i do not agree with the death penalty. i believe only in restorative justice.

so, as far as i’m concerned? dylann roof should not get death. like every other person who’s committed horrible atrocities, with something severely wrong with them — dylann roof is off his rocker — he needs intense therapy. and the opportunity to right his wrongs.

i really don’t care what color you are. but i know that dude, in some way shape or form? was abused. and ignored. everytime he tried to reach out for help, slapped in the face. so he went to a black church, the safest space for him, and just sat there. debated what he would do. will i kill or will i ask those

black on both sides people —

for help.

he made the wrong move. horrific pain. smh. slipped right through the cracks, and no one ever caught that.

if i had been his teacher? that never would have happened. like my little joey…

“ms. m, i’m going crazy inside my head. these kids keep picking on me because i’m the only white person in class.”

immediate and full stop. restorative justice circle. joey has something he needs to say to ya’ll. and then, you’re going to speak your piece. and then, collectively, we come up with solutions.

little joey got his counseling. and he’s in 11th grade now. doing quite well. he wants to be a plumber. cuz he likes getting dirty. and he has ADHD like you would not believe! lol the time i caught him throwing books out the window trying to hit his little 1/2 black, 1/2 white brother (joey’s white), like he was his slave?! i was like, i don’t think so! that little boy is in 1st grade! do you abuse him like that all the time?!

he was super ashamed. (i was secretly laughing though. cuz his little brother looked up to him, so much. it’s the only reason he would let his older brother try to drop books on him from the third floor! he could have killed him! little joey was so embarrased. his face was bright red! lmao! “i’m sorry ms. m!” in his half bass filled voice, cuz it was right around the time that it was changing. i was like, “why you saying sorry to me, homie?! here’s a pass, go downstairs, and apologize to him! and pick up those books! put them on the shelf! did you pay for them?! no! you did not!” lmao!)

i wish the death penalty in this country would end. it’s very hypocritical and to me, and many others, not a solution to any problem.

it’s extremely, un-american.

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