I don’t do political parties. I think republicans and democrats are essentially the same. Which is why I voted green. I only focus on individuals in those parties. Their politics, their legislation, their characters.

This whole group think thing? Very Dangerous. Are you a líder or follower?

What does hip hop think? Since hip hop is constantly adapating to changes.

Cuz I’m feeling like this. Conservative in how I live. Especially when it comes to how I spend my money.

ZERO hoe moments. None of these niggaz have tapped it. (African American Vernacular English. I know nothing about “what up doe” lmao!)

And I am not the face of the Republican Party. But there are many black people who live like me.

Down for the hood that I’ve always lived in. Watching how I spend my money (conservatively). And how I recycle, to preserve the earth.

“The loamy black parts at the bottom of the compost”

Regular Black, blk!

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