Lmmfao! Good name. It is ludacris! That these women walk around complaining about men. While, dogging them. Hoeing.

Better start separating the real, from the fake.

I can’t stand none of you hip hop hoes. I don’t give a fuck how well you sing/rap, or how good someone think yo ass look.take all the make up off. I look better than you. And i’m still not a hoe!! With my face plastered everywhere.

Now zendaya lip syncing to Trina with her hair a mess, and no makeup. That hoe is cooked. All she does, is copy.

My hair a mess. No makeup. And I teach children to have their own voices. (Imma do something with the hair tho. Before I meet Mr. Beautiful.)

She been doin that shit since she was 11. Zendaya. Any nigga stick they dick in her?

Is a fuckin idiot!!


Fuck outta here.

Nobody blaming anybody for being sexually assaulted. You act like that doesn’t happen to women on the regular. Imagine being sexually assaulted by someone you actually — loved. Fuck some nigga who harassed you on the street. Or some muthafucka — you know, casually.

And, ya’ll busy supporting women, who sexually assault men. So I ain’t interested in your boo hooing, all men this, all men that. No. some men. And. Some women.

Woman up!

(I know nothing about manning up. I’m a woman. An actual real full blown born a woman, woman, who can’t be bought, or lied to, or cheated on, or stolen from. Not no moore. Much to Talib Kweli’s dismay. That’s what ya’ll niggaz get, for fuckin with hoes!!)

Meanwhile, single fathers out her tryna raise they daughters, getting cheated on by the same hoes ya’ll be fuckin. It’s disgusting.

Keep ya’ll hoe moment asses in your own cest pool of filth!! Don’t bring anyone else into your shit. No one has time for your — hoeing.

Two dumb ass bitches. That some of you support simply because they “black” women. And some of you fuck cuz they good at appearing like good women, and stayed — wit they clothes off.

It’s disgusting. Pure nastiness. Cuz hip hop got a lot of niggaz easily tempted — bipolar dummies — instead of learning how to please their own bodies and waiting — for the right human being. Some of ya’ll just like being hoes. So, no remorse. You actually — brag about it — on twitter.

What dumb ass niggaz call themselves hoes, with pride. Wtf, you raised by Neanderthals or something? Being a hoe, a trick, a prostitute is nothing to aspire to.

i’m sorry trudy don’t like the sun. that’s part of her problem, with depression. she sleeps all day, and tweets all night. that’s the only job that chic has. twitter. jack! pay her!! lmmfao!

vitamin d? is a natural, anti depressent.

sit — in the fuckin — sun. do you hear me saying “you should”? No you don’t. It’s a demand. Not “unsolicited advice”. (with sunscreen. her makeup plastered face is blocking the good rays.)

i don’t give a fuck about your “art”.

i give a fuck about — justice!

intersectional feminist womanist — justice!

which means, dream hampton and jessica moore — need to take their hoe moment asses, to Newark!

like i have. 3 times.

your “art” doesn’t solve, your crimes.

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