So were you. Last night? And the night before? And the day and night before? And the day night afternoon mid day mid evening? Before. Pushin some buttons?

In a pansexual polyamorous orgie? We all naked underneath our clothes. If we have any on. Then again, transparency bout how you move is always the best thing. Then men and women don’t get damaged. And start harassing you and shit.

Who’s this?


Her: I still won’t fuck you little man. (🤔 little?)

Him: thank god for that, given your track record.



I’m unraveling all this black twitter hip hop trash.

Guess none of us is perfect huh?

Some of us DO— much — better than others tho.

Correction, Trudy doesn’t despise white people. She despises herself cuz she isn’t a white person. And if you say you are mixed black and unashamed of it. You are dead. Because in her mind you’re “closer to white” than she is. Except, culturally? I’m a nigga from the hood. 1st. Who expands my thinking and interactions with diverse groups of people. Offline. Cuz I pretty much dig everyone equally. Based on character. Only.

Or, filling planes.

Cuz Jay Z was like, oh shit! This is really bad for business. Let those dummies donate all the money. I’m gettin my dick sucked by Colin Kaepernick.

Orgie. Still cheating on Beyoncé and Nessa I see.

I can’t stand those niggaz.


This is what I mean by no education. Btw. You can’t be a vocabulary. You can have one. You can have multiple vocabularies. But you can’t be one. Ever.

I wouldn’t trust this chic’s “love”.

Then when they make songs like this? Ya’ll hoes go crazy?


Look at him. He got the Statue of Liberty on his arm and err’thang. Is that the black one?

I don’t know hoe. Dumped. In the ocean.



I agree! If you have no female friends and you’re a woman? 😮 You in trouble. Especially if they anything like the hoes on your, I mean — the women you steal from on black twitter’s — show.

My female friends I’ve known, basically, since I was a kid. And we role for each other — heavy. None of them are in the “industry”. Just normal ass regular human beings. They ain’t perfect, but they are really there when the shit hits the fan. Offline.

It’s always a good thing to have close female friends who you know are not tryna fuck you, or steal your money, or harm you.

(And then black women like, these niggaz don’t respect black women! Always some white girl! You dusty ashy ass piece of trash negros!!

Me: Speak for yourself! Trash hoes!! 😒)

Stay up my nigga! 🤗


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