Turns out I’m just burnt out off of politics. And lying, cheating, stealing, stalking, black only twitter hoes, too. And am very relieved that you are not the majority of black people in America, or, on the planet. Because a lot of ya’ll are sociopaths. Which is why Beyoncé is rarely on twitter. Because Beyoncé is bipolar. And it’s not a healthy environment for us.

It’s not a game Deray of sun. To play with people’s lives for your super capitalist profits. It’s evil.

Beyoncé did what she had to. Madly in love with a man who did not respect her like he should have from the very beginning. I empathize.

You will just take any man in “king’s landing” you can get. Cuz that blue vest is a lie. You are HIV positive.

Is this your way of saying, Deray of sun, that people who are Red, with HIV, are chaotic and filled with fake. And people who are blue, like you, are logical and for the people?

ALL people?

Because I’m not big on discriminating against people with HIV. Or, doublespeak.

I got you Beyoncé. But watch who you consider “friends”.


Is that some kind of symbol for pollination? Like bees that sting then die?


And no. E double? I’m alive, Deray of sun.

I’m just human. I realized when black people did some real shady shit? In the culture I grew up in and which I love. No HIV infecting any black men, ever. Unthinkable.

That I just wanted to be respected as a human being. Talib Kweli.

Is this because you said so. And jay z didn’t shout you out?

Is that like your HIV stain, all over the world? With your whore, Jessica Moore?

“JayE” wait for what?

Direct quotes from Trudy tonight. I love watching her “gargantua” HIV spreading ass get upset. Mostly because of her sociopathic torture. And her demands that I pay her. Not no Moore!! All free lifted material!

What is “doin numbers twitter”? This?


I thought you didn’t like hypervisibilty.

But I see you got some more nestle’s tollhouse this evening. To go with your devil drink.


“😋 😋”

Plagiarism! Emoji plagiarism!


After which?


And, maybe she’ll just take a little nap. For the 666th time this month.


My brother loves Anita Baker. I bet you him and his wife dance to her.

They are so in love with each other. 😍😍

I know. It’s not that deep color purple! You’ve never been abused! Lol! Just peaceful pastel.

Yes, cooking “Moore” is good. It’s also nice to eat out.

Pay her!!!!!! Give her gifts!!!!!!

Pay her jay z! Pay her on behalf of tidal and me!


Watch yo man Beyoncé!

We know you do. If you could fuck jay z? You would — no hesitation.

She wants your money. And your man.

She wants YG as well. She’ll die trying.

Catch her Beyoncé. Someone, anyone.

Pay her. For being her.

I don’t have a subscription to tidal. I had one for 2 months. To listen to *lemonade* and then I cancelled it.

You mean teaching, teaching other women how to put their men in check? Then making sure Dream Hampton can’t access him again?

delivery? Or all 4?

As long as I have to look at your blue vest. I can never give up drinking. Deray of sun. But I’m an independent with conservative leanings. So I’m not interested in giving it up anyway. I gave up meat. I’m very healthy. Over here snackin on sunflower seeds after giving myself a pedicure. And massaging my own feet. Acupressure. That’s healthy as well. You have to


For yourself. When no one else is around to love you like you deserve. Cuz no one’s feeling you. And your crusade to put a stop to HIV in hip hop.

No one cares about the lives of other human beings. But me!

Everybody’s found a way to market being HIV positive.



I am so beyond these people, in my thinking about the significance of my womanhood. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I would just whoop a niggaz ass and leave him, right where I found him. ain’t no nigga cheating on me and I make some art off of it. Not witout beatin the shit out of him in the process. Lol!

Have a good evening. I really wished my dad raised me to have lower expectations. I don’t think he realized this meant I’d have to die alone. Cuz no one is meeting my standards for myself.


I don’t care that Beyoncé just had babies. That shit is not hard to do. Make a baby. It’s easy as fuck. You just spread your legs and let some nigga ejaculate in your vagina. Easy.

What’s hard to do? Is to create off your own life. No one else’s. And apparently, get your husband to stop cheating on you. Welcome to the world of patriarchy. And hoes who suck dick to be respected.


This is the nigga you were fightin over?


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