I think that woman who wants nothing to do with me? 😂😂😂😂 Is beautiful, and very sexy. She knows who she is, and that I think this. And that she is valuable. And an excellent — and honest — writer. her life matters — to me. 💜☝🏿💯

(it hurts me that she thinks i don’t care about her. when, i actually do. i just don’t have access to the resources to help her. other women do. and she looks to them, despite the fact they have stolen from her and not ever given her a dime for her work. that’s the sad part about hyperconsumption. people who will use your life, and never pay you what you are worth. i know what that’s like, and i’m sorry. i wish i could help. but i can’t promote you — you don’t want that. and you are not interested in bipolar trash. i get it. a lot of people aren’t. but for every piece of writing you create that i read? i will pay. i promise. 5 bucks an essay, cuz that’s all i can afford at the moment. i owe you 15 dollars. lmao!)


Even though my dream has been to have a very successful business that gives back to humanity — with a collective of diverse women — who split 25% of the profits? I know that is extremely far fetched. Not many people want to do that amount of labor for what may only amount to 100 or 150 thousand dollars a year. After taxes, business expenses, and splitting the 25% equally. Because capitalism is a disease. And people want to keep everything to themselves. I love my job — as a teacher. If I can get my non American man to the states? I’m good. I love writing too. But I’ve never been paid for it. I pay? To interview other marginalized people who don’t get their props. So, it’s all good.

Let me have my good man? And I’m golden. (S.E. Hinton was a white woman. who did not want to be discriminated against because she wrote an awesome book about boys and men. Had she revealed her gender? That book would probably never have gotten published. *the outsiders*. Ayn Rand had a hard enough time with that. No one wanted to publish *the fountainhead* the main character? A man on the autistic spectrum. Who would stop at nothing, to build his buildings. It wasn’t about the money. It was about his vision. Which I think Donald Trump has gone overboard with. He wants everyone punished for not recognizing him as a human being, with feelings. Lol. Maybe, he shouldn’t be abusive to women, and stop discriminating against black and brown marginalized ones with mental differences, interfering in our lives and rights as women And people will actually have some respect for him. But he’s going to have a really tough time stacking his cabinet with abusive white men and women, looking for redemption. Good luck with that homie. You’re asking for a miracle. Only .1% of black and brown women have any empathy for you — at all. Those are abused and marginalized women who come from nothing. And make a way for themselves, with very little support — from men. Some of them are so upset with the abuse of men? They think you are all pieces of shit trash, and only good for sperm, and to get the fuck out of their cribs after you are done. Some won’t even date men — at all.

Ya’ll niggaz have really done a number on beautiful, intelligent, creative, work off their own educations, their own merits, and their own words women. Constantly lied to, cheated on and stolen from. Un marginalized women? Can’t create shit on their own. Without those women. Everything they make? Inspired from what they stole. Lives they have not lived.

Good luck.)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Despite the fact that my man speaks little English? And is not the biggest fan of reading? He’s a manual labor kind of dude, who knows how to fix his own damn car and toilet. He is doing two things at once: translating and reading, tough work. For someone with dyslexia.

To him? I am number one.

I am NOT everyone’s number one.

I am his number one — and only.

And that? Means everything — to me. That he thinks my life matters. That I am okay just the way I am. That he doesn’t need someone with tons of material success and social status. That cooking and cleaning together and having jobs to go to and kids to love.

and a family we equally contribute to?

Is enough. (Vegetable truck! Lol! but I think I’m getting veggie tacos from the Mexican spot tonight. And a fish burrito. Because I worked really hard today. And I don’t want free pizza at my 3rd job, delivery. And, I’m supposed to be meeting my girl from work for a drink, after that. I’m already tired. Might take a raincheck. I like home the best. I appreciate it. And I wish I could curl up in his arms and start snoring. Knocked out for 12 straight hours. I can sleep like a rock in that man’s arms. It feels so good to wake up to his beautiful smile. And him serving me té in bed. It’s always the little things that people take for granted? That make the biggest difference.)

💜☝🏾️(that’s him. I’ve always been a zero loser piece of trash — to most people) 💯

- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

fantasy: i want to go on a quadruple date. me and my man. beyoncé and jay z, kim and kanye, and ivanka and jared. at a regular unfancy spot.

i can pay for my own meal. and i can hold down my man’s too. thank you.

(it’s a joke! lol! i’m perfectly content with simple love. i always was. it’s primarily men, who don’t appreciate what they already have. and take it for granted.

a) you don’t do shit but make beats all day and live off your mama while taking your super talented girlfriend for granted. you could be making beats for her and promoting her talents instead of pining after some chic who abandoned you. pregnant with the next man’s kid.

b) you have a wife who rides for you and beautiful children. a family, and a lot of talent in it. support her? and maybe she can help you make your videos. once she’s not busy doing everything, everywhere. so that you can travel and live the “good life” off her pain.

next up: immigration. because that’s going to be rough with donald trujillo as president. the man is pissed the fuck off. and thinks the people who deserve to be punished for it? are people like me. mixed black, marginalized women, with mental differences — abused and discriminated against — who still get back up.)

love will win. it’s all i believe in. and i don’t discriminate against anyone. so keep me out of white or black supremacy. it ain’t for me.

love is.


i don’t understand why some women cannot be satisfied with what they have. when they are successful, and have money, and get to fly all over the world, have had husband after husband after husband after husband falling at their feet, their face in a museum, live in a high rise condo trump tower, have a beach house, get to send their kids to exclusive private schools, eat in fancy restaurants, buy fancy clothes, all of that…

why the fuck they want what i have had, minus the severe abuse — and the bipolar disorder as a result.

how greedy can you be?

i want my simple life back. my words. i want my poor righteous man who wants his vegetable truck, by my side, here — in america. he is a monogamous man, like i am a monogamous woman. i have finally found a man who does not need to have more than one good woman. and i don’t mind sponsoring him, and helping him: learn english, get a job, and contribute to this country and to his family in DR.

i want to work my job as a teacher because i love the kids. and to start a small business that may or may not have any success. who knows.

and i want the hoes (i use the letter “e” with that? because they’ve been riding me for many many many years) to leave me, to leave the ex’s who abandoned me — and the women they have now? alone.

find. your. own. man.

or don’t. keep sleeping with everyone. keep abusing men and women. keep hurting your fatherless children.

but stay away from any parts of my life. past, present, and future.

thank you.


dream hampton has been stalking me since the beginning of the internet (or rather, social media). she’s done dirt to a lot of marginalized and abused black and brown women. stealing from them. she hates me, because ahi baraka was in love with me in 1991. she hates me, because he loved me. and could not get any, cuz i’m no earth around his sun. and i refuse to lie about who i am. ahi has been continuously abused, by everyone. and that is ending. he deserves to be happy. with a good woman, who rolls for him. and him alone. dream hampton, the hoe who is the real becky with the good hair, has been trying to fuck jay z as well. and beyoncé made a whole album about this — and her politics. beyoncé does not give a flying fuck that i identify as mixed black. most black women, don’t. they are secure in who they are. and i really appreciate the 15 million dollars they (meaning beyoncé and HER HUSBAND — sean carter) dropped on haiti. because people are starving with no clean water!!!!!!!

jessica care moore has been stalking me, since dream hampton spread my manic writing (which started, when somali boy was being mad emotionally abusive. while i loved him and never abandoned him, despite the fact that he had no money or a pot to even piss in. i supported him. emotionally, and financially. i didn’t cheat on him. he thought he was going to have a whole bunch of chics. but all he’s getting is his one beautiful wife, her movement, and his pictures of dead pigeons lol). jessica care moore wants to get with my somali ex boyfriend, who has a wife and four children. lmao! she took my words. and used them for all they were worth, while calling me trash. down to her black only tea (a lie, she’s mixed black). soon to be a legend in the hip hop industry. unless talib kweli is supporting her, equally, with his wife.

i don’t like you like that talib kweli! i don’t want your money! and i don’t want to sleep with you! i like you as an artist. i have a man. i am getting married to him! you have a wife. what the fuck is wrong with you?! keep your dick in your pants! how you gonna keep on taking advantage of women. and you have a daughter! do you want men to do to her what you do to women? no! lmao!

and now, the hoe — who destroys men’s lives, women’s lives, and is working on her virgo son’s life too, because he has no father and his father actually loves him, and pays for his existence — wants her body back. no one told her to sleep her way through hip hop. keep your legs shut!

this is over men. one has a girlfriend. one has a wife. and both have indicated that they do not want to be with either of those women. if they did? they would call them, or email them. those men now understand that abusing women is incorrect. and they will not support women who abuse other women.

period. get over it. those are not your men. i know you two hoes don’t care about other people’s relationships. you will fuck a married man, take his money to promote you, and leave him to rot by himself if he does not do what you want.

worry about your kids, who have no fathers, and how you’re going to make ammends with those men — for your selfishness. and your emotional abuse of their children. by isolating them from their dads!

there are women out here, who are the ones who get cheated on, over and over again (not the other way around) and they STILL maintain relationships with their baby’s daddy’s.

those are the types of women i respect. and will support. period.


i’ve been protecting water. i’m a swimmer. water is hugely important to me. the same water that’s in the ocean i actually know how to swim in? winds up? at:

standing rock.

here, let me help you with science. it’s third grade. and i’m actually class planning? at the same time that i’m doing this…to teach dreamers about the water cycle, in spanish.

(it’s also in the coke i’m drinking. which i’m trying to quit. because i don’t like their business practices. and coke isn’t good for you. but no kids can see me at the moment. because it’s saturday. i only drink “té”, and water, in front of them.)

public high quality education! lol

note: no one voted for donald trump. lmao! i voted for jill stein. massachusetts doesn’t do republicans that often.

michigan does.

and that state, went to trump. i will vote for paul ryan in 2020, if he really does what he says he’s going to…when it comes to addressing poverty, systemically. doesn’t go anywhere near a woman’s right to choose. and supports small american businesses over transnational, exploitative corporate interests.

so far, i like him. his character seems really good. and, he don’t discriminate (um, didn’t he have a black on both sides girlfriend in college? lol!) besides, he looks awesome with a beard.

(talib kweli should stop worrying about women who don’t care about anybody but themselves? and worry about his wife and multiple children. because there is a disconnect between his socially conscious music. and, his actions. a huge one. and i love talib kweli. and have bought all his music. i didn’t get the promos — for free.)


side note: i will call all those lying, cheating, abusive ass men and women out. i don’t care what color they are. i don’t care if they are rich or poor. have status or not. are rampant capitalists or rampant socialists or rampant communists (which all boil down to, in practice? money for me only. and the abuse of women and children.)

i care, so much more. because i was abused as a kid, by a man. and i have been abused as a woman, by men and women.

it’s called empathy. i know what it feels like to think your life is “trash”. that your life does not matter — at all.

i don’t care if you roll for black and brown people and write poetry.

me as well.

i have brown skin. have been abused because of this, because i am a woman, and because i have a mental difference.

and, i roll for abused and marginalized women, men, and children. of all colors. i will not be swayed from this. ever.


i don’t cheat on my man. i will cook for him and wash his dirty drawers. i will support him while he goes to the club, for business, to make his videos or whatever lol. i will not abandon him because he has a mental difference. i will make sure he’s clean, well fed, and sleeps through the night.

but if i catch his ass cheating on me? he may just lose his life. if i catch his ass cheating on his wife or girlfriend? and he was my man? he will lose his life. because now? he’s abusing the next chic. and it’s a pattern. and i’m not having it.

i’ve made this clear to my man. upfront, eye to eye, face to face. i’ve written it in english and spanish. i don’t dupe men with false expectations. i let men know exactly how i roll. and i urge them to believe me when i tell the truth.

“you may die, if i catch you cheating on me. do you understand?! because i’m dead serious. i’ve been through way too much pain, to ever go through that again.”

that nigga on googlé lol transludor like:

“yes bb. yo no quiero otras mujeres o hombres. solamente ti. por vida.”

he’s a capricorn. he’s nice to women. and appreciates beautiful ones. but he will not be sticking his pene anywhere it doesn’t belong. it belongs? in my punnani — only! lmao!

(it took me almost an hour to get to school. working multiple jobs. cuz i don’t write and drive, at the same time. bye! lmao!)

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