i feel like eartha kitt lol (who, was married to a white man lol! black women are allowed to like white men. get over it.) & corporate barbie is too funny!!! she’s named herself orenthal dolezal! lmao! she’d be excellent on our team! (there are some white women who are really pissed at me lol they’re racist. they like: lying cheating stealing. they like to see marginalized black and brown women — struggling. really.)

i’ll be damned if i’m compromising my integrity, my body, or my name — to support abusive men and women, or to get anything! i have a *drumroll* brain! you must be joking. any man i’m with? knows for a fact that i don’t share him. never have. never will. i’d rather take the L — than be a harem ho! lmao! it’s unnecessary. this is not the continent of africa, where women are actively fighting against that shit. like, no. i don’t want my husband to have multiple wives. it’s wack. and nasty. not to mention —extremely dangerous. AIDS is the leading cause of death for black women in america. and no one discusses it. it’s like it doesn’t exist. just women’s incarceration, marijuana, and consent.

it shows a tremendous amount of greed and misogyny, on the part of men and women who would actually bow down to that patriarchy and their own oppression, to be hoppin all over the place exchanging bodily fluids.

talkin bout freedom but living like concubines.

you have to be careful the women that you play with, or accessing their husbands? cuz they may fuck up your camera, and your face — with a bat or a 2x4 — for life.

i have to listen to beyoncé — cuz that’s me! albeit in boots and jeans.

and, i cant sing. lmao!!!

that’s earth kitt’s daughter. deal with it.

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