Merica? Nice little play on my name.

It’s erica m.

And you’re right. It’s not like me to stare at my face all night and day. On twitter. Or look in a mirror to constantly adjust my makeup.

There are other people’s faces to look at, besides my own.

Reppin the black! and white!

That nigga don’t care that I’m mixed. There are no black people I have ever met who give a fuck about no dumb shit like that. Except insecure ones. 😒

Ya’ll the ones who are *insecure* in yourselves. 2 afraid to be who you really are. Who lies on they own parents?

“There’s no such thing as white” — Jessica Hoe Moment Moore.

Not JCM. That’s my dad. His real initials. He didn’t give himself no fake name, especially one that’s the opposite of who he actually is.

You on that Amiri Baraka shit!!

LeRoi Jones! That is all!


I’m gonna name my baby

keric. Lmao!

And keep it MOVin!

(Watch ya’ll steal it. Like you do everything else. Hoes!!)

The black only twitter anthem!! My area code ain’t listed! Poetic justice!

(I miss Nate Dogg. I love his voice! He could really saaaaaaang!)

And how come this lil homie knows that 2's are goin down? Lol!

5 bucks! This kid is out here hustling cuz his dream this summer is to go to six flags! Slave labor!

(Soon as my pics load again. I’ll show you his cute lil behind! Lol!)

Ask all those black only nationalists to kick in the money. Instead of parading their asses down to Cuba for photo ops (like you). I was the only chic on my trip who did not want to take a picture with assata shakur because she is not an animal in a zoo. She was relieved!

Like “you are a different breed.”

This is true!

She is a black woman oppressed by white supremacy, black patriarchy, but lucky for her — not other black women.

I need to feed homeless kids who live on the beach this evening. This little diverse crew. I got a deal at this taco truck to feed five of them — all they can eat — for $1oo bucks.

Assata’s family is just fine. Her daughter and granddaughter are neither homeless, nor hungry.

Now go buy some $15 dollar berries and stuff your fat ugly face. Dream Hampton. You are not Bresha. Different person. And she’s a child, you are using.

Where is the permission you got from that child, her mom, or her fam, to use that child’s image to promote your super left and “end of capitalism” “social justice” causes. While you’ve made super capitalist money off the deaths and destruction of black and brown human beings. Including , trying to hold people hostage. Unless they pay you super capitalist money?

Major fail. Ask any of these gangstas to give up their money. And watch you get pistol whooped.

There’s a big difference between being a supercapitalist off other people’s slave labor. Lying, cheating, stealing, and stalking. And being a real capitalist, who gives back to other human beings in need, and respects the planet. And other human beings. Supply and demand. That's what it is.

I prefer the later. I’m gangsta wit it. Ain’t nothing wrong with being super rich. There’s something very wrong if you destroying the planet or killing people to get that money. Infecting them with HIV intentionally and then because of the shame and stigma, coercing them into paying you. For what? You trying to kill them?


I can’t stand you!!

You just a bitch!! And a Hoe!!

NWA is correct! And the kindest men on the planet cuz they could have — killed — your ass.

And you're (unfortunately) still living.

But, not winning.

The super left is chaos and confusion.

This country needs to come right back to the middle.

That is all!

And when I was at my crib, you couldn’t get enough of letting me know how pitiful my life was because I love the safety and comfort of home. And not traveling all over the place running my mouth on a stage.

I like listening. And safe spaces.

And you’re not purple. You’re red. HIV positive, and have spread it intentionally — to many men.

I donated your *electric eyebrows* to a homeless poet on the beach. I couldn’t bear to read something — fake — created off of me.

I do not forgive you. And it will take a very long time for me to. The only reason you switchin it up, is cuz you know these gangsta ain’t playing with ya’lls asses.

Your lives are not more important than the majority of humanity. In all our beautiful diversity.

And you realize, that I am — finally — being protected.

✌🏻 is an excellent organization. It does not have a race based context. It has a class based context. Teacher’s from all over the United States who need help to support their kids. A wide diversity of children.

A 300 tax break is not enough. Teacher’s accumulate — receipts! In the 1,000's.

Support teachers and kids, please. And thank you.

They are some of this nation’s most valuable assets.

So imma share some poetry that’s real. Based on his life! Not yours!! So don’t try and steal his idea. Or, his life.

“Cause I Ain’t Got A Pencil”

— Joshua T. Dickerson

I woke myself up,

Because we ain’t got an alarm clock.

Dug in the dirty clothes basket,

Cause ain’t nobody washed my uniform.

Brushed my hair and teeth in the dark,

Cause the lights ain’t on.

Even got my baby sister ready,

Cause my mama wasn’t home [*side eye*].

Got us both to school on time,

To eat us a good breakfast.

Then when I got to class the teacher fussed,

Cause I ain’t got a pencil.

(A teacher will spend 300 bucks on pencils alone, if not more, during the school year.)

Sad to get this as a teacher from your kids. I’m sure. I wouldn’t know.

If you’re a good teacher? You don’t have to ask. They will tell you/show you.

If you’re an excellent teacher?

They will love you!

Hugs! And love letters! And pictures! And all that!


(And still, kids cannot replace intimate love from your — one and only — partner. No amount of kids can replace that other kind of love. Ever.)

I’m okay :) thank you for caring more about just you and yours. You must be a gangsta! Lol!

I’ll be better once my emperor is ready for me. Healing hugs are everything!

Hugging strangers is not helping!!

I need someone who knows and

— understands —


And LOVES ME! (With a REAL PENIS! Loves WOMEN! no confusion inna Babylon!! Start thinking like this men, to decide if you are gay or not, ask yourself — could you give up pussy for the rest of your life. If the answer is hell the fuck no! Chances are? You are a cis gendered male. Ijs. Black only twitter act like it’s a sin for a man with a real penis to love a woman with a real vagina.

*newsflash!* It isn’t! It’s normal human behavior! Deal with it!)

Thank you Kerwyn. For caring more. It’s much appreciated. What a good man!


I have officially become a REAL! Black! Jew!


My context is — and always will be — the TRUTH of who made me!



And totally comfortable with who I — REALLY — am!


Wait till ya’ll see my new, modest, ☝🏾 piece bathing suit! (Ben Shapiro and Mor gon’ be like, nice work! lol!)

It has the same thing this dude has on his back! And if you want to see me in it?

Face! — two — Face!


(I just dropped the ill, simple, freestyle based off MY LIFE ONLY! Holla homies! Lol!)




(If I’m going to spend money? It has to be high quality! And last! Size 4! For dat lil ass! 😘)

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