i don’t hate anybody

i just strongly dislike people who hate on other people, for no reason at all. and i find it ironic, that asha bandele — one of the dream hampton’s (who has a white mom and black dad, but only does black only, and who lies, cheats, and steals) stalking friends — -on my fringe of society facebook page? will say in one tweet that she wants a place where there is no hate. and in the next, how much she hates donald trump and his cabinet.

another woman, who needs to get her shit together. and check the company she keeps.

same with ursula rucker. who was stalking me on my personal facebook page, for jessica care moore (another stalking sociopath, who is mixed. white mom, black dad, but does black only, and lies, cheats. and steals). her 1 love with a purple heart? ursula rucker’s? is very uncreative. i’ve never met ursula rucker, but i own some of her poetry. she is a talented woman. and i feel bad that she has aligned herself with the biggest hoe in hip hop!! good luck with that!! lmao!

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