I feel really bad for white people who marry black people, black people who marry white people, and then get dumped for the next best thing. Especially when they are really struggling (I got you and your kids backs. Don’t worry sis. Lots of hoes that think cuz they black? That means something about they character. People see them. Chic better go find her white husband. Man is suffering from PTSD! Like me! Ironically!) It’s a tragedy. Like I said, I don’t judge anybody by the color of his/her skin. It has proven to be the quickest way to get yourself in a shitload of trouble. I did that. Black people are awesome! They make no mistakes and they suffer more than anyone! This is true. historically speaking. Now? Some black people. Others? Not so much. They just greedy and selfish. Like some white ones.

Feel free to dump your partners when they need you. And hook up with the next! I’m sticking with my man. I’m not an idiot. Nor am I interested in more than ONE PENIS! HIS! I’m Beyoncé style possessive. And I’m rejecting money — for love — with a man who understands that ONE GOOD WOMAN IS ENOUGH! Out here damaging us! (none of ya’ll hoes better even attempt to go near my happiness again. I don’t mess with other wo/men’s men. I already know the pain of that — for humans. I’ve had enough of that shit to last forever. And I’m going to focus on him. I can’t be tempted so ya’ll hip hop heads better cut the shit! Lol! Ya’ll go focus on saving the planet.)

One good man. That’s what I’ve wanted. These chics get all the good men. And shit all over them. Ya not slick dream hampton. My ex ain’t going nowhere near your abusive ass. He is way too smart for your “vampire on a pony network”, now! He better not dump the woman who’s ridden for him so hard! That ended with me! I’ll take the pain of that. SHE’S not suffering any longer! I thought you “cared” so much about women?! Especially black marginalized ones? you have some nerve! All the men you’ve shitted on? Ya’ll chics are straight runners. And you’re not autistic — so you have no excuses. No fight in ya’ll at all. When the shit hits the fan? Just a bunch of cheap, easy, talk! Escape into your imaginations stead of standing up like WOMEN! And treating these dudes like their lives, and the lives of the women in their lives — actually matter! You don’t care. Long as he’s mine? Fuck women. That’s a hoe for ya. Ugh!

Sitting up here talkin bout how you’re so oppressed…does that come with a beach house, first class flights around the world, photo ops with yourself in every last one, promotion by famous rappers for a little punnani, and a trump tower condo…ha! Don’t come in my face with your lies and nonsense! (2x4 will knock every tooth out your head!)

Little black kids in the Mississippi delta and little white kids in Appalachia are starving!!! Shut up!

You all need your asses whooped! White and Black! Especially these mixed chics doing black only. Lies lies lies. Lol

Much love to the righteous of all colors amongst humans. Ya’ll gonna save the planet!

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