No. I didn’t see or read or misinterpret anything the wrong way.

See the black and white?

See the black and white?

All dream hampton does? Is try to


It is the worst form of human psychological torture a person can experience. It can make you — crazy.

And no niggaz in hip hop from LA. Will be participating in her latest “social justice activist movement”.

Hip Hop has broken out of her slavery.

We do diversity — only.

All Erica wants is to love up YG. Share her ideas with him privately. Have her own family. No hoe moments, at all. And heal up while giving back to other human beings. Comfortably.

In extra luv. The kind we’ve both went through massive amounts of abuse over.

Nothing can beat — love.



1) When a woman comes to terms with the fact that she will never be loved by the man she wants to love her, no matter how many social justice activities she performs for infecting him with HIV, abandoning him in prison, pregnant with the next man’s kid, who was so badly abused by his father he didn’t know if he loved men, women, bi, trans people — life gets much easier.

It’s okay Dream Hampton. His father is dead. He’s got a good girlfriend who holds him down in anonymity. Just because she loves him. Tremendously.

They perform no social justice activities. They just work their jobs. Hug a lot. Make love. Smile. Laugh. Take the bus to go get Indian buffet. Hold hands.

They are in love. That is the best justice. Loving another person. Remaining loyal while the whole world crumbles. They have — each other.


You grow when you learn to let go. That is how you win. When someone does not love you enough to make you their one and only. Let them go to be with the person who has held them down while everyone runs towards money, a name, and some fame.

You’ll live. You have. Just don’t harm any more men again. It causes a chain reaction.

Have a good evening.

Oh yeah.

Even after his hugely controversial protest against Vietnam. And becoming a Muslim.

This was Muhammad Ali. Well.

In his schizophrenia. It’s “art” and “social justice”. 😞

Just something to think about.


All of William Faulkner? Have you read any Faulkner, Talib? *The sound and the fury* is a good place to begin.

One of Toni Morrison’s favorite authors.

*the bluest eye* *love* *song of solomon* are my personal favorites.

When you been known your rights. It’s black only twitter bots, and their hoe moment DL living. That did not recognize the rights of other human beings to live free of their abuse, the abuse of the police, and hiv spreading.

Thank you Sports Illustrated. For keeping Kaepernick off the cover. He’s not a football player. It’s SPORTS illustrated.

He needs to be on the magazine cover for social justice activists. Or afros. Or Somalis

I’m not changing any narrative. Ness Nitty. I’m exposing the backstory to the narrative you created to make money off social justice activism. Using my life. And the lives of black people.

Murdered by the police.

So you could “teach” young black men, how not to be murdered by the police.

And young black men in the state where the most murders of young black men occur. The men who have actually — been — subjected to police brutality. Don’t trust your movement at all. And have organized for themselves. Empowered themselves. Differently. They do not want Colin Kaepernick’s voice speaking for them. They are not fuckin with Shaun King. Or Jessica Moore. They’re all set.

Maybe Colin should advocate for kids in the culture he was actually raised in. In suburban — white — america.

Lots of white people being murdered by the police.

And, it’s authentic. To who he actually is. Colin Kaepernick did not grow up in diversity. And has no experience being from the inner city. Or poverty. Nor has he ever dealt with the police.

Except, through tweets.


This is true. The battle beefs ya’ll thrive off of? No longer exist in hip hop. These young people work collectively. To build each other. Some of you want them fighting and going at each other’s throats. Oh when is so and so gonna drop a track that disses so and so.

They don’t. They all come from inclusive education.

Look at the damn! tour. That is the most creative tour I have ever heard of. We all just got fucked up by some bullshit we have nothing to do with!! Let’s all put each other on. And support each other through this.

That was so brave. I am so impressed by them and their ability to overcome horrible adversity.

It’s Inclusion. It is huge in public education over the last 15 years. A wide diversity of young people working together. We didn’t grow up in inclusivity. We grew up in tracking.

Not true for them. Not to the same extent.

And there’s a huge push back from young people when adults resist it. They like diversity. It’s tough if you don’t. They don’t like discrimination and seeing people left out. They practice — in action — what they were taught. They were listening. And learning. Ya’ll are the ones who aren’t listening to them. And I find it quite sad. You’re missing out.

They livin it up!

I’m tryna be around them. I do not want to hear no more shit about horrible men. White people. None of it. It’s so depressing.

And it really is not their reality. It’s yours. And I’m going to follow my vision and go be happy with YG. I have no more use for your antiquated thinking. It has done absolutely nothing. But cause me complete misery. I want to be as far away from that shit as I possibly can get.

Create your own shit off your own misery. I’m tired of hearing you talk shit about “America”. I didn’t create this shit.

Ya’ll did. I write about how it has affected me personally. And how I’m not allowing you to keep on damaging other human beings. Pursuing your selfish needs. I don’t want to be a part of that shit. I did not go to Cave Canem to be sexually harassed or to fuck people. I went to work on my poetry. I did not date the men I’ve loved because I wanted their non money and some more trash nonsense. I dated them cuz I loved them.

I did not ask for none of ya’lls bullshit. You dumb ass black lives matter bullshit.

You sure as hell don’t act like it.

It’s a real sick culture ya’ll got. I don’t want any part of that trash. It isn’t who I am. It leads to pain, misery, and destruction. And a few people who have made money off of that misery.

No. I do very well. Off love. Do not misconstrue who I am. Linking me metaphorically to racism in america.

Write about who you actually are. Prejudice people. Who discriminate against other human beings. And think it’s all okay.

I don’t think, or live, that way.

Like I said, I’m very proud of them.

This is what i mean. Why you tryna make him miserable like you? He’s 19 years old. You’re 37.

You let these old people know what time it is. I got your back!



Important, and uncomfortable, read.

It’s hard to face some truths.

think part of the problem is that the youth are organizing differently than adults, as well as some of the youth who follow adults, in the ways ya’ll have chosen for them to.

It’s like you’re still living in the 1960's. And early 70's.


These kids don’t have the same experience with elders in the black nationalist and civil rights movements of the 60's and 70's. They are products of far more inclusivity and diversity. Because of those movements.

They’ve made — progress.

It’s everywhere.

I grew up thinking crips and bloods despised each other. That’s my generation. They don’t have those same beefs and are now linked to Central Americans. They chillin. Lol

I grew up with rocks being thrown at me by white people during bussing, and black people making rude comments walking with my mom and dad. It was far less common to see racially diverse couples. Not so much the case in the last 10–20 years.

I grew up in English only and resentment towards people who spoke other languages. Not as big of a problem as it once was. It’s far more common to hear people speaking in a variety of tongues.

I grew up thinking that gay people and lesbians and bi people were super marginalized humans. Now I see many have created whole platforms and movements. And are very successful at doing this.

I grew up thinking that black unity existed and that it was inclusive. It’s actually multiplicity and diversity that exist in 2017.

I grew up believing that black peoples were angry at racism and inequality the way I have been. But a lot of these kids are bouncing around happy like, I’m good! Damn! Why you tryna make me miserable with this shit?

I really like these young hip hop kids who forge their own paths of resistance to oppression. I’m sometimes uncomfortable with it to. Some of it is very, radical. And different. It’s not the way my parents taught me to organize as a kid. Signs. And marches. And shouting at people. Things like that.

But if it ain’t harming other human beings. I support them. I don’t want them to make the mistakes of adults. They deserve to be free of ya’lls misery.

They make me feel extremely happy. That they are doing such good things in the world that are inclusive of such a wide diversity of human beings.

THEY make me proud to be black.

Ya’ll adults make me want to jump off a bridge.


1) My existence. I feel blessed for my black father to have put his penis in my white mother. And ejaculated. And for her going through an entire 9 months of pregnancy, that was all her choice, and pushing me out of her body. In a tub of water.



What privilege? The privilege of not being a hoe moment chic? To not abuse men and women? To not make money off other people’s misery? To act like the existence of other humans is of no consequence? To harm other human beings intentionally? To not lie, cheat, steal? To love before lust? To give back to others? To never abandon people in need? To support the disenfranchised and impoverished and those with special needs — in deed?

Who’s hiding?

I’m not sure what you are so afraid of. If you haven’t done anything wrong. You never need to live in fear if you walk a righteous path. No one can take who you are from you.

“You only scared to die when you ain’t livin right. And puttin up a hellified fight. Stay aware to the ways of the w-w-w-w-world.”

Talib Kweli.

I’m not a republican.

I’m an independent. (You don’t read well.)

And a liberal conservative. I don’t subscribe to political parties. I do individual characters only.

But you know this. You’ve been stalking me for 25 years.

I cut my hair. Actually my cuz did. Cuz no one would touch it. Are you sure? Those are real locks. It says a lot about you that they aren’t twisted.

To get a hoe out my energy.

He cut his hair cuz he was looking for a promotion. He twisted. A lot. I mean, when you have a wife and kids to support? Their needs, come before your hair.

I didn’t need to do that.

I, just covered my head.

Modesty? Can be very beautiful. (Great eyebrows!)

Thank you for reppin the red. Blue woman.


Megyn Kelly should look into this. I trust her to ask some tough questions. She — grilled — Donald Trump. Ignored the laughter. And kept it up.

I do wish Jamilah had applied for that job. At Fox. It’s why Megyn Kelly left. To provide her with the opportunity. And support her.

I’m glad you purchased a bow. GMO meat is not where it’s at. Try some organic venison.

You may like deer. Dearborn. Michigan.

Jessica “care” Moore’s hometown. Really though. She’s not from Detroit.

Eminem is.


You need to resign 2. Shaun King.

Just like Dream Hampton. On all her twitter pages.

“Twitter quitter”

Sure. Mad black thot/prison culture/common white girls (so many common white girl twitter pages she’s “created”. It’s “art”. A “black arts movement”. Her begging Ahi. To love her.)

You fuck with police, and they give you info on their investigations. Then you don’t fuck with the police. And you want them fired.

How about this:

Figure out who murdered

heather heyer.

Ask the police, you get tips from, to help

I mean, ya’ll keep saying white people should stand in solidarity with black people. And then when they do. And are murdered.

No one even knows who did it.

Man from Ohio? Who?

Name names of the people who commit horrible injustice, against other human beings.



And nobody cares.

Justice, in these circumstances? would be equality. We know who murdered Philandro Castile.

Who murdered Heather Heyer though?

You don’t think she has a family who wants to know?



I take Muhammad Ali’s word on racism. Before I take an HIV spreading mixed black hoes. Who cannot figure out if she’s a common white girl. Or a mad black thot.

The realist talk. Dream Hampton.

So am I angry? Of course. But you helped elect him playing common white girl on your other twitter pages.

So my anger. Is directed at the hoe you are. Who decided that instead of “having a seat at the table” and having a dialog with black men. You would kill them — AIDS — instead.

Donald Trump don’t like the spread of HIV.

He is a big fan of Muhammad Ali. Not afraid of black men at all.

Unlike you. Who will not even show up at a niggaz house. And apologize to him for what — YOU — did.

I have every right to be angry at men.

I have never done shit to a black man.

But love him. When he had — nothing. But me.

No one told you. To have one night stands with some random nigga you do not know. That was a choice. And if he did not know that he had been infected by a hoe. Intentionally.

And she knew what she was doing?

You have to blame her.

Not him.

That, is righteous.

You win?

By not committing genocide against humanity.

You didn’t think this through.

These are your ultimate victims.

Do ya’ll women realize? That the men you’ve harmed. Instead of letting them know. Definitively. I am not your hoe. You will never disrespect me like that. Because I actually — love you — for real.

Have mothers? Who actually struggle. With their sons. Like, come hell or high water. If all you do is get a high school diploma.

You will. Don’t let any teachers call my house to tell me you fuckin up. I will be up there with your father?


They ain’t blaming the teacher. They know what’s up! Lmao!

Do you understand that these men have


Like you?

Women cannot be angry at men if they’ve dumped a struggling nigga for the come up, fucked for money like yeah!! Let’s degrade ourselves!!, treated men like shit, Lied to them, cheated on them, bragged about how much they can steal, crucified innocent women, and then get on that

“I’m black. I’m oppressed”


You are too entitled to do jack shit but make “art”. And hoe a lot.

Your makeup, you hair, your booty shorts, your hooker heels, how many niggaz you can play? Are more important.

Then. You wonder why men don’t respect women?

YOU !!

Take a knee !!

Fuck on with that. Ya see through.

I just need to let my man know, publically, he is not

“Bullett” point!

  • Dying


So just keep up drinking…yeah. Lol!

And you will be just fine. Your little belly’s back. Must be eating omega 3's. And no GMO meat.

He is just so beautiful. Inside and out. Imma…

(I’m tryna figure out where the “crusty ashy…” is. Probably in his do do drawers.

No. I guarantee. YG washes his ass far better than ya’ll hoes clean your vaginas.

“I don’t use soap my black revolutionary sista…it has…”



But I understand why ya’ll need a bar of Irish spring. Stick the whole bar in. I’m sure it will fit. And it has a lot of perfume for that fresh clean scent, you can’t get naturally. Too many dicks been in that shit.

Really. Once a lot of dicks been in your shit? Which is internal. And collects tons of skin cells that meld with yours, over time.

Ya done in the good pussy department.

“Pussy is strong” — Talib.

Sure is! Strong as shit !!

And loose. And smelly 2. I’m sure.

When you’ve banged thousands of people. Like the whore you are.


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