i am so glad i live in a country, where i don’t have to practice a religion.

and know, that this has nothing to do with personal morality, or how you treat other human beings. those are values that are instilled in your upbringing. children learn by watching your actions. if you do things that work, — like hoe (lying, cheating, stealing). if you raise your children bouncing from man to man, woman to woman — exposing them to a lifestyle of instability so that your children are constantly damaged by those men and women, who get hip to your games? and as a result, cut off your kid?

you are raising children who will live very difficult lives. they will think that hoeing (lying, cheating, stealing), and damaging other human beings, is acceptable.

it is not acceptable .

don’t do it. from the very beginning. teacher’s deal with the ramifications of your actions. so, we know. it is not difficult for us to tell the kids who have stability and love. and the kids who are abused by your behaviors. you think you’re hiding something from them. you aren’t.

the most well adjusted kids, have (a) stable parent (s) and stable homes.

it’s not a poem.

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