“Upfront and honest, so you’ll know — from jump — How I love.”

I don’t cry anymore. And when I reached out for help. The door was shut. So I stay focused. On helping myself. And my babies. They deserve all the credit for their own accomplishments. I will not tag my name on the products of their efforts. I will not give props to people who abuse to create. I do not agree that poetry is propaganda. Poetry, for me, always has been about healing. I know nothing of this:

When I fall in love? It is not “sometimes”. It is not casual. At all. It is highly personal. Serious as an ocean you cannot swim in.

I fall hard, and fully. Do not mess with me if you do not know what it is to love like that. If you do not know what it is to hug and smile and laugh and to not be abandoned. Do not mess with me if you think money can buy my heart or even means all that much. I cannot be bought with material junk.

And I have never written a poem for profit.

Soul work.

When I fall in love, I am busy living the poem. That is us. I may write an entire thesis. About our love. (Done).

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