i don’t want nothing to do with being some elite bougie hoe in hip hop!! i am part of the culture. an insignificant human being.

and i want my kids — ALL OF THEM — to have a happy healthy planet to fuckin live on! biaaaatch!!

(donald trump? you won’t be destroying shit!! you ain’t the ruler of this fuckin planet!! you are an abused and sad man who needs love and healing! and we are — collectively — going to fight any evil you produce, to do the right things by all human beings on earth! now go get some therapy for your rage, and your abuse of marginalized women and children!! and don’t you ever fuckin say no dumb shit again, about how you would fire ivanka “like a dog” *the rage*, if she does not conform to your unhealthy living — which, she does not! or, “you’re [fuckin] fired!!” hahahahahahaha!)