I haven’t seen *moonlight* yet. But, I will. I’m over here dissecting *beauty and the beast* *princess and the frog* shit. Because my girls really think that’s what is happening. Fuck Disney!! Lol!

I’m doing an entire lesson on it. Cuz why do these boys start clapping when I say, no one is marrying you if you can’t support yourself off you own brain. And refuse to do any work. Lol!

I don’t care what ya’ll try to tell me bout breaking their hearts in 3rd grade. While they got rhinestones on their faces, and fake plastic engagement rings and tryna pass love poems to these fast ass boys. Winking in the hallway. 😒“If you don’t get that trash out of my class! Where did you get that makeup kit?!” (She knew exactly what I was saying. And put that junk in her locker. I didn’t have to tell her. She asked to go by herself. Lol.)

“Mi papi.”

Same dude with 50 kids who got 20 baby mamas. And changed his dumb ass profile pic on WhatsApp to him in a tacky ass heart.

Imma get his hoe moment ass!! Watch! Lmao!

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