Roberto Clemente! The only Clemente I recognize until people in Hip Hop who support men or women who spread HIV in Hip Hop! And globally!

Denounce Pre Meditated Murder!!

They’re dead. Like inanimate objects. Statues. Thank you John Legend. And crzykatldy. (Who is not me. I’m bipolar. Like Rosa Clemente.)

“Justice is my husband” — Rosa Clemente.

That’s what thousands and thousands of women around the globe, are thinking.


Excellent. I’m still not Bresha. I’m not in prison. And even though I’m a super lefty (left handed), I really am rather conservative. So being me would be kind of difficult because we don’t have the same lifestyle. Or the same types of fathers. At all. You have far more in common with Ahi. Than I do. That niggas a hoe who had an abusive father who died that way as well. An abusive hoe moment man. Like you are an abusive hoe moment woman.

Those days are long gone for my dad. Like, 35 years ago? Lmao!

(I don’t have a racist uncle named “Jim” 😮 🙃🙃. My uncle is not a racist. He’s a republican. Who supports DACA. And is probably making sure his Rotties are okay. Cuz he loves dogs. Since he lives outside of Miami FL. He teaches at a community college. Like 75% of his students, are documented and undocumented immigrants. Lol!)

(Liberate queer people? Sure! I fully support liberating queer people. They’re my family members. Not yours. Lol!)

Harm “America”, so you can show Ahi that you can “save it”. How about doing this? Just call that nigga, or show up at his crib. Did you ever think about that 25 years ago. Like, I’m sorry I infected you with HIV. What can I do to make this better?

Everyone knows where he lives. Dream Hampton/Mad Black Thot/Prison Culture/Common White Girl.

All of them.

And you’re not a good woman. You harmed an entire culture of people I love. And blamed it on me. So no. I do not and will never support your dreams.

I do support the students I actually teach. Which you, have never.

I guess that’s one thing you can never be. An actual teacher in the hood. You wouldn’t do the work it would take to become one. It’s easier to make “art” that other people do the majority of the work on.

I don’t abandon good women. It’s horrible to be harassed by a man you care about. Who did not know your worth. Who owes his life to another woman, or other women. Or other men. Multiple. Or, thousands. And his child/children.

So much easier to say fuck it. And just do what most women do. Hurt other women.

Because that man is just so important. 😒

But someone has to stand on principles. And be a role model for how you treat women. Not hoes. Hoes don’t care about other women/men. They mainly focus on themselves and their needs over yours

They will abandon you quicker than you can slam your door.

Women. Who support you, send you loot even when they sick and hungry themselves, defend you even though you may be too entitled to do what they do to survive, you just don’t like it, your an artist (like I like working a second job delivering pizza to send you my money. It’s just so fun!!) and let you know they’ll still support you despite your massive betrayal of them. Over something as stupid as a lying, cheating, stealing man.

No man can make me betray a good woman. Or their children.

My ex’s know that shit.

Believe it.

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