i get respect. try not to forget the difference. these are MY KIDS! lmao!!!(really. like, when you teach young men and then they grow up to be men? yeah — “them”. lol!!!) + prop #64 + that REAL dominican labor y pelo naturál! lmao!

i know who the women are i’m rockin wit. the women who work off all their own merits. mamas and mothers. many of them. lol the women who spread their legs, unnecessarily, to get anything?



Prop 64. California (Malibu is lovely! i never even HEARD of this girl before 3 years ago, my bad. almost 4.? I’M SORRY! DAMN! lol i didn’t read *the source* LOL! i was reading, noam chomsky. among others. :)

let’s separate prop 64 from getting kids locked up. NO ONE wants black and brown children locked up, on the fringes. we are the people who GET LOCKED UP! we KNOW what that is.

you need to support another bill. propose one? because prop 64 is about — adults. and i’m more concerned in — kids.

a bill that prevents black and brown and white children, under aged 18, from getting locked up — period — for smoking marijuana.

marijuana use before aged 18 is quite a simple thing. it’s an issue that has to do with escape. peace of mind while your mind is going crazy. you live in two different realities. one that says everything is fair and equal, and another that shows, factual evidence, this is not the case.

+ sometimes? my family is ALL fucked up. i need to chill out. lol.

it’s not even criminal. it’s just mental health. and kids smoking whatever they can get their hands on. of that herb.

cannabis is a medicinal herb. powerful. and it should be used appropriately.

like tobacco.


and now used and abused for venture capital. nothing about WHY kids are using cannabis — is even discussed.

“just say no!” what’s good mrs. reagan! lmao!!!

it’s like nancy reagan really, trying, anything?! while her husband is totally engrossed with aiding and abetting central american and middle eastern warlords, who aid and abet the distribution of illicit — hard core drugs — in highly synthetic forms.

they are not medicinal. at all.

the coca leaf? is not cocaine. the coca leave is used for elevation sickness. it suppresses certain biological needs in critical circumstances. pain (physically and emotionally). the need to eat and drink…same with poppies.

the flower? the poppy? lol!

many many different varieties. sold all over the united states of america.

poppies are legal. they should be. and sometimes? i put the petals and the roots from the ones i’ve grown? in my té

  • major fail on the part of drug lobbies. i don’t want lithium, abilify, respiridol, whatever all lmao!!! — i’m not in a period of psychosis — you idiot! lmao! what i’m saying is true. a whole bunch of people “influenced” and “created” off who i am. i think beyoncé got ahold of it too, and it — inspired her to tell her story? *blushing!* *in awe!* there’s a big difference in being inspired by something? and using something to actually live someone else’s story. lmao! i’m telling you this, because these are the connections…artists. lol. and then i’m the nutty one. therapy is not helping this very REAL situation. i’m telling you what happened, in reality. and describing how i don’t play that. like a BEAST! it’s biblical! (that’s the metaphor for how i’m feeling at the moment. she always comes back again when men start being shady. lol)
  • i am not playing injustice of any kind, especially across racial lines. or hurting people who don’t deserve to get they feelings hurt. i don’t do dead. that is not what i’m aiming for. lol!
  • oh, do. not. fuck. with. me. unrighteously.


real dominican labor. lmao!

get to the end. where you’re like, oh! it ain’t a piece in da back! lmao! just a full head of thick, natural hair.

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