Every man I’ve ever loved and invested in?

Has approached me covered. No makeup. No relaxer. No shaving. No nothing.

Just me. In my full biological essence.

As a full biological woman.

(With a really nice body. I just like it covered for the exact reason that some man will insult me, asking me to show him my titties. 😒)


If you don’t love and support my full equality as a slave labor job super creative and intelligent human being.

Why would I show you my titties?



NOTHING !!/!!!/!!!!!/!!!!!!!!/!!!!!!!!!!

And some more hoes!!

(I have beautiful boobies Bad Dominicana. Breast feeding is a choice, love. You can always pump. They have some super machines that don’t stretch anything. And babies don’t stretch titties. They suck on nipples. You decide to get them stretched out. By letting men play you out

Big Z’s.

Only do that kind of freaky ish, with the one man who’s gonna love you through thick and thin. Like you, love him. It’s hard to figure out who he is. But if he’s your Hawaiian husband who supported you through thick and thin, and your mind is consumed with indigenous living and native hawaiians?

It was probably your daughter’s father. From the very beginning. You were hoeing. That’s what happens when you cheat on your man one 2 many times. *shrug*)

I have such a Sade like body. Bigger tits. Cuz I’ve been pregnant more than once (bum niggaz!! How I — wish — i’d never let let them touch me. All good! Genetically advantaged. And it hasn’t been many. There are very few men who can say they’ve even seen my naked body.)

But, an “underdeveloped” no booty body. 😫

I was so insecure about my booty.

Amd Ahi was like,

You have a really nice ass.

Nothing to be insecure about. It matches your frame.

So, that made me feel better.

So did my Dominican ex. Culos grandes y SIDA.

And not no fat sloppy saddlebags !!! either.

Not to dump on ya body? But that’s what happens with so many dicks. GMO meat. And not enough self love.

Or good love, from a good human.