Then you will “lose” Dream Hampton. Dream Hampton thinks I’m in a competition with her. I am not in competition with this hoe.

I am — letting her and all ya’ll know — this is NOT ME. I am not Bresha. My father is no abusive lying cheating stealing piece of trash ass shit.

I do not like prison.

And I am not super left. I am left handed.

And a liberal conservative. It is actually?HOW — I — LIVE! Lol!

Because you have been hating on me for 25 years. And I didn’t even know you existed until 5 years ago. You have disparaged my name. All through hip hop.

Over a nigga. A jobless nigga who lives with his mama.


And you call yourself a feminist?


That’s the reality. Really. This chic is so hung on Ahi Baraka? She want that nigga so badly, she will actually try and destroy a country. AIDS and all that.

Cuz my name, is in the word, America.

After Ahi?

Eazy E.

Because his name is “Eric”.


Just like Jessica “care” Moore. They are sociopaths!!

They have infected all kinds of men. Lgbtqia. Ya’lls whole spectrum. With HIV.



Dream Hampton is a crazy hoe!! And I think she has dementia from AIDS.

And ya’ll love “sugar dick”

King sugar

so much? You followed her.

Over a little dick nigga. Who doesn’t do anything with his dick you can’t teach another man.


Right Nikki! Look at how HAPPY she is! (Watch out. She gonna try to “hide in his studio!” Lol)

I don’t think so! Nas one of the smartest dudes in hip hop like, I ain’t fucked none of these chics!! I just stay celibate. Waiting for the right woman!

She snapped on that track. She was mad. Nikki Minaj ain’t fuckin her man’s friends. 😒





Please don’t speak on feminism/womanism.

Not directed at me. Again.



When you are a really sweet human being. Actually. You don’t fuck wit nobody on that shady shit. But people don’t even know you. They too busy listening to what people who don’t even know you. Have never seen you or spoken to you or been a football field length in your space — have to say about you.

And there are black women who you actually do know, on that super shady shit 2. And when they get called on it. Cuz they know they doin evil shit. They start that black this black that. Black =’s shady? Oh, my bad. I’ll add that to my list of things I needed to learn about what “blackness” is.

Ain’t that some shit. “Fam”.

Black women who run they mouths. About shit they know NOTHING about.

Migos made a mistake. I’m not bad. Nor am I Boujee. With two “e’s”. They were tricked. By evil women, again, into believing this hiv shit is me. And, it isn’t. Never has been.

That’s why you stay away from hoes. Trouble. And never spit on a good woman’s name. We are not all created the same.

“I’m a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch”

Name that creator! Nikki Minaj is a really dope writer. Like Remy Ma. And righteous men who know they are not hoes. Support them. Like men should.

(I’m not really a bitch either. Only when I have to be. Self preservation. For the righteous! That’s me!)

Sistahood! Oh shit. You’re not black enough. 😡

I don’t give a fuck!



He just challenged her to a fight.


Watch out! He gonna try and hit it. Talib’s dick is international wit it.


This nigga still has not learned that women can beat his little ass!!

Well, some of us can.


I don’t see any sistahood. All I see is brotherhood. Young men who are like…this is so wrong. All of it. We’ll support her. She a real good woman. Whatever nigga would treat her like trash. Should be dead.

I don’t treat men like trash. There is no man on the planet. Except 1. And that nigga still ain’t forgiven me. For kissin another dude, at 19. Who can ever say, I did him wrong. Ever.

We all have our own paths to walk.

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