Martha’s Vineyard has A LOT of Brazilian — year round — immigrants.

I got this last week.

I am constantly reminded of Malcolm X’s biggest regret in life. When asked by a white woman on Harvard's steps, what she could do to help?

He told her “nothing”.

I’n gonna miss Ms. W so much! She is an awesome human being. But I’m glad her and solar shack Kyle are workin on it. Slowly but surely. ☺️

(Imma be crying by the end of the day. I’m gonna miss these kids. So much. They the best! I have learned so much from them this year. More than I possibly imagined.

Real teachers know, it’s not about you running your mouth. It’s about listening to them and their ideas and thoughts. And keeping your mouth? Shut. 7 minutes. Tops. of that blah blah blah blah blah. Everything else is them doing the work!

That you spend tons of time — planning — for. People think teaching is an easy job. It is. When all you do is clean paintbrushes and watch paint drying. While err’body does all the work. Go back to Dearborn. Mixed black. Black only. And don’t come near any parts of my life. Stalkin sociopathic whore. Past. Present. Or Future. 😒)

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