every day, ava duvernay. cuz the only reason dream hampton ever supported you? in ganking *a wrinkle in time*. which is meg murray. who is — white!

is cuz of my homegirl, ava amiri. in 4th grade. with the thick ass unibrow.

and her iranian — father’s — insistence! that she would be a highly educated woman! who — worked! — off her own slave labor merits!

never — ever — forget it.

yeah, FJ ain’t savin yo ass. she is about to get married. to a man!

and guess what? in addition to having a son, with a penis! he was born with!

she a — super feminist! *shock and fuckin awe! all through this bitch!* lmmfao!

(never to be mistaken for gay men. who are like, *did you just say you tryna get rid of my dick?* *you dying tonight! bitch!!*


i really like men! who express their emotions!

and who — LOVE EXCLUSIVELY — pussy. *winning!*

i’m not bisexual, trudy. i tried it. not to knock pussy? but i have a pussy. an I really, was not feelin that shit. she was like, yeah. me either. but we will always be besties! in — REALITY! lol! age — 12! lmmfao!

the only reason i like men dressed as women — with dicks! is cuz they, understand me. they proven they in touch with they feminity. and, i never fucked any of those niggaz. like, you have!! which may be why…

I prefer, ALL MANLY!

you stuck your dick in what? oh — hell fuckin no!! nigga!!


we are the best! WE ARE — ACTUAL WOMEN — THERE IS NO COPY!

it cannot be duplicated! ya dumb asses!!


now, go back to bed. with your jobless ass. (yes, I know, twitter is your unpaid job. and, i still ain’t learned, jack shit from you. NO PAYMENT! UBER HOE!! LMMFAO! you will respect me, as well.)

you will never see any booty shorts on me. that was a phase. when i was first feeling my behind development body! LOL! like, oh my god! all these old ass nasty men!! like me! when i walk down the street! in my booty cut offs!!

*aged 14*

i been — over that trash hoe moment living!! since i was 16! lmmfao!

you gon’ respect me, as a woman! for my BRAIN! or, DIE TRYING!!

And, what are — THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! — getting in exchange, Paul? *side eye* because if your new shit looks nothing like what the state of massachusetts has? which, is still a work in progress. with FULL COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE AND CHOICES IN COMPETITIVE PROVIDERS — FOR EVERYBODY !— RICH TO ZERO MONEY!

you gettin a good ol fashioned — BLACK — ass whoopin!

try my — CONSERVATIVE — ass! *side eye*

i got backup ya’ll!

YG is an excellent father! it’s him, and his mama, who are doing all the work — raising his daughter. (if ya’ll can deal with the — fact! — that i have other kids. cuz i’m a teacher. and that’s just the way it is. we good! my other boyfriend’s were jealous!! like, you don’t care about me!! you don’t love me!!

i have one exclusive child — only!! *side eye*

no nigga!! all wrong!! i did love yo ass!! but, i have other people I love!

i’m CLASS PLANNING! you know, a JOB! WORK! lmmfao!)

when you still send money to the Dominican Republic, weekly. 25 bucks to the single mother cousin. 25 bucks to the deadbeat baby daddy mama. cuz while that nigga wants to wear abercrombie and fitch. and match his shoes to his motocicleta (tacky dominican shit!! i see ya’ll niggaz ain’t grown out of that trash!! since i was a kid! lol!), there are 5 kids between them. mama’s who go to SCHOOL! and WORK! SLAVE LABOR JOBS! who have dental appointments. and books to buy. and, they ain’t dominican prostitutes. they REFUSE! to suck some american dick, to get the money.

you can shut up now. bitches!!

one of my favorite things, is to see these black only man hating whores!! on twitter. and asking them, really, be honest…when’s the last time you had some dick?

*watching them blush, in words, underneath their makeup plastered faces*

like, i was suckin dick last week!! you know a bitch gotta get her money!!

trash whores!! ya’ll so funny!! *hahahahahaha*

don’t you — ever — link that to black women!

ALL LIVES MATTER! (no hashtag, and it ain’t a fuckin money makin slogan. *the raaaaaaage*)

(and no, hoe!! you can’t have my ex dominican whatever. lying, cheating, stealing ass nigga!! that nigga got a wife! and three kids! *the raaaaaaage* [no wonder donald trump was like — taco trucks?! no Dominicans!! no one is abusing this chic — again! make ‘America’ great again! lmao!] i dare you to interrupt that shit. bitch!! you gon’ see a black american in the Dominican Republic aiight! choppin your *don’t @ me if you a man!* lying!! ass into pieces! with yo mama’s — machete. try me, you man hating bitch!! *while wearing my Virgin Mary tee, to the laundromat! *squad*! lmmfao!)

(it’s okay Donald! Me and Ms. W busy teaching our Dominican students, that that “hey baby”…from the restaurant that she works in on the weekends. Facebook chat crap!! As a hostess. And that cheap ass — fake!! — silver chain she wants untangled, by any means necessary? is NOT as valuable, as her own poetry! she is an — EXCELLENT — poet! she loves it! 10 years old, writing — FIRE! We got her!


EMPRESS Aaliyah! lmmfao!

I love black people! we be doin some brazy ass shit! like, where did you get your name from?

Well, my father’s name is David. And my mother’s name is Marina.

So, I’m — Davina.


(her baby daddy was shot and killed. In the same car as her, when it happened. By a man — who was stalking her. RIP Chris! But, she got two excellent parents who have been through some crazy shit! And she is their only child! So, they got her. Through thick and thin! And yes! She is a college graduate! Don’t let the hood looks fool you!

She ain’t had a man since. *tears*. And her kid? Is 8.)

Imma say it again, cuz it’s a fact! And we correcting the 5% origin story, for GOOD, with it. (I was so sick! of arguing with these dumb ass pigeon brained niggaz on Howard’s campus. I’d come straight out of Anthropology class…Human Evolution. And they’d be like, “white people are the devil”, and I’d be like, well you need to talk to Professor [name omitted] about that. Cuz ya’ll just talking trash!! And! YOU DON’T EVEN GO TO CLASS! LMAO! no pussy for you! so much for my oreo cookie white girl bickenstock tie dyed shit. those niggaz — all of them — were tryna hit it! *hazard symbol* lol!)

White people come from Black people. White people do not exist without Black people! Black people were the first people to discriminate, chased those heads out of Africa. For being — white. Like they could help that, any more than a Black person can help being black. (human nature it seems, to hate anybody who ain’t like your dumb asses. ya’ll focus on dumb shit, that has nothing to do with — character!).

So if you want White people dead? All ya’ll Black people have to kill yourselves. Really! Because, YOU are the reason — White people exist!

Get used to it!

Watch your step with me, Corporate Barbie. You don’t have a job either. Except complaining about how your husband is probably so tired of your shitty attitude towards everyone in the white neighborhood you live in (that no one forced you to move to), he’s probably fuckin the white chic down the street, who’s tired of her horrible husband..

Be careful. You might wind up like the mom of my martha’s vineyard ex. Angry when he marries that Jewish chic. Happy. And, who is actually, corporate. Johnson and Johnson. And hardly — barbie.

They have a wonderful daughter! (speaking of coral gables. that’s where my mom’s brother, and his quaker wife, live. small world. she’s a professor at the University of Miami as well *shrug* lol)

These bitches are stupid!! Jordan Edwards police officer — murderer — has been charged with murder.

He already has been arrested, ya dumb ass Jessica Moore. When you get charged with murder? You get arrested — first. lol!

Arrest ALL COPS murdering people! And all the people threatening innocent human beings — who did nothing! — with the fuckin police. Skank whore!!

Full, online, evaluation system for every cop in this country! Just like teachers! You want that job? Better be willing to be observed and evaluated at any given time. Unannounced. And be on your grind!

First steps, in restorative justice!

I got shit to do. Who the fuck wants to stay in the bed all Saturday, without being in it — with someone? lmao! Like, my life is 2 hard. I don’t do shit, but tweet, but you have to understand, I’m an “artist” and I have this disability called “horrible human being” disease…(put that on the list of prexisting conditions please! lmmfao)

I gotta go do my laundry. My washing machine broke, and I like the niggaz in the laundromat so much, I haven’t replaced it (though, I do have the money lol!) How they all be helping each other and shit. Like, “oh, you ran out real quick and your clothes were still wet when the dryer stopped, so I restarted it.”

(It reminds me of every Saturday, when I was a kid. An all day production! Butchie, my dad’s Italian American friend who ran the laundromat. With his mixed black kid. Errol. The laundromat was fun!)

And all my expensive ass jeans? There. Nobody steals shit. And err’body poor. It’s a miracle!

All praise the — diverse — empresses and emperors in the laundromat!/lavendería!

Okay Dream Hampton. I’ll do something for “your” 24 years stalking, sociopathic ass:

Free the mixed black Bresha (not Dream Hampton, two different human beings), who killed her abusive father, cuz her dumb ass mother didn’t put her foot up that niggaz ass — like she should have. Any woman who leaves a child to protect her (see: Jessica Moore). Probably shouldn’t have had a kid in the first place. Horrible mom.

How much you wanna make a bet, if that had been YG’s mama? That nigga would have been out her crib, all his shit packed up and put on the porch in some trash bags, the same way he came into it. Like, I dare your ass to come back, you gon’ wind up dead — by my hands! — not my kid’s (ditto for my mom and my auntie. “Black” ish. lol!)

People gonna be who they gonna be.

And I’m going to be me. A person who loves, pretty much, everybody. I have no time for your divisive categories. Ya’ll want to hate people over shit they can’t do a damn thing about. Like, what color skin they have?

Be my guest.

I do character. And GOOD human beings.

That’s how I was raised.

That’s how I live (online and off of it).

And it ain’t changing. (2 bad).

This shit was 2 much for me, 4 years ago! Did I not contact you, with that dumb ass slogan shit, to make money off of black and brown death!!

black lives matter — my ass!

And ya’ll thought this shit was so funny!! Not so funny now, is it — hoe?! Now that you can feeeeeeel it. Not so funny now.

I don’t give a fuck about ya’ll. I only care about people who — really — struggle. So, peace and harmony.

Cuz that’s actually, me. I like: peace and harmony and excellent loving with my friends and family. And one man — only!

I am sitting. Finally. But I was — working — since 4am yesterday morning. Multiple jobs. You should try it. Broke ass hoe!!

Beast (hip hop terminology). Not monster — get it correct. (Three weeks ago, ya’ll hoes!! were doggin Nikki Minaj! Love to see black women, killing each other. And everyone else. Well, I don’t. And I’m not deleting shit! You don’t like the truth? Your problem. Deal with it!)

Dumb ass Dream Hampton, retweeting Ava DuVernay.

Who the fuck said I didn’t want universal healthcare? What I said was I like having — options — in providers. And that everyone should be covered, universally, regardless of income.

You in Poland yet? Getting any closer to your — there’s no racism, and no misogyny in Cuba — lifestyle?

Fuckin sociopathic skank — hip hop — whore!! Tell the truth about who you are, “Dreamy”.

Not me!

Make me shut up. lmmfao! you write the 1/2 truths!! you want to. i write the full truth! i want to. deal with it.

get yourself a hobby hoe!! that does not include fuckin the uber driver. drinking, and sleeping all day. “oh! i have so much work.”

really, what the fuck do you do? lol!

like, writing a poem a day, offline. or, cooking vegetarian food, offline. or, playin wit the kids in the neighborhood (instead of listening to them having fun), totally offline. or, lovin up my man this summer. and hobbying my own private creative ideas with his mama, that won’t get twisted into some crazy apocalyptic bullshit!! cuz, where black do that at? (these chics are a frantz fanon case study. and don’t say shit to me about “ableism”. i’m bipolar. i know what struggle is. really. and i don’t make excuses for why i can’t do shit. i work more and am more educated than some of these hoes making “art”, who can’t even write one single poem, without my thoughts. fuck outta here, supporting those bitches. go paint your face in some makeup to make you lighter, than you actually is. i don’t do that kinda black either. )

Some of ya’ll talk all that black shit online. But in your actual lives? Some of ya’ll have to be the whitest black people — ever.

Anyway to escape what you’ve done.

How about this. Instead of being Dream Hampton? Go back to your normal ass selves. When you walk out the door of your house? Say good morning and smile. Then you won’t be dreaming about flying somewhere you never going. Cuz you have no job to pay for the ticket.

I’m flying. Hood to hood. Nonstop. This summer.


Okay. Sounds like the smartest thing that nigga ever did, write on a hip hop hoes, handcuffed ass. Literally.

If you try writing on my ass? You gettin kicked in your jaw. Unless, you my husband. Then maybe? Privately. And…None of ya business. Lmao!

Why ya’ll so mad at people from the hood?did they do something personally to you? Say good morning? Help you shovel out your ride? Ask if you could watch they baby for a minute? Make you participate in community clean up day, picking trash!! off the street. To throw in the dumpster?

Is is because they don’t wear all black with black goth makeup, and talk about death and/or hate all day? Omg! A man sent me a penis pic and my daughter almost saw it! (Better get that kid a book on the human anatomy — girls and boys — before she gets her period and thinks she can’t go to gym. Standing with her legs crossed like that’s gonna help. And believing that it’s a curse to be a woman and wants her uterus ripped out. 😒 Hence, teacher intervention. Ms W and I were like, we need to talk to her, because…it’s not that serious.)

Or because they have no exclusive spice mongers sippin their bougie ass imported tea, and actually have other jobs, like — work — while making art? And well, you just can’t be bothered with those lowlifes?

Ya’ll wack as fuck. no wonder you have to be on twitter.

No one in your neighborhood likes you.


Federal funding for HBCU’s is not racist against whites. Federal funding for HBCU’s is a small part of the reparations that this country owes to black people, for free enslaved labor for 450 years, Donald Trump. You know, those “amazing people”, you like so much? Up in black church gettin all happy and shit. 😒

Also, the vast majority of people who go to HBCU’s don’t sit around philosophizing all day. They actually — WORK! — and, graduate! So, don’t let a handful of “I ain’t doin no slave labor” entitled, bougie ass, fake black people. Fool you. Dumb ass twitter hoes!! 😡 they are like, the 1% of black people — in America. Speaking for everyone else. Try this, try shutting the fuck up!!

Thank you!

My take on therapy? At this point? Now that I know — for a fact — none of this Twitter shit is in my head. Like ya’ll wanted to pretend to make it be. With your super empathy. You so good at ☠️☠️/☠️☠️☠️/☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

That nigga went to therapy? Just for me. To show me it was okay to go to therapy. But, there aren’t enough culturally competent therapists. And I’ll be damned if I’m wasting my money on some “bitches love libraries” chic tryna look up my “symptoms” in her damn manual. Telling me my nails look nice (self care? 😒) and saying how guilty she feels about what’s happening to black people and she wishes there was something she could do about it (besides tweet lol!) I’d go to Ivanka Trump (and she’s a CEO with no training at all, in that dept.) before I’d rely on 75% of you black only twitter bitches. Even when I pay you? Ya still harm, not help. So — no more money for you!! You better pray someone buys your jobless ass some shit off your amazon wishlist. Cuz I work way too hard to be buying yo ass, jack shit.

Thanks love! For supporting me! Emotionally! 😍!


You da best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (and sooooooo funny!)

That nigga is so black? He like, did this nigga just say his name was

kunta kente swimming bull? Or some shit?

I know what he’s thinking. Wtf is wrong with these black people? Fuck you change yo name for? Yo ass ain’t no damn Native American, or, African.

Nigga, yo name is LeRoi Jones. That is all! 🙃


Nope. Original. That’s it. But I embrace the HIV+. Not like I didn’t grow up with HIV+ people. Empathyis not something I have problems with. May be something ya’ll could learn with therapy tho. 😒

Here’s a “think piece” for dat “alt brown thin” ass.

Why you gotta be a bitch if you love libraries? You can’t just be a person who loves libraries and independently owned bookstores?

That depends on the Dominican probably. Since there are a wide diversity of Dominicans. All with different life experiences, thoughts, and beliefs? 😘

And Jamaican Americans, who used to be so dope! Before “art” by any means necessary, took over. (Do you use makeup to make you lighter? While talking shit about black women who grow and eat kale? Who are perfectly content in the skin they in? Barely any makeup at all?)

Writers! Somalis! (That ish is funny! Stunningly beautiful, as well!)


More and more…diversity! Keep going! I love it!

😳 hahahahahahaha!


Have fun — in England — Dreamy!!


With your universal healthcare. And “the brexit sucks but at least it’s better than the dollar” and “deliberate and afraid of nothing” sloppy ass.

Pretty sure people with no stolen social justice activist money who can’t afford to run away. And others who are like, I’m an American with 450 years of enslaved labor to prove it.

Ain’t goin nowhere! We don’t want to. We love America. We are America. Anybody who don’t want to be here? Don’t have to be here. They can follow you…like fuckin reinslaved robots…so they can tweet, all day, about how horrible men are with their immaculate conception children (that was a penis! 😳), and their, I hate men I hate myself (cuz you don’t exist without a man with a penis) and, let me go fuck my husband now (cuz the life you livin ain’t Dreamy’s, is it now?)…heading closer and closer…to Siberia. 🖕🏿🖕🏾🖕🏽🖕🏼🖕🏻

Pigeon brained bitch!! Lmmfao!

It is the most peculiar phenomenon to see individuals who are not of African American descent (meaning African descent Americans born in the US), appropriating African descent American vernacular. But if you say, “hola manín” or “setahaay walaal”, all hell breaks loose. These non black bitches who…

You mean mixed black women who aren’t on twitter. And just, tell the truth about who they are, from the very beginning?

It’s so, dumb.

Anyway, $178 tonight. And no drinking. Cuz i’m sleepy. Have a good evening — diverse — err’body!

“Male genitalia” thank you so much! All men who have decided to keep their penis’! Like, you come near my shit and try to chop off my dick? Oh hell no! I like my penis! I’m gonna spend all night just looking at it! Getting familiar with it — all by myself! Just like women do with ya’lls bodies! How do you know so much? (“Very good brains”!)


Ya’ll are awesome! Women are the best! Can we get a book like yours? We are missing — a lot — of information!

(Get writing — men! No women needed! You know nothing — nothing at all! Women! — about what it’s like to be a man! Because, *surprise!* we are not men! So blah blah blah blah blah…all by your damn selves. *i hate men!!*

Well, *I don’t!* So — tough!)


In total defiance of — Dream Hampton!! Who created an entire “social justice movement” — on twitter — to get rid of all men! 😡 Instead of, speaking specifically about particular men. And why she!! (not me!) doesn’t like them.

Her and her hoe moment [every genre of music possible!] death squad crew!! ☠️☠️

Penis’! Penis’! Penis’! Penis’! We will not be moved! 😡

Yeeeeeeeah! Penis’ are here to stay! 😜(there are MANY women who will back you up on this one! So don’t be ashamed, or afraid, to be boys and — men! We love you! Thanks for being — you! [wtf?! were ya’ll hoes!! thinking? Equal rights for women does not equal the end of men! It equals, we will not be oppressed by you horrible ass patriarchal misogynist pieces of hoe moment trash!! Go somewhere wit that!! 🙃] Lmmfao!)


I don’t know who that dumb ass black conservative commentator is, on Anderson Cooper?

But I assure you. He does not represent my conservative lifestyle, or values. At all!

How much you wanna make a bet? He’s another hoe moment!! evil ass man!! 😡

I’m waiting for the next delivery and I have to entertain myself. I still can’t believe this man — wit his hoe moment daddy!! — and his bipolar mother, who would check herself into the psyche ward, working her multiple slave labor jobs! 😡 got the fuckin nerve to try and school anyone on HUD. And making HUD housing “too comfortable”.


His MOTHER is the reason he never felt uncomfortable! Protecting his dumb ass from the real horror!! He needs a good ol fashioned BLACK ass whoopin!

‘I went to stab him, but his belt buckle stopped the knife.’ 😒

‘I didn’t study for my test and was going to be kicked out of school, but Jesus came to me the day of the test, and magically? I knew all the answers’ 😒

The day I caught my little White Joey throwing that book out the window. (Little white joey who lives in the projects! In South Boston!) Tryna hit his little mixed black brother in the head? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I was mad. Not because I didn’t agree with him, but because — books cost money!

“This book is a bunch of lies!! I’m not reading this shit Ms. M! Can I read:

Instead? I like it!”

I was like, of course! Differentiated instruction. Same work, different text.

And my Irish working class principal from the projects? Was like, “I trust your judgement.”

So, shut the fuck up — Uncle Ben (I’m gonna start callin that nigga — Uncle Tom!! lmao!) You look like you on some kinda prescription drugs that make you sleepy!! And nothing that comes out your mouth makes any damn contextual sense!! 😡

Sit yo ass down somewhere!!

Listen to him!! 😳 this shit is so crazy!!

It’s hilarious!


Just stopped by the LQ! Cuz when I get off?it will be closed! They playin some Mexican mariachi and givin out free shit!

Thanks Emmett! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (i left my license in my ride. But he knows me. Lol)

All this sociopath does is — lie!! She loves money! But she won’t work for it. Not unless it means: “if you never had a hoe moment, you should try it. Haha!!”

Talib Kweli knows he was payin her bills. Thinking, she loves me! (No homie! Your WIFE loves you! 😒) you had one of my favorite rappers losing his mind! “Ya little dumb ass bitch!!” 😡

Wtf is this shit? That is not Talib! Lmao!



And these dudes already told you they “dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch”.

The Black Statue of — sociopathic — Liberty.

Nobody gives a fuck what impresses you ya dumb “mommy dearest” bitch!! Lol!

All of hip hop gonna be impressed, when you call his child support paying, alimony giving, baby daddy — who dumped you!!cuz you could not stop opening your legs — for the money!!

Which you spend on junk!! Like plastic earrings, and hooker heels, and tutu whore dresses. To run ya many multiple dick suckin — never shut the fuck up!! — mouth on stage.

“I’m a rockstar” “I’m superwoman looking for superman”

No bitch ya not. You are a regular ass whore. And stone cold crazy and delusional!! Who writes some lying ass poetry. That other people have to help you with.

Your real shit? Sounds like a ten year old (and I know better 10 year old poets? Than you are.)

All factual!


Dream Hampton in London ya’ll. She is such a “black revolutionary” who is “afraid of nothing”. She caused a mess. Jealous of my ass. And has left me— to clean it up! 😡

And that’s exactly what is going to happen!

You can stop supporting her now, Asha/Ashes. She don’t give a fuck about you. If she did? She never would have put you in this position. Because friends? Don’t ask other friends, to stalk people for them — for years, Asha — and don’t use them to get jobs making “art”, when they refuse to get a job. Like you.

Don’t you think that’s, odd? That you have a slave labor job, and Dream Hampton does not? She a sociopath. She will use you up, and spit you out. She has a long track record of doing just that.

Stay away from her. And worry about your daughter.

Ur welcome. 😘

Back to healing! All hail — emperors! (Never disrespect an emperor, by calling him a king. Just like you’ll get smacked, if you call me “my black queen”. I don’t like it. Same niggaz who have harems of hoe moment pigeons!!😡 Respect my wishes! Thank you! 😘)

Gotta love the hood! No sleep! Off to work!


Jamilah? Listen. I don’t know what your baby daddy did to you? But if he lied to you, cheated on you, and dumped you? We on the same team! Cuz the same shit has happened to me! 3 times! I just chose abortion. Because deep down? I did not want to be a single black mother.

That is the exact opposite of Dream Hampton. Who lies on!!, cheats on!!, steals from!!, and has dumped!! — men.

All through hip hop!

Not all black men and women do this. Both black men and black women deal with hip hop hoes!! And I understand your pain. Because I have been through it. I, empathize. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

And, you will be happy to know, that this little boy who fell out on the floor for a donut? Was not about to use my phone. 😒

I told his mom he needed a old fashioned donut. So he could be like — I do not like this! And he, understood every word I was saying. The first time. And looked at me like


(There is nothing, in that paper bag. Lol! I asked the cashier to get him one, so he could be just like his mom and have something in his hand to hold. Like a big boy. Lol!)


I cured him! In 5 minutes!

( I am not god tho. 😒 It’s a joke! Good human beings, collectively — of every color and walk of life — are god! In my book. For any person to be calling themselves “god”? Is false!! You are a narcissist!! Who needs to stop it!!

Care about other humans! 😒)

We gonna have balance in this bitch. We will talk about the death and destruction of black, brown, and white people who have to deal with the police — and not by choice — ditto!

And we will laugh, and sing, and hug and dance! And heal! From all the abuse!! At the hands of both — black and white — people.

Mix it up!


And, we will win! ALL OF

— US! (Not, them!!)

And we gonna do it? On truth!

Not lies!!


I will protect my baby from everybody! Btw. So you better not go anywhere near him you whores!! If I find out that any of you trashy hoes!! Has pretended to care about him, stolen his money, dumped him, or hurt him in any way, shape, or form?

I am takin off your fuckin heads!! I don’t care if you a Hollywood Rockstar. Or a pigeon brained bitch.

He is a FREE BLACK MAN! and that is how it’s — staying!


When art just leaps off the page! For the greater — GOOD! Lmmfao!

Now I’m taking a nap! Cuz I have — more work! — Delivery!

And I will be playin this in my hooptie! Lmao!

Imma start callin Hal Dockins?

Mr. All Hail Dick — in — Everything!!

(That nigga has no class. And is not as intelligent as a nigga from the hood! “I just dodged a bullet from a crazy bitch”. He didn’t. He is so pussy whooped? He put his dick in the biggest whore!! in hip hop!!

Did you fuck Dream Hampton — 2?

Anyway: Honest !— all original! — art!

Feel free to “Bee ERICA” ! And copy me! No money needed!!!!!!!


Stop cheating on your wife? And you have no problems. Leave the whore!! Jessica Moore. Alone. Permanently. She needs a job. And sociopaths don’t like to work.

Talib, those white rappers comin at you, are not “fragile”. 😒 They have less followers than you, less money, less online social media power, and they still comin at you. ✊🏻 lmao!

They are — bipolar! Lol! Like you are!

Wake up! Lol


(I do not “block” anybody. I ain’t on twitter. I only block — in real life — two sociopathic hip hop whores. Dream Hampton!! And Jessica Moore!!

Where ya’ll baby daddy’s at? Huh? You immaculate conception pieces of trash!!

You come near any more men who are good dad’s! I am chopping ya’ll hoes heads off!! Caraweelo style. Ya’ll 2 hoes!! Gonna leave men, in every musical genre, alone! Or you gonna be in Siberia! Dancing to Russian folk music!

Thanks Russia! Cool language! It’s very pretty looking! And seems very complicated! ya’ll got some beautiful landscapes! Unpolluted lakes!

We tryna get Lake Michigan! Clean — again! Fresh water! ✊🏻)

Excellent — “original” — idea! My cuz did say you were “smart”. No “art” compares to watching death and destruction — intentionally — and capitalizing on it, for your super capitalist money. We into saving — children. We are not into using and abusing them. Or any other vulnerable humans.

And if it takes calling a hoe a hoe, through art!, to get that money? Honest art!

Hip Hop! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s what we doin.

I voted, for Jill Stein. I like a healthy planet. And the end of men — like you.

But you absolutely right. You misogynist patriarchal piece of hoe moment trash!!After my slave labor job (where I do extra work. For free. I’ve never charged 1,000 bucks an hour to a black woman fighting to get justice for her father, murdered by the police), I head straight to the LQ. If there is no bushmill’s in the crib. Make a cup of tea. Roll up some high grade indica. And decompress.

What do you do to decompress Hal? Like hip hop whores pictures on instagram? (Bitch had on a tutu and a garter belt with some hooker heels lmao!)

And oppress marginalized black and brown women who won’t give yo ugly old corroded ass no pussy? (How much you wanna make a bet, he fucked Jessica Moore? Lmao threw that whore 1000 bucks. The same money a black woman hands to him, to stand up for the rights of dead black men), and didn’t wash his dick — in bleach.

I don’t like yo ass — at all. You are hardly, a “southern gentleman”. You are a Dream Hampton supporting piece of shit nigga. That is all. And…

You are no, Gary Bellow. RIP Gary. Who created a small army of diverse! attorneys . Who represent women like me. Some of whom I know. So don’t bother tryna sue me for slander. It’s not slander, if the — truth! — is being told.

I don’t give a fuck about Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. I don’t give a fuck about their “art”. I don’t give a fuck that they want their bodies back.

They are man hating, using and abusing, fatherless by choice, child support collecting, hang a nigga (see biggie: “because of you, i’m on some real fuck a bitch shit”)— skank whores!!

Whores!! That’s it. They create nothing, without abuse.

They interfere in other people’s lives. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they stalk.

There is nothing black about them. At all.

And I want restorative justice for what they watched and contributed to. Using and abusing marginalized and vulnerable people.

I don’t care that they are mothers. I don’t care at all.

I care about good mothers. Who have slave labor jobs. Would love to have their baby daddy’s do right by them. And who take care of each other. Abandoning no one.

These hoes could die. I wouldn’t care. They Neanderthal skank bitches. Inhumane, savage, nasty flange, whores!!

And everyone in hip hop — knows it.

They need jobs. Ya’ll jobless hoes who support they shit know what jobs are?

Slave labor jobs. Like BLACK people?

To support their “art”. They ain’t gettin no money outta me. And neither will anybody who supports them.

I wish I could forget what they’ve done.

I never will.

sloppy, ugly, twisted face, HIV infesting, hip hop whore!!

Incorrect! I’m since Garvey! Since before DREAM!! And JESSICA!! Ever stepped foot in Jamaica!

And my dad! Was rockin Malcolm! In the late 50's and early 60's! Face — to — face! Conversations! In Boston Common!


I’ll help — the entire planet! — to forget about you!! And Jessica HOE MOMENT Moore!!

All of HIP HOP will! (Anybody got a fly strip for these hoes?!

I’m sick!! of them.

Mentally — ILL! Lmmfao!)

Bye HOE!! keep your ass — permanently — in England!

We already fought that battle. And won!

Dump the tea!! ALL OF IT!

No taxation without representation!

London is overcast and cloudy. I mean, the weather? Sucks!! Neanderthal nasty hoe!!

(Keep tabs on her parliament! Cuz, HIV will be springing up between her immaculate conception — spread!! leg!! Livin!!)

Give me — snow! Or — sun!

And everything in between!

A whole diversity of weather! 😜



The other thing is? I do not think niggaz should be cutting off their penis’! Nor should women be cutting off their breasts, and tryna get a dick!!


if you a two spirit person! Full support! But I am spending — ZERO — money. To make you another gender!!

Not one fuckin penny! Wear what you want! Full face full of makeup! Hooker heels! And a booty skirt! Or, timbs! A white Oversized v-neck! Baggy jeans! And boots!


You are not a woman! You are not a man!

Get over it!

And use whatever fuckin bathroom you want! I don’t give a fuck!

Unless, you are one of the jefferson’s! Who is only in there? To restyle his hair!! Lol


Currently? I just called the office on the speaker, to get a teaching assistant to watch my class. Walked right into the boys bathroom. To see him posing in the damn mirror!!


😳 it’s — Ms M!


you are just learning what multiplication is! And you are — 10! Going on 11! Get your behind out this bathroom!



(And yes! He understood every word I said! Cuz the first step in language acquisition? Is — listening! While still speaking your native language! Lmao!)

Mean! Mean! Mean! Mean!

2!! fuckin!! bad!!


Why Janna Ryan like, Paul. Let me tell you something, honey. I love you so much. Do you see our beautiful family, and how I’ve put aside my law degree, and big money, to support all of us?

One of the things that attracted me to you, initially, was your slave labor McDonald’s job. And the death — not absence — of your father. And how you know what slave labor — is!

I’m the best thing that has ever happened to you, so you better hear me loud and clear, my love. 😘

I graduated from Wellesley fuckin college! An ALL WOMEN’S institution! In fuckin Massachusetts! Lol!

😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 lol!

I FULLY support the rights of women to make choices about their own bodies. So if you ever decide to make me — work for free! again! 😡 — supporting you in your run for president?

You will not lay one strand of your beautiful full head of black hair — on planned parenthood. Or any other women’s healthcare providers. And your administration — will fund them. Fully.

Do you understand what I’m saying to you? Or do I need to get my all American baseball — bat! — to reinforce this — fact! 😡

That, combined with your solar shack! And sierra club — love! Should turn this country rightside — up!

(And Paul Ryan’s like…damn! I hate that teacher. Lmao! *speed dial*)

And look at her, while Paul is smiling at rifle boy, and shaking his hand? She, is not.

Oops! Lmao!

I have ZERO respect for, and could care less, about any dim witted patriarchal men and they HOES!! who do not believe that every woman on the planet has the full right! To make decisions about her own body! This includes, I am not a hoe!! I’m a lady! And, I will have an abortion if I want to! 1/2 these niggas don’t even support they kids. If they even know how many they have.

And women who have the most abortions? Already have a kid or more. See: Jessica Care Moore and Dream Hampton. They think abortion is a form of birth control. 😡

10? 11? 12? 13? 14? “I can’t have any more kids” no fuckin shit. Your entire uterus has collapsed. From hoe moments all through hip hop!! WHORES!!

I’m waaaaaaay more conservative than that.

Donald Trump’s first lesson on how to be a regular black person. You cannot be afraid to get your hands dirty. Nobody — ever — eats fried chicken with a damn fork and knife. Ya fuckin up!!

(And stop pretending you read the *wall street journal* and *business insider* that’s Ivanka!)

(And you don’t need NO SALT!! on anything that comes from Kentucky Fried Chicken 😳. We gonna “regular black” you, wit a twist. So you can get back to your roots! And be the best “African American” president ever! Cuz we ain’t havin this mess!! 😡

I can’t stand those African black men runnin Africa!! At all!! They are horrible human beings!! I want them — gone!!



Clint Smith, the 666th lol!, just mad. Cuz my baby got more money than him. And ain’t forgotten his roots. Lmfao

Look! He know how to read! And gets pedicures! And eats healthy! And he Black! Where they do that at?

(Ms. W’s like, he’s so handsome Erica! The more you tell me about his mother? The more I like him! I approve! He is so — you! Lmao!)

hood nigga! 😂😂😂😂😂😒😂

I’m tryna go kick it with him and his mama! Get out my way! I got some ideas I need to share — privately! — wit her!

You know what his mama is not sayin? *fuck the money* *fuck capitalism*

His mama like me! You think I went through all this shit to be broke? I don’t think so — hoe!! Don’t come near my son before you get your ass beat!!


The only people who say that crap? Are people who barely work. And then say, if I only had 2000 extra dollars. Here’s my amazon wish list. 😒 🙃 lmao!

I’m on this! Workin vacation!

🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 lol!


Clint Smith the third? fourth? fifth? (If that ain’t some super white shit!! Lmao!) — is so funny!! 😒 and so irritating!! He exacerbates my pre existing bipolar condition.

Lookin at this niggaz face? Makes me want to smack him.

He remind me of a patriarchal black man with a trophy wife. Who chills on oak bluffs, and eats scones with tea. While his kids wear matching sailor suits. Complete with Afro puffs. And a neatly trimmed head of hair, which is the only time that lil niggaz around black people who ain’t bougie. At the barbershop.

They should make a movie. *How to imitate white people as a black person* starring Clint Smith the IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, as himself.

Is getting itchy from lookin at your FACE, a preexisting condition?

What the fuck are you lookin at nigga? Lol!

Who would fuck this nigga?????

(Don’t answer that. Jessica Moore?? and Dream Hampton?? Who loves his ass. Same time, hoes?!

I think she thinks he my ex. He isn’t!! 😷😷At all!! 💩💩 Lmao!)

I like begular black beople!

“If you have one of these prexisting conditions you could be priced out of healthcare… “bipolar ‘disease’”. Lmmfao!

I truly hope he is priced out of healthcare.

And rogaine. Lmao!

“Bougie black people” disease!! Need to be on that list. Begular black Beople, need full comprehensive coverage.

I can’t stand ya’ll wanna be white people. With your anti capitalist, super capitalist asses.

I can’t stand bougie black people.

“I’m in France!! Sipping tea!! I’m on my poetry tour. Taking a leave of absence from my research at hahvad.” Lmmfao.

Well, I’m in the hood. Eatin some egusi before gettin in my hooptie.

And you ain’t speakin for me.

My cousin was like, yes I know Clint. 😒He’s the golden boy on campus. He’s smart. And super geeky. And not hood cuz. At all. Don’t come at him 2 hard. That nigga has never had to struggle. For anything.

(Except researching how regular black people have had to struggle. He lives vicariously, through our lives.)


Shower music (I be saaaaaaangin! And rappin! Loud! [And dancin.] Lol!)

I am so glad I am not a child who’s name is in a hashtag, on twitter. I’m glad I’ve never used that platform. I would have been a total DM person. Private.

I use social media the way people have exploited my privacy, privately.

In a blog. With writing. Explaining exactly how I feel about the exploitation. And who done it.

And the love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Have a great day folks! Work! (That’s not social media related. At all. Face to face. Intimate. And personal. 😘)

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