i don’t think that people understand…i support healing, over hurt. love, over hate.

those white men? the ones you think are so powerful and in control? the ones that have no problems and rule the world? i’m not afraid of them. i’m afraid for them. that they will be consumed by hate. i haven’t used that word more in my life, than i have in the past month. i wasn’t allowed to use the word “hate” growing up. instant punishment, for hating anyone. *roots*

they are dying inside. they are in incredible amounts of pain. i see it. i understand. and i’m saying this, as a marginalized brown woman — who has had a gun to her head by a cop. who eats collard greens and cabbage for months on end. who has a negative bank account cuz her man needs to help others in another country. who struggles just to live, and not jump off a bridge. who has been abandoned and rejected by people i love. no one’s building a wall. bridges only. our infastructure is falling apart. and people need jobs. ya’ll can work on that. progress. not harm.

i empathize.

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