whisper my name at the end of TLC. But I was like, 10. And in love with Michael Jackson.

Not 44. Like me and Michael. And Ricky. Lol


I also like:


That’s my love song for keenon. He’s really inspiring. It’s mutual. 😊

She is so funny! Excellent teacher. Everybody love Phaedra! 😜

When your Dominican blowout would look just like your Bush, after gettin it on with your husband.

No point in straightening my hair! Which is excellent! Now I can blame my Afro protest on his ass! Lol!

Unfortunately for YG? I like more than his body. I don’t mean to objectify him sexually. It’s just that I’m a 44 year old woman and, I’m not sexually active. Except when I touch myself, and hold myself, and love myself. All by myself. Even when niggaz try? I’m like, no. I’m sorry. I don’t like you like that. But you’re a very nice man.

I like YG. His mind? Moves me. He’s very intelligent. For a man. (I am very sorry lesbians. I am not a lesbian. I am not transsexual. I am not a trans man. I am not gay. I am not bisexual. I am not pansexual. And I am not a “fucking feminist”. I’m a feminist.)

And a beminist. And pretty gender fluid. And I like men. For real. Not just to have sex with. I actually — like — men. Platonically. I think men are cool. A nice counterbalance to women. I think this is quite — normal. Case in point. I like Ben Shapiro. I think he is cool. I have no desire to have sex with him. I just like him as a man. And a human being. He’s funny! I like Dave Chapelle. I don’t want to have sex with him either. I just like him as a human being. And man. He’s funny!

I want YG.

He makes me feel the type of relief I felt leaving planned parenthood. I was so happy! I could not understand why people felt bad for me. I was like, let’s celebrate!

I’m freeeeeee! That nigga didn’t trap me with a baby, AND dump me. Yes! Hashtag, WINNING!

And much more. Like this:


I wonder if he knows how many black men in America, read him. In prison. They become super intelligent. Reading. Now they just need to apply the words. As free men. So they don’t keep winding up in prison.

Because words aren’t actions.

Words are words. Actions are actions.

It is an action to write them.

A better action?

Living them.

I’m still on this.

That looks like some one-on-one monogamous action. Great creative visualization. For that:


I want to be a free black girl (done!) and a married black woman (😔). Free to ride on that…

I ain’t gotten none in — years.

Someone explain to me, how I’m supposed to have a lil baby Jewish “Jesus”.

With no penis. And no balls. Lol!

A dildo just won’t do. Never owned one anyway. I don’t like plastic shit. I don’t want no dildo.

I want the REAL THING!


If Dream Hampton calls me a child molestor one more time. While tweeting Mariah Carey? And being 46 almost 47 having fucked with some niggaz who are like 21. Along with the other hoes in her crew? I’m dumping her non swimmin ass in the cage with her hippo friend fiona.

So that baby?

Can behead her.

Hippos — kill — humans. Even the baby ones. They are wild animals. Really. You don’t play with hippos.

Lions? Maybe. Depends on how good you are with cats.

It’s not my fault YG is 27.


(Fuck you — 2. Dreamy Mad Black Thot. You come near anyone I care about with your HIV infecting all around the world hoes?

We sendin your ass to Africa to deal with REAL HIPPOS IN THEIR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. This bitch is mad stupid. Niggaz ain’t playin with no hippos. Those are crazy ass “white” people.

The only niggaz who seem to know what to do to — get away — from a hippo? Come from sub Saharan Africa. They know how to avoid those wild animals quite well. While making sure they live peaceful happy lives all by themselves — with the other hippos. Lesbian hippos? Gay hippos? Trans hippos? Bonobo hippos? Any fuckin animal at all. These hoes fuck everything!! It’s not a fantasy. It’s REAL!! 😳)

(Chics who hate men had abortions 2 weeks ago on hotep money. Left the white man at home, and on a new black dick this week? I just can’t relate to having sex with multiple people outside of an erotic story. Just seems too hoe like, and extremely risky. Harem hoe shit is not a good look since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.

Don’t fuck with no hoes. Without a condom.

If they tell you no, men? Simple. No dick.

One — YG — penis is good enough for me.

I want quality! The best!

Way. beyond. sex.

Not quantity and a whole bunch of dicks up my ass lol!!)

No man is perfect. It takes a lot of work to make them even want to reach for perfection and mastery.

They don’t listen. They say things like “don’t take me for granted”.

When you’re like,

“That’s my line.”

This hoe can’t make up her mind.

Ya’ll need to really leave the hoes alone. They are megalomaniac sociopaths. Horrible for your physical and mental health.

Those hoes need to go to the dentist! 😷😷


These niggaz are so funny!


Like, I’m not a racist. I just like women. A lot.

I mean — A LOT!

Erica thinks we’re all gay racist black men.

Let’s show her what kind of men we are. Imma even put a black person diving into the pool for you. Some niggaz can swim. Lol! (I know. I saw them in Venice beach. And all school year. Monday-Friday, and hiding from them in the supermarket. Lookin like I just woke up and shit. Like damn! Our teacher is — human! She look like she went to sleep, threw on anything, and didn’t care what anybody would say. We know it’s her too. Same face. No makeup.

“Ms MMMMMMM! Do you see me??????? I’m right here with my entire family! My grandmama visiting from DR!”)

( 😫 lol from the other side of the damn store! 😒 lol!)

Who’s Huntar? Lol!

Love is a great motivator. When one is loved? Anything is possible.

It’s great to have good homies. I just got off the phone with my homegirl from 7th grade. Lol I miss her so much. We started a preschool together, when we were teens, in the summers, off our babysitting gigs during the school year. Gonna run to her preschool on Tuesday. I just texted her. Ptown Monday. Have lunch.

I’m soooooo proud of her. She just opened her new facility. It’s bad ass! Lol!

Even better to have an excellent husband. She love YG.

And is so disturbed by Talib Kweli. He called her a racist on twitter. Lol!

Any black only twitter people who are broke and bougie in Boston? She takes vouchers. And loves diversity. Lol!

Poor mad black thot/ Dream Hampton.

What a miserable ass excuse for a human being. Nothing Dream Hampton can do to stop


But, tweet.

It’s hard to believe my ex loves

Over a human being. I would not kiss that thing for multiple reasons. The least of them being that she’s fat. Hippos are dangerous. They can kill you with one entry into their…I mean, with their big ass mouths.

Anyway, some folks too strong for your prison culture. And don’t need you. At all. Nothing about you is wanted. What a common white girl. Ugh!!

Accept facts. Lol!

Hold up! (I like this dude. And his music. 💦!)

Some lesbians are cool (make yourself black real quick! Lol!)

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