I am so at peace with the way I have lived my life. And will continue to.

No man, or woman, can. ever say — for any reason — that I have used, abused, and dumped them.

It’s been the opposite. And I am totally okay with it. Those ain’t my demons.

My demons, are abusive humans. Which, I am not. I will fight back against abuse with every word I’ve got.

And when I think about ICE raids? On undocumented immigrants? I think about Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. All they ever have done is dog ya’ll, both men and marginalized women. And instead of saying, no. I will not help you with your “struggle” to bring incarcerated women to Detroit to speak, where Dream Hampton will, inevitably, rip off half that money — because that’s how she lives. Off “social justice” movements. With her multiple cribs and exclusive private school education for her one child only. While ya’ll black folk scrape together your pennies, and fight standardized testing?


If you want to organize? Make sure you do that shit? Thoroughly vetting the people who have lied, cheated, and stolen from you. And the people who don’t do abandonment.

Because we know how it — FEELS — the politics of feeling, to be abandoned by you, when we loved, supported, and needed you most.

And I will stand with a diversity of humans, in this struggle. I don’t want your hoe moment money. I don’t want your dick. I don’t want your stolen “art”. I don’t want anything.

But a healthy happy planet. With a diversity of humans all saying “good morning! You “okay sis?” Which is not me. That’s FJ. Lmao!

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