i am totally uninterested in names…

i don’t care WHAT you call yourself. lol i care about how you treat others. but i find it ironic that folks who treat others poorly have names that are messages to themselves.

so let me just say this, about the dream act. the dream act is not about the acronym. you could call it ANYTHING. it’s about the children who will be affected should something happen and the dream act killed. if you want to keep it dream act? fine. but if donald trump wins for president, he has made it clear that he’s getting rid of it.

and what i am saying to poets is, what is more important?


or actions?

because they are not the same things. words are what people say.

actions, are how you carry yourself in the world. and how you TREAT other people. never make the mistake of confusing great sounding poetry, with the poet. if you need an example of what i mean? look to amiri baraka. ya’ll LOVE him. now, look at his actions towards women. of all colors. and you tell me?

if his poetry, is more important than his actions? because his ACTIONS unleashed wrath on the world. and his words? well, they fooled people.

actions. trump words. every time.

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