That bitch? At the end of the video? Who they douse in wo…my bad. What’s that? Looks like 2 40's of ol E? lol. It’s a remake, of Dream Hampton.

Not me.

I’m in the crowd. Dancing. You don’t even see me! Lol!

Dream Hampton, your biggest contribution to hip hop? Has been making all these men think all women are hoes and bitches. Like you and your lying ass friends. You got your job at *the source* by — fucking. And then spun that into something else. You been fuckin, a long ass time, for everything you’ve got.

I have never gotten a thing by fucking anyone. I don’t fuck for money. And, you cannot buy me.

I make love. In more ways than one. And I am not interested in none of you men in hip hop, beyond listening to your music, watching you break dance, seeing you MC, giving you compliments on your Graf work, and learning from you. Like I have been since before Dream Hampton even knew what hip hop is.

I’m a b-girl. Like billions.

Except for one. I only like one man. And I am going to kick it — this summer — with him. And there won’t be no open bottles in the ride. And we ain’t gettin pulled over cuz it will be a regular ass car. And imma drive. I’m a very responsible driver.

Usually. Lol sometimes? I speed. In the fast lane. Never over 77 miles per hour. [except when I was on my way to Newark. The first time. I might have broken 100. Enraged! And, the state trooper who pulled me over — in Connecticut — gave me, a warning. I guess he was in a good mood.] Which, is only a problem in the northeast. Those niggaz in cali? Go 7 miles an hour. Which, I don’t understand. Ya’ll might as well start walking. Get a bike, roller skates, a skateboard, something Lol!

I gotta call my homie. King. Back. That’s a slave labor job nigga. Who open carries. Takes care of his one child only. And everybody else’s kids. He’s an excellent human being. He loves his mama and grandmama and takes care of them as well. I’m glad I met him — face to face. And he was super respectful. And supportive of me. Excellent interview. On what black men have to deal with. From all kinds of people.

Transcribed, by a mixed black woman. Who has never been, and never will be, a hoe moment hip hop whore.

I am no fuckin rock star. I’m an actual real life — teacher. And poet on my own shit. And writer. And after school program poetry facilitator. And pizza delivery driver lol! (and neither is Jessica Moore. A rock star. I think she means, Kid Rock. The actual rock/hip hop dude. Another man, a white one, she fucked. And fucked over. Facts! Stay up dude! You gonna be good! Welcome, to the club of people those hip hop hoes!! Have used and abused. It’s, HUGE! You are not alone! ❤️❤️❤️❤️)

I do not love you. Jessica Moore. I don’t even like you. Never have even read your poems. I purchased those books, with my money, for my poetry students. They think you are who you say you are. I didn’t have the heart to tell them you a common lying, cheating, stealing, hip hop whore who has stalked me, for 24 years.

I like your abused and neglected kid.

And I think he needs his:


That would be more exciting to that little boy, than Bob Marley’s house — in Jamaica.

And you failed. At breaking up my ex’s marriage. Just because he dumped me for being bipolar. Doesn’t mean he wants to fuck with the biggest whore!! in hip hop.


(Get that skank ass to Newark. You owe apologies to actual human beings. Dumb pigeon brained bitch!!)

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