The “n” word. My parents can’t stand it. Forbidden, in my crib. I feel a little bit differently about it. Really depends on context. To me. When my kids use it. I don’t tell them not to. I explain the historicity of the word. It’s original etymology. I don’t think it’s necessarily appropriate for school, but I say nothing when a kid says “what’s good my nigga!” No comment.

School is a place where your vocabulary should expand. Not be reduced by outside limiting influences. I encourage this. Expansion.

A rap song? Your personal writing?

Um, freedom of expression. Doesn’t bother me at all. Please don’t tell my dad or mom. They are already concerned with my potty mouth.

Which I don’t have. I’m actually very respectful and polite. With a high pitched voice. And a shitload of manners. “Yes, please.” “No, thank you.”. If I were to ever have said “what?” When an adult asked me a question? I would have been corrected.

“I’m not one of your little friends in the street.”


Excellent parenting.

(I’ve had the conversation with white students as well, Talib. Insider outsider languages. For example, I don’t use the word “faggot”. I find it inappropriate for me to do so. I know gay men who use it? And, that’s their business. And their dialog, to have with each other.)

Thank you FJ. You’re not that bad of a therapist. Getting at truth is a hard long, and very healing process. I’ll be sure to send you some loot. But i actually just put some in my savings account. Cuz the other truth is? I pay my own bills. Off my own work. Thanks to working class Americans. Who pay me to do my job. Thank you working Americans! Teachers aren’t perfect! We’re actually human. But we care about your children. No one becomes a teacher? To get rich. lol believe it. Those are cops. Who get paid to sit around and do nothing on their overtime details.

Congrats to lauryn hill on becoming a nana! 💜 she’s been through some shit. I relate to, and empathize with, the struggle. It’s not easy having a mental difference. And congrats to all women — who are mothers. and parent. Full time job (one of many, most women in America — actually have).

FJ: people who are responsible for other people catching HIV? Are two hoes who profit off art about it. But do nothing at all to stop it, and give back nothing but art and tweets and other people’s writing they then go make more profit off of.

Cuz they’re too worried about sucking dick, profiting off those same marginalized people who are being damaged.

Just like Mike Pence. Who has sugar in his tank. Lol

Sexuality is fluid, not static. It depends on many circumstances and personal preferences.

This has nothing to do with being a hoe. And acting like an insatiable beast with no control over your hoe moment dick or hoe moment pussy.

People should respect themselves more than that. *shrug*

Try a little modesty, stop hiding behind political correctness. Take care of your kids — fully. And stop thinking that just because you’re a woman, means you should do everything some men do. If I was looking to men as an example of anything, without teaching men how women who respect themselves should be treated? I would have committted suicide 3 years ago. I don’t trust cis men to do a damn thing on my behalf, as a woman. Except my homies. All 3 of them. Who have never gotten no pussy from me. I trust men to look for some hoe moment piece of ass. While these hoes call so they can prance around in garter belts and shit, talking about how they rockin.

No. you’re not. Lmmfao!

Which, I do not have to offer. Hoe moment pussy, that is. Not sorry about it.

I have a brain. Like most women. And it’s not a “bird brain” — either. Lol

I think we need new language for people with mental ad physical differences. Disabled is extremely prejorative. Example: I’m bipolar, I am not disabled. Far from it. If I was disabled, like people wanted me to be? Speaking for me? The majority of my time would be spent making art off other people’s struggles. And having hoe moments all through hip hop waiting for some man to support me. While I lie, cheat, and steal. Those 2 stalking sociopathic hoes aren’t disabled either. They’re entitled and bougie. And not any more talented than many artists who actually have jobs and create art (the majority). And, think they are better than other people. So they don’t do shit, but steal from people they think they’re better than. Then coopt our voices, and claim to represent us, cuz they think we’re disabled and need to be spoken for.

They're pigeon brained hoes. That is all.

How about this. How about fixing your own shit. Instead of hopping on married men’s dicks, with your fatherless kids, and doing very little work on your own merits. While trying to save the planet. Sound like a plan?

Excellent. Get a job. Sucking dick, and “social activism” for your hoe moment profit? Lazy asses. Is not enough! Lol

Don’t hurt yourself doing all those extreme sports YG. Lol! Last thing anyone needs to hear is that you survived being shot. Now you’re dead cuz you crashed into a tree without a helmut, or some shit. Hanging out the side of helicopters is also very dangerous. Smh. I’m glad you’re a kid who comes from nothing though. A self made man. Who is trying something different. 😊 That’s some excellent parenting. Your mom was really focused on you, huh? (((((((Hug))))))) to your mom. Your character? If I was asked to give it a grade? I would say. B. Maybe a B plus. Lol!

Good. You have a good character. Lol have a great day homie! I’m off to school for a couple of hours. I promised myself I wouldn’t go in cuz this is Feb vacation. But working? Makes me feel better. And it’s easier to get stuff done for the kids when the kids are having fun — on vacation. It’s gonna be a long week without my babies. I miss them, just thinking about not seeing them. Lol

i hope my ex’s are doing well. they do not understand how lucky they are to have love. people who stick by them through thick and thin. and do not abandon them when they are struggling and sick. learn love. it’s the only thing that will save this planet. and it has no race, no class, no gender, no sexuality, no national status, and no distinction between those who struggle with a mental difference — and those who are lucky enough to never have had to struggle. for anything at all.

black and brown people should be supporting trump in getting the mental healthcare he needs. donald trump is sick. how else could you possibly think that ben carson should be the director of HUD (cuz he’s black? and from detroit? lmao!) and betsy devos should be the secretary of education (detroit has one of the worst public school systems, in the nation.) stop focusing on hoes who get their pussies grabbed, and who don’t work, donald trump — they have never taught in a urban public school, and have never lived in hud housing. link with teachers and administrators from school districts that are doing a good job, educating a diversity of kids. link with folks who live in hud housing and have worked,— on the ground in the trenches — with people to provide them with a place to live.

build with people — outside of detroit, people in detroit — who are in the trenches. no one who lives in any hood in america wants what has happened in, and to, detroit — including the people of detroit — happening in their cities.

detroit. needs people who love that city? to work collectively and locally. to make it a better place for all disenfranchised and struggling people, in it. it’s not a one person stage performance. or a prison culture campaign on twitter. with a little abused and marginalized child being used as the figurehead to retweet information about people that are actually organizing on the ground. and selling marginalized womens words about organizing, for a profit. where they see none of the return.

it’s collective organizing. it’s a collective struggle. and those don’t happen the way one or two people dictate. those happen based on groups of people’s ideas, and strategies. there is no one way to organize. we need all sorts of resistance. a multifaceted diverse resistance that recognizes no human borders.

it’s called: love. get you some. (no dream hampton, and jessica moore. i do not love you. personally. it’s because of what you’ve done to me. and to people i’ve loved. but i don’t hate you either. I just, think your character’s — suck. and that as mixed chics? you should probably learn to love all of what created you. and not be ashamed that you are mixed. there’s nothing wrong with two people who love each other. of any color. loving each other. don’t let other people’s prejudices determine for you what love is. and stop fucking over marginalized men and women for your hoe moment money. get jobs. work. leaders lead? by example. if you can. after realizing that you both have been stalking me for 20 years? i don’t know that that’s possible. it’s sociopathy. and i would really like to return back to my simple life of love and happiness. but, you won’t stop stalking me. so i’m writing my way, right through the pain of it.)

i have no problems, at all, supporting a broke nigga workin his slave labor job. like i work mine. money, is not what makes me happy. a faithful, loyal, man who does not lie, cheat, and steal? makes me ecstatic!

yes jessica moore. you are a woman. and, a whore. not a prostitute of necessity, struggling to stay alive. but because abuse? is all you know. someone taught you that it is okay to hurt other people, for your hoe moment money. that it is okay to capitalize on other people’s lives and ideas, for your hoe moment money. that it is okay to have a son with a man. abandon that man. and keep his son from ever seeing him again.

a basic, cheap, semi talented, whore. who ain’t riding my back — or my life — anymore.

i strongly dislike you, as a human being. not because i just dislike you for no reason. but because of the things that you have done to many men so that they begin to believe that all women do those things. men, have feelings you know. just because we don’t live in a culture that allows them to express them freely, and in a healthy manner? doesn’t mean — they don’t feel.

what does your son mean to you, really? is he a prop that you use for social media purposes? you force him to do all sorts of things to fulfill your agenda for who you want him to be. that’s not what a parent does. a parent encourages his/her kid to be who he/she wants to be. love, protection, and guidance. kids need positive role models. not hoe moment mommies.

is he ever a kid, who plays with his friends, and doesn’t have to be smothered by you all day? here! stand for this picture with this famous person, so i can post it on instagram. here, write these poems and make sure that you stand on a podium to perform them. don’t think about anyone else — but yourself. be, just like me.

it’s like, he’s either oppressed by you. or, you’re nowhere to be found. busy abandoning him. and flying all around to produce “art” off someone else’s shit.

poor kid.

much love king thomas. i’ve seen mom’s like that. they complain about all the teachers, in their popped cherries around the world dresses. and then cry to us when you fall. even though you’re embarrassed as hell that you’re fine, and your mom — won’t stop talking about herself. to your teacher. and not to a therapist. for sociopathic stalking hoe moment behaviours. the same teacher you then have to hear about when she starts complaining about how she thinks school should be. with no lines. and no discipline. praising your sloppy handwriting instead of telling you, no. that’s unacceptable. please rewrite that. or, you’re missing recess. just like your teacher does. because you have to care about and take pride in your work. not be forced to not care. or, to perform.

so that you can then tell your mother, who gets upset with the teacher again. and tries to tell the world there’s something wrong with all public education. and all teachers. she doesn’t like anything traditional.

when her example for what public education is? is the shittiest urban school district? in the country. i feel you. i wouldn’t think public education was any good either. if betsy devos ran our school system into the ground.

all detroit. not the teachers. the community that was too busy being “political”, making “art” and hoeing — all over the world. not taking care of home, first. the type of chics who get their pussies grabbed, and they don’t mind. because hoe moments are where it’s at.

try to grab my pussy? see what happens to your dick.

this is jessica moore’s anthem. that chic don’t have no job. lol! if you meet a chic who doesn’t have a job, and nothing’s wrong with her — men. leave her where you found her. don’t support shit. same thing goes for women. if that nigga don’t have a job and is trying to find a way to live off your labor? trash that nigga. lol!

some people are too entitled to work. they think that they deserve to be “artists”, and not put in any slave labor. ever. (not to be confused with the person who does slave labor, has put in the work, and is like fuck this. i’m too talented. i’m going to become an entrepreneur.)

jessica care moore? has never had a job. except the after school program. where her friend does all the work!

let that be a warning, to every man in hip hop. lmmfao! (talib kweli, and jeezy, please stop helping her write poems for your tracks. it makes you look bad. supporting trash. and not struggling marginalized poets. again, you want some of the best poets on the planet? start with them.)

i “hate”, nothing and no one. don’t have that. hate, is not an emotion i feel.

people are taught to hate. it’s very bad parenting if you teach your children to do that. if you are one of those chics who goes around using that word, very loosely. or if you “hate” feelings. which aren’t political, at all. there’s something very wrong, with you. because, humans? feel.

love, i feel that — deeply. i will go very far on your behalf, if i love you and know that you have been severely damaged by people who don’t have feelings, at all. but you’d have to have been around people who don’t have the ability to communicate their feelings in other ways. to understand how important they are.

feeling is the best “politics” on earth. not everything is political, dream hampton. not everyone has a political agenda when it comes to human beings and their feelings.

if you were an empath, who could feel? you would not hurt human beings for you “social justice” propaganda, dream. feeling, is a gift. that you lack. and it’s sad. there are people who have loved you so much. but because you don’t feel, you don’t understand the damage you cause.

what’s the point of your politics — if you don’t have feelings? is it to say, oh, i “did” this because i want to be acknowledged and the center of all that exists? do you not care about anything but yourself. and damaging other people’s happiness instead of helping them to get it?

we are opposites.

i do things in love, for the sake of love. not for hoe moment money and “social justice” politics. what’s the point of social justice if you don’t know what love is. if you can’t — feel. no conscience. no ability to admit when you are incorrect.

i’m trying to picture myself abandoning a man who cried out for me for 20 years. i can’t. even if i didn’t love him anymore? i wouldn’t just abandon him and leave him to rot if he needed my help. you, on the other hand, care about no one and nothing, but yourself. and the appearance of justice. because, you are a sociopath. and no one has recognized it till now.

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