It’s free! Thank you Spike and Tonya! The message is far more important — than super capitalist greed.


It’s actually spelled “Murray” with an “A”. It’s an Irish surname. For all the stigmas attached to people with mental differences. Ya’ll sure don’t mind throwing a little hoe moment pussy at these niggaz. And stealing their ideas. Huh, Ava? You fucked Ahi 2?

You know that was a one night stand.

What a hoe!!


My name is Erica, Ava. I am a biological woman. I was born with a vagina. And I’m not Oprah. Because if I was, I would have asked you. Why do you feel the need to make Meg Murray black? Are you that insecure as a black woman that you cannot celebrate good white heroes?

So here’s a question, did you fuck the same man Dream Hampton did before you?

Because if that’s the case, and you are HIV positive?

Dream Hampton hates — black women. It was intentional. She wanted you dead. Probably because you’re a far better filmmaker than Dream Hampton. Dream Hampton doesn’t have one creative bone in her beached whale of a body.

Learn not to steal other people’s visions. To pursue your own money. With no credit. And no money given. To the original creators.

You see how problematic Dream Hampton is now? I write the truth about everyone she touches. To stop the spread of HIV.

So I suggest you don’t touch Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore, or any of their followers. And learn to respect black and brown women, who keep their legs shut.

If they are not making — love!

HIV doesn’t just affect the men she wants to kill.

It affects the women who love them. And sometimes, their children.

Men, stop cheating on your ladies. You don’t ever pick a hoe, over a good woman.

Stay away from Dream Hampton, and Jessica Moore, and their sex working followers. They are a very small minority of black women in America. And their lives don’t matter. Because they use their bodies as biological weapons, that ultimately kill — humanity.

You cannot make a hoe a housewife. Ever.


“Treat a queen like a queen, and a hoe like a hoe” — boosie badazz

(Who I just wanted to — interview! Not fuck!! — writing! About Hurricane Katrina!! You know, the Hurricane in — Louisiana? I spent an entire semester practically, teaching race and class mostly to white students, at UMASS.

Using Spike Lee’s documentary

*when the levees broke*

As a black man, Spike Lee has so much integrity.

1) he’s been married to the same woman , Tonya Lee Lewis, one wife only. For over 20 years.

1) Because instead of showing the black only side of that horrible disaster. He was fair and balanced. White people were devastated as well. And very few major outlets did a good job of showing this truth.

His documentary did. I suggest everyone see it.

It’s one of the best documentaries ever made.)

I’m not excited to see it. And I won’t.

The reason is simple. Ava DuVernay got the idea to direct *a wrinkle in time* from my writing, via Dream Hampton.


It is one of my favorite childhood novels.

Movies!! ruin — -Books!

Meg Murray, is white. Really. With mousy brown hair she could run her fingers through. The 1st paragraph of that book, makes it clear who Meg Murray is.

I’m so secure in my blackness, I don’t need to change the colors of characters in books I love. I love the characters for who they are.

That’s like making YG a white man. Lol! When clearly he is a


In real life! It’s not a book. It’s real.

The idea of coopting a writer’s words, without her permission to change her characters into people they are not. Is highly problematic and — racist.

Prejudice + Power =’s racism. And there are a lot of black only racists on twitter. Including mixed black women who hate their white mothers, for not protecting them from abusive black fathers.

Not my story either.

If Ava DuVernay was so concerned about black women writers? She would have directed a book written by a black woman. And worked collaboratively, with the author had she still been living, to make the dual vision — solid.

Instead she stole the idea, worked collaboratively with a woman — Dreamy!! The HIV infecting hip hop whore — who had never read the book, to make Meg Murray — black.

Heroes come in all colors. Because

Mrs. Watsit

Mrs. Which


Mrs. Who

Were never described in racial terms, there’s leeway to stay true to the author’s vision. They could be whoever.

Meg Murray, Sandy and Denny, Charles Wallace, and Calvin

All white children!

Who are heroes!


I think Ava DuVernay? Is HIV positive. Most likely infected by a man who fucked Dream Hampton. With no condom.

Sex work is really not a very good lifestyle, It’s dangerous for women. And unladylike ya’ll. Hoe moments are not intelligent. They lead to more dangerous circumstances for women.

No person is your friend, if they are encouraging — not discouraging — you, as a woman, from putting yourself into highly compromising positions. Sometimes with disastrous results.

Women should be protecting women. And good men should be supporting that.

What I saw coming from that man last night was the type of behavior no woman should have to ever experience. She was crying because a man thought it was okay to touch her. And he thought it was okay because the signal she sent was I am available to be touched. She was dressed, in Dave Chapelle’s words, “in a whore’s uniform”.

Is it correct to touch a woman when she is clearly telling you she does not want you to? Never.

Do we live in a world where women will be harassed if they are not protecting themselves? Definitely.

1st line of defense? Presentation. How you present yourself is very important. If you are not interested in men’s attention? Don’t dress to get it. Context is everything.

If you are at the beach? Makes sense to not wear as much clothing. If you are not at the beach? Put something on your body. Especially if you are by yourself.

That girl, last night, was terrified. you could see it in her body language, and hear it in her voice. She was pleading with that man to let her go. He was refusing.

Let’s see what she puts on her body tomorrow night. When she goes out. It’s not foolproof, but how you present yourself goes a long way towards how you will be treated by men. Present yourself in a way that caters toward — respect. I’m a lady, not your hoe. Clear signal not to put your hands on me. Ever. And it’s never happened to me. I give off a don’t fuck with me aura.

Men are afraid of me. Lol!

You’ll be in a much better position to keep yourself from being harassed. It works.

Going back to bed. Just went to pee. And thought about that. Imma check on that chic in the morning. I can almost bet unless she’s on her way to the beach. She will be dressed in a way that sends out a signal. Yes. I’m very pretty. Don’t touch me.


Arguing wit some dumb ass Dominican talkin some trash bout how I should not be cock blockin him.

And me like — did you? — — or did you not just grab that woman by her arm and refuse to let go even though she was tryna pull her arm away and getting red in the face.

She. Not me. Definitely got street harassed this evening. Boobies out. Full face of makeup. Booty shorts.

I ain’t gonna keep defending you chics if you walk around 1/2 naked and then get upset when a man grabs you. Men are pigs like that. You have to be dressed. It sends out a signal to the brain of most men.

If you are in hooker heels, a garter belt, and a tutu? You are a whore.

And chances are? They’re correct. Smh.

😒 get a grip cardi b!

Get crackin Bacardi! Lol!

I only want YG! Lol that’s my kinda depressed nigga who gotta let me help him clean his body. And hug him up. And feed him the best. And make sure he get dat *extra luv*

And then, build!

A Billion!


A liar!!

There is no room for you.

There is


And only. Shake yo ass and suck dick — for life.

Hands and knees. All holes stuffed.

Mad niggaz.

And you on tape.

Ewwwwww!! 😷😷

Ya’ll robo plastic surgery fake body part hoes??

Need to go back to your original selves. No plastic surgery. No relaxer. No weave. No wigs. No makeup.

At all.

I wanna know who you — REALLY — are:


Gotta go!


Trans means what it means, for a woman. I will move through oppression as a biological woman, or trans man, as I must.

I’m not changing ANY body parts.

No plastic surgery for me! You don’t love me the way I was created. Dog me. Abuse me. Steal from me. Lie on me. Cheat on me.

You are a dead pigeon brained hoe!!

This white chic thinks that Janet MOCKERY has been through MASSIVE abuse. And is just trying to survive.


It’s a real conflict of interest. For you to “mock” biological women!



I will never encourage any human beings to change their bodies, into something they are not.




Great convo! With this chic from Vancouver who works with native — indigenous people!

Janet Mock!! (Dream!!)

Is not Laverne Cox! (erica!)

FYI. Lmao!

Anyway, my lil friend from Montreal?

East coast! Lol

Who got a terrible sunburn cuz she was doin that dumb ass hawaiian tropic shit!!

Me: 😳 even I wear sunscreen! Are you — crazy!!

The ozone layer is fucked!! 😡

Wants to go to Malibu. To go hiking. And the uber won’t take her “to a random spot” 😒. And, pick her up.

So, I will take her! 😡 in my smart car! And drive her to lax! Because the uber told her they are no longer coming to

Venice beach!


Some people use UBER! For REAL SHIT!

this — innocent

— 18 year old. She is on college break! And just wants to see something different! Who’s MOM calls her on the hour!


Is not going to be subjected to any abuse!

I will call

On you!!

Let her live her life?

In peace and harmony!



I hope you don’t think, Ben! 😒 that president Obama didn’t fight an uphill battle. For being mixed black. And that his black wife. Didn’t tell that nigga exactly how he was GONNA move. Every step of the way!



Pretty — fuckin — much!

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