Anyway. Goodnight ya’ll. Generative questions are very effective teaching tools.

Goodnight love on da west coast. 😚

I really wish Talib Kweli would call out Jessica Moore. I’d pay for that honesty. This shit with diabolical hip hop lol! Is boring. 7th grade. 😒 I mean really. Talib is old!!

Why are you arguing over tweets, and not actions? Don’t you think the things people do to each other, how people actually live? matter more than tweets about how they say they livin?

Listen, I appreciate your views on capitalism. Respect them. But, that’s the end of you right about now. Lol I’m a pragmatic realist. Lol you want an economic system that isn’t traditional capitalism?

You have to give back. Money. Lol Not “art”. Lol! That’s my dream. I can drop a million on you. That’s a great movement! It helps everyone! I dig it!

And still be super comfortable and happy.

That makes me feel good. Giving back. Naturally. I like it.

How am I gonna notice 10 million here. 20 million there. 30 million here. If I have a billion dollars? I will not miss that shit. At all! 😒

Wit a “b”.

Oh yeah. Thanks, on behalf of all women. “Dreamy” 😒

Read! 😡

(In training to help serve this need.)

Anyway, I’m makin egusi. Bye! Lol

I have to admit. My lifelong homies. Are the reason I don’t hate men! Lmao!

They’re GOOD men!

That’s my boy slayman! Wit his babygurl. Stank! He is one of the best fathers. Ever!❤️❤️❤️❤️

(And no. I didn’t have sex wit him! 😒 Lol! He my homie. From 10th grade. I met him at this party at the African American studies bldg. for black people!, but you coulda come if you are white, sucks to be you. Lol black peoples in high school, and he knew my peoples, it was at northeastern. Back in the day.

And currently when I speak to him on the phone tomorrow? He gon be like…where you been at e love?

And you must be buggin wit that no money to Morehouse and Spelman. 😒)

No I’m not! 😒 I’m tired of bougie black people!!



I am an Empress! Lmao! You can call yourself a queen or king if you wanna. *shrug*


(And please stop thinking I got this from my ex. That nigga was in a refugee camp. And the white people, UN and Peace Corps Hippies lol!, were playin reggae. Age 12. 1991. Lol

I was in Jamaica. On my dad’s poverty saved up everything he had money. An African American. African American History day is the best thing Donald Trump has ever done. And honest.

You will see other parts of the world. On my last penny. And that shit was poverty stricken SUPER black. And I was like,

Is that how black people live in the Mississippi delta? From some book. Lol!)


In 1983.

With black people, playin roots and reggae, and remnants of ska, and,

Run DMC. On a circulated mix tape! Lmao!

I was like, oh shit! Home! Lmao!

This is my chosen pick for Donald Trump’s therapist. I love Dr. Chivian. His son, Judah, is a really good dude.

And Donald Trump need a therapist. 😒 don’t we all. Lol!

(No! I never had sex wit him! He fine tho. He my homie from public high school. Lol!

Typical. Who is that hoe?! 😒


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