Talib is guilty as hell. I feel badly for him. Everyone got they own ish to deal with. But you don’t lie on somebody else to deal with it. You deal with that ish all by yourself. And on your own. Whatever way works best for you. This was best for transparency and accountability with a whole hell of a lot of people. Private words only work with non snitches. And that’s just what it is.

“I’m sorry for disrespecting your mom’s, therefore disrespecting you.”

Should read?

I’m sorry YOU disrespected — yo mama — like that.


(You are delusional my nigga. I am not apologizing to you for anything. Truth hurts. Act like a man. enough of you falling out in the timeline like a toddler because you really don’t have a very good reason to be upset with anybody. All you do is start shit. Do yourself a favor. Get over it. No one ever lied on your name, or tried to pretend they were you, or any crazy ass shit like that. Facts. Find something to do. Like open an actual independent bookstore. Diversity only.

Something productive. I feel bad watching you struggle. Like you literally got yourself caught in a net, or a web or something. Nasty gal pussy and bad mind women will do that. Get a nigga trapped. If I were you I would get away from the women who use their bodies to “get by”. Be kind to them but know that they have no respect for you and do not care about you as men. This is there job. They are paid to make you an addict of punnanni. And penis. And then? It’s all over with.

Have a good day Talib, you really are a nasty human being to people who can still be kind to you, and it still makes no difference. I just treat people like they’ve treated me. And keep my cypher clear of bitch niggaz. it’s refreshing.)

I have never disrespected Talib Kweli’s mother. I’ve — disrupted — his bullshit. And I’m — happy — about it. Does not mean I don’t care about Talib Kweli. It means Talib is a 42/43 year old grown ass man. Enough with ya nonsense.

I am never apologizing to you for jack shit. Talib. Get over that fantasy in your head. You had plenty of time to stop what you were doing. Tryna fuck with my beautiful mind, online. You owe me an apology. My struggle against your bullying is epic, and documented, and downloaded. And I will send it all to your mother. After having a nice conversation with her about your ongoing harassment and extremely predatory behaviors.

Leave Bekey, Diabolical Hip Hop, and that other bipolar dude alone. And stop tryna act like we nazis and the devil ya little whiny ass negro. 😒

Please. 😒 you have me twisted.

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