This is really my next move. Besides a big dog.

I’ve been very blessed. So, I feel much safer with him. The safest. lmao! I would like him to come in regular black, with nappy hair. lol! 6'1, or 2', an adjustable penis. And a natural “manly” scent. lol!

(it’s a joke. *shrug*. my next move is to go have sushi with my dominican sister-in-law, today. lol!)

(but I understand, perfectly, why some wo/men prefer this? to heartbreak and hoe moments.)

I’m not a big fan of gunshots or fireworks. And they don’t really shock me, since I’ve heard them so much. Not much difference. I’m numb to them. Kinda like I am to men who don’t show extraordinary efforts at improvement. You stressin me out with nonsense? I don’t want to hear shit about when I smoke a cigarette, and how much I write! Or how I’m much smarter, and much better, a woman than you are a man? (That used to get me! lmao!)

You’re not guilt trippin me into shit!

I’m all set on men who don’t come correct. I’m patient. I will support and love you — forever — but if you think I’m just gonna take some bullshit from a nigga? I been over that. And I’m clear about it, upfront.

Dominicans are part of my life. Really. They in my family! lol The people I know from way back. This isn’t some fetish! And there was nothing exotic about my last visit! lol It rained, a lot. Cleansing. And I spent most of my time talking to people getting café and chocolate, at the real bodega. And riding on the back of motorcicletas. And in a truck. + “take out” from people boiling yuca, platanos, platanos maduros, and frying salami (which i skipped lol). I still love my man. He just don’t love me, or he does. But he ain’t doing what he should be. And he knows it. So I’m learning to bounce back much more quickly, like I’ve learned from watching you.

I think I’m dumped lol. And will be going to the *women + women first*, bookstore — for therapy. lmmfao!

This shit is hilarious to me! If you can’t laugh at parts of yourself? You’re (lol!) dead. I find humour in everything. I love laughing.

Tell me this shit is not funny! lmao!

invalidate, is a word. devalidate? is pure creativity and genius. lmao!

Deray is stooooooopid! lmao! Retweeting kiaspeaks, who retweeted wilfred chan. Who posted Rep. Kurt Schrader from Oregon. “I’m just not a big Trump fan…I respectfully decline to freeze my ass out there in the cold.”

lmmfao! Classic! (He makes me want to go watch *Portlandia*, which is a show I really like. I’m sorry that it’s 99% white. Just like *parks and recreation* which was the BEST!

But if that’s how they live? It’s honest! lol! They should do something about that. They’re just the type to be wearing safety pins and saying to every black person they meet “that happened here?! oh no! anything you need, here’s our contact information. don’t hesitate to call! we love our black people! we love that hip hoppity stuff you guys do! [then they start doing the robot. lmao!]

maybe i should write for them! *ding* 4 jobs mon!)

Schedule: Monday-Friday. 6:30–3. Break. Then, 6–9 or 10. Poetry (usually only an hour for this), Fridays and sometimes Saturdays? I pick up the hours I want for delivery. And, I do this dumb ass blog thing.

I’m going home. I’m really tired. And I don’t think it’s safe to be driving. Like a lot of regular black people? I want a nice nap after a good meal lol! And I didn’t get one. I’ve been up since 3am.

Paul Ryan?! You going?! To therapy with Janna?! Lmao! It’s cool! You can thank me later!

I am not giving any niggaz in hip hop, endorsements for “fresh rhymes” lol! — unless they are accompanied by fresh actions. How do you live your life? What’s your character?

I give this man my endorsement, because he is not perfect (neither am I, far from it) but I have NEVER seen this dude attack any marginalized women, of any color, on twitter. And he can admit when he needs help! I think this is one of the bravest things I saw in 2016! A man who admits? I need therapy! ☝🏾️💜💯💯💯💯 lol!

There are 2, very powerful black men. Talib Kweli, and Don Cheadle — ganging up on a marginalized regular black woman. And they don’t care. At all.

I think that says a whole hell of a lot? About their characters.

Donald Trump? That’s what you act like — on Twitter. Here, your words:

Talib, why do you argue with regular Black women — all. the. time? Very marginalized black women. Who are critiquing you and giving you no hoe moment pussy. As soon as a black woman comes along, anyone for that matter, with more than 30,000 followers? You go nuts. And block them.

Why do you keep attacking regular black women? And supporting: lying, cheating, stealing, abusive — hoes?

Do you hate good women?

This is what I’ll miss most about President Obama. I can relate. (There are some people that totally fuck up with their own kids? And become excellent grandparents. Or, love their kids on the spectrum, so much? That they start saying crazy shit about how vaccinations are the reason for autism. Which may have some truth to it. But it’s probably best to research a diversity of factual scientific evidence? Before making such blanket generalizations. Focus on specifics. Not all black people, for example. Specific black people. John Lewis is not one of “those” black people. He is a man who does not agree with you. Not all white people, for example. Specific white people. Meryl Streep is not one of “those” white people. She is a woman who does not agree with you. Make sense?)

I’m well aware of what the facts of this election are. I’m also well aware that if my ancestors had let facts stop them? Regular black folks woulda been dead. Facts, didn’t matter to them. They had visions. See: Harriet Tubman. So, Talib can stick to his facts. Cuz he’s the scholar. And I will stick to teaching both facts, and visions. Since I’m the teacher. And if I told any one of my kids? The facts. And did not help them with their visions for how things could be? There would be no way they would survive either. (Are you regular black, Talib? Or not?)

I do love T. She don’t love me. I used to take people not liking me, very personally. But now I’m like, fuck it. I didn’t do anything to them, for them to form that opinion. And I’m not apologizing for defending myself against terrorism.

I am boycotting Trump’s inaguration. I will not be going to Washington DC lol, and, I don’t normally watch TV. But I will be there, with Ivanka, in spirit. Because I know how tough all this shit has been for her. And — what a fuckin trooper! She’s wicked resilient. lol!

Hang Tight! Chin — Up! :)

This is a really good adult graphic novel. I ordered it from Newbury Comics. They should? Stock it. *Crimson Avenger* lol (And I just passed up a delivery? To write this! Damn it! lmao!)

They’re so cute!

I’m actually not that nosy. Lmao! I started looking at twitter because some people on SoundCloud hipped me to some not so nice stuff going on on that platform.

And was shocked by what I found. And ready to commit suicide over it.

I put the pieces together, because I was insanely in love. And I was trying to help someone. Sick. Manic.

Then I found a couple people I really like. Like you. And I was like — they’re like me! Don’t fuckin touch me! Lol! Give me this damn money! I WORK for everything i’ve got! *shrugs* 💜☝🏽️💯

(I’m at work right now. Exhausted. Lol)

Comic and graphic novels were a little weird for me, at first. But teachers convinced me that they are excellent. For getting black and brown men and boys to read. If they are reluctant readers.

Which explains why any hoe who posts a lot of pictures of herself, with cleverly worded and stolen ideas, for her captions? Can get all the play she wants.

And I wonder about getting a dog. Lol A real one. Since I’ve never owned one. And, they’re super loyal. I’m a cat person. Normally. A serious one. My cats were loyal to me as well. As loyal as they were to their raccoon scavenger friends who would crawl through the open hatch in my roof, open the drawer, pop the lid on the bucket, and eat their food, while I screamed? Get out my fuckin house! Lmao!

They just looked at me and took their own sweet time waddling back up the stairs, up the ladder, and back out the hatch.

I’m thinking about switching it up. Time for killers. I want a big dog. Maybe 1/2 A “Rhodesian” Ridgeback, 1/2 Pit.

I’m sorry. Not! Lmao! I play this shit like once a day! It is hilarious!



FJ? I think Donald Trump is terrified — of regular Black women. He doesn’t understand how we can be so intelligent with our “very good brain”s.

Women, who cannot be bought.

And we’re all over this country! Really! *yikes!*

Stay up sis! I love you. It’s just beginning….

(Guess who isn’t terrified of any marginalized and abused Black women? His daughter. Ivanka. She just hired one. Off merit. lmao!) 💯💜☝🏻️

(You’re supposed to be my therapist! lmao! What do you mean? “love isn’t love…until it’s past.” Well, what are we gonna do to change that?! I mean really, I ain’t interested in hurting over the same ol men I love with all my heart, who betrayed me. I’m interested in love — right now! lmao! Love — is an action word!)

(You must be havin a moment! lmao! I get it. I have plenty of those. Tears and all. I’m human. Where Tracy at?! Let’s go kick his/her ass! I got your back! lmao!) ☝🏾️💜💯

I like “new” capitalism — and good American businesses. That’s where abused and marginalized women (highly intelligent, and highly creative) — of all colors, creeds, whatever — i don’t give a fuck — come together to make outstanding monetary profits, and donate 75% back to people who do good things, Clint.

When are you free to meet for tea (my preference, over coffee)? But you can drink whatever you want!!!!!!! (Don’t try and play me either. I’m the type who will roll up to your school. Like, where that nigga at?! lmao!)

I really will take the #1. The bus. To meet you, for: regular black tea! lol Then you can sign my book — which is your book lol — for FREE! lmao!

I’m going to work for 4 hours — only — tonight. 7–11. I need to get some sleep. I forget to do that sometimes. But I’ve been sleeping a lot better lately. Which, I am so grateful for. Restorative justice. One stroke at a time. I’m a long haul chic. Nothing quick and easy — about me.

Beyoncé is such a super righteous, abused and marginalized kid — and woman.

I LOVE her! (And I only will be fuckin with women? Who know —in their souls — they are #1’s, and only’s. :)

“fresher than you — hoe.” lmao! 💜💯☝🏽️

I need to go to Philly lol

While Boston is the home of the American Revolution? Philly, is where the Original Constitution is. I really dig being around Black on both sides women. I feel very safe, and loved, with them. As well as other marginalized and abused women.

It makes me so happy, to see US overcome? Everything!

All of my ex Somali boyfriend’s, original videos? Are a tribute *tears*. He wants to be a little hero, has no desire to see me commit suicide, and he’s waiting — for me.

Cuz he wants to have our seafood fest! The original mix! lmao!

Um, dude? You’re married! And I care more, about marginalized and abused women than I do about myself. smh.

I’ll help you, your wife, and beautiful kids though — if I can.

I just gotta get these hip hop dudes to come correct! Which is a near impossibility if you refuse to be raped by them, and give them any pussy! They don’t understand the difference between a hoe — who likes to prostitute herself. I quote: “If you never had a hoe moment, you should try it! hahaha!” (she is the devil! men! women! run! lmao!)

And a woman — who works her slave labor jobs, all on brains and merit.

Talib, I have a question. Why do you support hoes who use and abuse people — including yourself? Is it pussy? Cuz if you’re looking for super talented poets on your tracks?

HERE! lmao!

Poor people are being forced out of my neighborhood btw. I live in a pretty diverse neighborhood of primarily working class people. It is labeled as a “black” neighborhood, because it is the most diverse neighborhood in my city: black people, white people, asian people, latino and chicano people. It’s awesome! Or, is still awesome.

The people who are moving in? A combination of white folks with money, and bougie black folks with it as well. They both look at us working class people with complete disdain — actual hate.

Except, for the husband across the street — who married “up”. He told me the other day that he’s taking off the dumb knee and elbow pads, and he doesn’t give a fuck what his [bougie] wife thinks — either. He does not want his kids “to be punks”! lmao!

And, he wanted to know how I know the little boy who rides around on his oversized bike, with no protection. I let him know that I’ve known his then teen mom since before she was pregnant. That he’s also a student at the school I teach at. And that he is labeled a “troubled” child. Which is why his teacher has a buddy system with me. He comes to my class, all the time!

‘What are you doing with him? He’s doing so much better in my class now!’

‘Um, ringing his mother’s bell.’

[blank face] hahahahahaha!

(Thank you FJ. YOU, should be in charge of HUD! My house was 119,000 dollars. 18 years ago. A slumlord owned it. And treated the tenants in it? Like complete shit.

I had 10,000 dollars. From working two slave labor jobs. Cash. My homie had the credit. And it’s not my house anymore. I gave it to him. As a gift. And for helping me when I really needed it. It is his only asset. I’m going to buy my own.)

I’m just beginning, to live again. If there’s one thing bipolar people have a lot of (as about 75% of the most gifted artists in hip hop — know). It’s unpredictable as well. The flow…

MASSIVE amounts of energy. :)

I’m also cooking tonight. Cuz I didn’t get to the bank. And I’m only paying in cash for shit I need — whenever possible. FJ is making me hungry! For meat! (“evil”! lmao!). I think imma keep it simple: a combo of kale, collard greens and cabbage (i am not telling you what i put in it — slammin!) white rice (with mixed frozen vegetables), sliced aguacate and tomato on the side, fresh squeezed lime on both the aguacate and tomato, with that drizzled extra virgin olive oil. So grateful! Food!

Donald Trump, John Lewis is a hero! As one man? He cannot be accountable for all horrible (I’m presuming you mean black) people, though I’m sure there are white ones in his district as well.

Crime? The petty non hoe moment kind? Is a result of extreme poverty. Why don’t you do this…work on how to address poverty (Melania got bullying, right?), how to make sure that people who aren’t 2 lazy to work? Get the opportunity to have jobs — with a starting minimum wage of 20 bucks an hour. Figure out affordable universal healthcare with a variety of competitive providers to choose from (they don’t all offer the same services). Figure out HUD housing for the majority of people who can’t afford market rate rents, and will never have an opportunity to “transition” out of it.

And make sure that women — who actually need it — are protected, and respected. All women. Regardless of race, class, religion, political affiliation, disability/difference. All women who need protection, and abuse no one. Working our slave labor jobs. And taking care of our kids.

If you can do that in 4 years? You’ll feel much better, about your crimes. Those other hoes? Don’t have a chance. They have no power, and no money, and no remorse, for what they have done to 7 billion people. On earth.

You do. And you get highly emotional when anybody rejects you — for very real shit you’ve done. You are going to have to put in the slave labor work, to change people’s public opinion — of your character.

There’s no easy, hoe moment, way out of this one.

Here’s some hip hop inspiration! It’s what I listen to, when I feel so low? I get suicidal. From very real abuse.

I LOVE hip hop! Truth!

(Hip Hop! Name this man! lmao! [this was a rare photo of me. My girl, on the right in the pic? Dragged me to the dedication of Jam Master Jay’s street. In Hollis, Queens. I was super depressed. Over very real shit.

I know I look kind of young, but I was 36. That’s me. On the left! With my all original earrings! And hippie shirt! And jeans! lmao! They’re a weird “fetish”, my earrings. This is about six months after I cut off my all original locks — untwisted in a fashion statement. My hair grows quick. My locks were more — a political statement, and usually? Covered. Head. Covered. Because…yeah…anyway — forward progress! In the sunlight! Hence the squinting, without my glasses. I’m blind! Which reminds me, I have an appointment at the Union next week, to get my eyes checked. It’s not funny! I can’t see!…And, I just corrected a whole bunch of typos in this steam of consciousness writing. Which is what writers do when they want a finely published polished work. Edit. No commas though. Fuck it! lmao!])

I love when poor people make their own way, through the hell of poverty. I know what it’s like to: work a slave labor job (no entitlement), to sleep in a park (no place else to go), to hear your stomach grumbling and know that there is no food to eat (you don’t want to steal from the grocery store). To wonder,

who is going to help me?

And to not ask for it. You don’t go to anyone. Because you don’t want to be ashamed of being bipolar, you don’t want someone to call the police on you because you are sick — because the police may kill you — and you’re broke, not one red penny.

So you drink water,

and try and hold it down.

There absolutely needs to be a social safety net, for those people who have absolutely nothing. They’re everywhere in this country.

And The United States of America, needs to do a much better job — at supporting the people who make this country run: legal, and undocumented. Slave labor. Day in. Day out. 24/7 in this country? People are working slave labor jobs. Just to — survive.

(It’s not a knockout punch. I don’t punch for poor, struggling, marginalized people. I send money — because I have a little now. I only punch [or 2x4] for abusers, and those who have never struggled — at all. And believe me when I say, I do not need the police, the fbi, or the Nation of Islam to defend me? When I bust a hoe moment chic’s ass, who is scared to death to see me —

face to face —

straight into the stratosphere. I will collect her hoe moment teeth. And make all original earrings of them. Then, I will donate all proceeds at a hip hop auction. Back to those same, poor, struggling, marginalized people.

She will look like Shaun King did, when I’m done with her.)

I can’t wait till this four years is over with (don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I had four years of complete and total hell before this, and didn’t jump off a bridge. “hahaha” suicide is so funny! on twitter! i’m resilient. a strong ass mixed, regular black, bipolar, woman. and, an excellent teacher! i just exceeded expectations on my summative mid-year evaluation! *tears*) — i want to get a hug from Ivanka! (I might need a chair though lol, because her genetics — not that this has anything to do with being white — made her tall! Like FJ, who is “very black” and who can spare 3 inches! lol!)

I love Ras Baraka #1 mayor in the country! (and no! not like that! lmao! I slept with his brother! Because, years ago? I loved his brother! Who got nothing from me, because I explained to him and he was not listening, “ironhead” — that he had — ‘I am not an earth, revolving around your sun. I am a sun, son!’ lol! 1991, at Howard! “are you mixed like me?”, and his big ass smile, in response, with all those crooked teeth! I had no clue, at all, that his father was the dude I wrote a scathing paper about, him — personally — his character, after reading the play *the dutchman* in 11th grade.

We remet, at cave canem! I didn’t call him though. I had had enough of hoe moment, wanna be hoe moment, men. Who just are looking for the come up, anyway they can. He, called me. Every. Single. Day. Begging, to see me. For five months straight! * ‘Weak’ woman that I am* smh.)

I quote: “WoW! I love erica!”

(i know how easy it is to get fooled by love. make sure you don’t go back to that hoe, care less, now that you know the truth about how she rolls — right over , well, i would say black men? but it’s really, anybody she can use and abuse— people who didn’t even know the hoe existed, and who never did a thing to her!)

(i’m going to make this clear to obalaji, another man who was not willing to help. 2 busy worried about himself. i don’t “hate” anyone. not your daddy, not care less, not nightmare, not ashes, and not donald trump. i just don’t like some people — for their abuse of myself and others — and, i won’t. they need to come correct on all the abuse and injustice, and stay away from any parts of my life. any man i’ve ever loved. any ideas that come from my mind. anything i ever create.

everything about me — past, present, and future — they are not welcome to even look at. ever. and i still may not like them. for what they have done — to 7 billion people! — worried about a man who they abused because that man did not love them 1st — dumb hoe! i knew him 1st! lmao!, and men — who don’t even know who those hoes are! and are righteous! lmao!

would you?

i also don’t know what you’re talking about… “in 2017 it’s not about race…” um, i was raised to believe that nothing is about race. it’s about character. so while i respect different cultures and ethnicities — including those of a diversity of Black people, who built this country — for fuckin free!

i’ve never discriminated against any person because of the color of his/her skin. that is your hoe moment abusive daddy. not mine.

my dad was an abusive hoe moment man, many many many years ago. who changed his entire life around. for his only child. me! my dad has one wife only. he loves her very much. she’s white. and he’s loyal, and faithful, to her.

my dad? likes all kinds of good people! he always has! and he’s so conscious of the stereotypes black men face? that instead of callin ya’ll “thugs”, he named ya’ll “ironheads”, which is the equivalent of? men, who do not listen when good women speak! busy chasing hoes who don’t give a fuck about them — at all! if you need any proof of their characters? look at their hoe moment track records! lmao!

should have been listening to your mother, ob! like your brother. never too late to listen to good women, who sacrifice everything for the people they love. from jump. not cuz it’s the trendy thing to do. but because that’s who they are. character. it means everything. ask Dr. Martin Luther King!

Better yet? Ask Coretta Scott King. Who had to put up with his hoe moment ass, for the sake of “social justice”!

Donald Trump! Can we change the name of that holiday! And make it Coretta Scott King day?!)

I love Big Sean! And Kanye! And E-40! (I don’t have crushes on them though! I just love them — as people! They have good characters! And I would like to thank their Black mothers [probably single Black mothers, and not by choice! lol] For making them excellent men! Thank you!)

DAD! this is the hoe the “ironheads” lol are talking about in their song! and she’s also the hoe who tried to steal my words, and parts of my life to build herself! she is currently on an “artwalk” and wants to ride on your dick! lmao! (my dad is over there like, what is this foolishness, erica! you’re such a talented writer! one of the best writers i’ve ever seen! write your book!)

this is it dad! I'm recuperating, from severe abuse at the hands of mixed chics — who don’t tell the truth about who they are — like you taught me to do, from the very beginning! maybe you can paint her naked, with her legs spread eagled (no disrespect to any indigenous americans)! and all that hoe moment money can go to the charity of your choice!

(i love my dad. he’s regular black. and, it’s a joke! my dad is not interested in some hoe who is the same age as his daughter! lmmfao! she got my dad confused with — amiri baraka! lmao!)

This is funny? Because it’s honest. And horrific.

How do you get tried as an adult, at 15, because you are Black — for a mistake?!

Social injustice.

And yes, I agree. If you are 15 years old, and there is a man pissing on you who does not have a gun to your head? If you do not want to be pissed on, you get up. And leave! It’s not like he’s lying through his teeth about loving you or something. Like a super genius manipulator, because he learned his skills from the sociopathic dream hampton (that man is not a sociopath btw, just a confused and very abused schizophrenic person, who sees very clearly now…how race means very little when it comes to character. And was never a big fan of race anyway — unlike his father. He’s a pretty accepting of everybody kind of man. He had a good teacher. And, he’s a fan of REAL social justice. Looks like dream hampton needs to find a way to fork over her hoe moment, stealing from stupid niggaz, cash to the marginalized people she’s abused — in the name of social justice. What a tangled web these hoes weave. I’ll untangle it — for free!)

If you are 15 years old, and a dude takes out his dick and pisses on you?

You like being pissed on.

Because it’s R. Kelly. And what you really want, is a name, some fame, and some money. For doing very little work. In fact, that chic didn’t do shit. She just sat there, got pissed on, got paid, got her name, and some fame. And then sued him?! lmao! (R. KELLY, is a stupid nigga. Who should try something different— here’s a brilliant idea! DO NOT ABUSE CHILDREN, cuz you are a patriarchal man with power who can get away with it! What are you, Elijah Muhammed or something?! lmao!)

That 15 year old girl? Wanted to be a hoe moment chic. Facts.

R. Kelly tried to piss on me at 15? I would have cut off his dick. Better yet, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near R. Kelly!


it’s the chics without fathers, and who have hoe moment fathers — that allow themselves to turn into hoes.

These are the same chics, who see their hoe moment fathers once or twice a year (while he circulates between all his hoe moment children), and get swamped with presents — for one day only — on Christmas. lmao!

And Black single mothers, who do everything in their power to make sure their children have relationships with their fathers (even going through the incredible pain of dealing with a hoe moment daddy. Not to be confused with women who diss they baby daddy’s, cuz they have no money?)


These hoe moment chics don’t see anything wrong with their nasty living? Because they understand that they don’t have to work for shit. They can produce a book with a collection of no more than 100 poems, a year. And do shows for 2–3 hours at a time, only. And, get paid! They can just say, to dumb niggaz, “daddy, i need some money”, in bed, and dumb niggaz will fork over the cash. Not to be confused with women who will tell you straight out. ‘All ya’ll dumb niggaz are pieces of trash. ‘Fuck you! Pay me!’ You will not be touching my body. Bitch!’ lmmfao!

(and you have to be pretty fuckin sheltered, to be kidnapped and taken a town away from your crib and not know where the fuck you are?! lmmfao! or, say, when you are in a public space “ these people kidnapped me. can you please help me.” though I understand, completely, why marginalized women don’t reach out for help. you might wind up with the police, fbi, and nation of islam all at your house. i would say that that young lady was stupid? but because a lot of people don’t actually believe in helping anybody if it doesn’t benefit them? i understand why she didn’t ask for it. elizabeth might be smarter than i am. lmao!)

i’m little erica from the hood, really. i help myself. lmao! you will not be kidnapping me, tying me up, using me for your hoe moments, pissing on me..

none. of. it! lmao!

i will be home with my family, to watch my bravery? on the 6 o’clock news! lol!

(her name was erica — really — dave chapelle. lmao! now that’s? some funny shit! hahahahahahaha!)

Don’t get confused about comedy. Donald Trump. Regular black people who are super funny? Are only super funny because of immense and incredible amounts of pain — from social injustice. It’s how we flip horror, into something everybody can laugh at. Which is why, Dave Chapelle’s shows are so diverse. Like a hip hop concert.

It’s because those are actual real safe spaces, where a diversity of people can come together, across racial lines — and address issues that are uncomfortable to address in mainstream American society.

Regular black comedy and hip hop concerts, are not replacements for real social justice.

They are tools, to promote it.

(And once [some “conscious”] rappers start telling the truth about the diversity of people who pay, which is how they actually survive, to attend their shows? We’ll have moved one more step forward in the social justice arena!)

Ethnic studies is essential. In ethnic studies, lots of people have learned about different cultures of people? They otherwise would have no exposure to. Ethnic studies departments are shining examples of diversity in education. Yes, there are some people who use ethnic studies as a tool to promote social justice that isn’t really social justice.

And then there are other people who take ethnic studies because they are really curious about and interested in, a diversity of people. That’s why i took ethnic studies courses. Cultural anthropology (like Zora Neale Hurston, who worked closely with the white Franz Boas), was my “thing”. He was her teacher. And I’m pretty sure, without him, there would have been no *of mules and men*. Collecting the oral folklore of black folks down south.

I took: European history courses, a shitload of courses in Africana studies, Asian American studies courses, and Latino/Chicano studies courses as well. And all my professors worked closely with each other. I had an awesome experience at my public, and then — affordable — university. I was able to work my slave labor jobs, and pay cash for my tuition and fees.

I even took a course on the Middle East, and terrorism. Where a diversity of people came to the conclusion? That terrorism? Is relative. You can be terrorized in all kinds of ways, by all kinds of people — with horrible characters.

This is not possible now, btw. Paying for school out of your pocket. Can you please do something about this Donald Trump! (I bet your checklist of “social justice” is getting thick! lmao!)

Better yet, people of color teaching in ethnic studies departments who know about their own cultures, are formally educated in their own cultures, and are honest about them — good, bad, ugly — are essential for a diversity of people to learn from. Nobody is prohibited from taking ethnic studies courses. Just a lot of white people don’t find them useful. Because many white people know, that they have white privilege and feel that they don’t need to learn about people who don’t. Which makes them ignorant (just like black folks who think they know everything about what it means to be black. Have defined and codefied blackness. And they’re mixed. lmao!)

Black on both sides women, generally speaking? Are the people on this planet who truly don’t give a fuck if you’re mixed, white, black, chinese! lol. They will call you out on your character, what type of human being you are. Quicker than you can say “confusion inna babylon”. lol (unless, they think they’re better than regular black people. then, they are only interested in themselves. like the mixed chics, who scream about social justice — words. but do not actually practice it — actions.)

You are correct Asha Bandele. You’re confused. You support mixed chics who lie, cheat, and steal. And love to cause problems between regular black people fighting for social justice. You support patriarchal abusive oppressors, instead of telling them to their face that the way they treat women (white, black, whatever, is atrocious — while eating their oppressed wives food — can’t even do a damn interview without that hoe moment nigga hanging on your shoulder.) You are mixed black, and you lie about it. You speak only on injustice that occurs to regular black people (which you are not, a betrayal of the combo that created you), you lie about your baby’s daddy. And you stalked me. For dream hampton. Cuz you’re her lacky. You need a confusion emoji, for twitter. Or, how about we just use your guilty as hell — face.

and your sidekicks. guilt really has done a number on dream hampton. cuz she’s not creative. at all. and it’s bigger than this. the idea originally came from my poetry, on this trans crew in my hood. (and it’s not just us. it’s many many more people)

Explain “social justice” to me again? Is that where you steal from marginalized people’s lives, you know, the ones who need “social justice” in order to promote “social justice” for those same marginalized people? I’m so confused.

172 bucks in slave labor money. Cell phone bill and money for my space heater? Paid! (anyone else get all happy paying their own bills?)

Imma have a regular Black man help the mixed Shaun King out. I’m going to say it again, Donald Trump. The police are not equipped to handle anyone having a mental health crises. We need two different emergency response systems.

So, just to be clear. Are regular black people being murdered disproportionately by the police? Yes. We are. Are white people being murdered by the police? Yes. They are.

Do all peoples lives matter? unsloganed, just a question.

Yes, everyone’s life matters. “You are the sperm that won the race against millions” KRS One

(Did the woman on the video say “stop beating him!” and a cop reply “shut up.” Let’s try this again, a police officer’s only job is to protect and to serve. That’s it.)


TYT is my favorite! Now they gonna have 1/2 truth Shaun King? Maybe they can get him to tell the full truth about his roots. Since they all do. Justice to me is not a sprint or a marathon. It’s “swimming upstream” — de la soul

Better focus: ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY u.s. universities are being investigated for their lack of attention to and interest towards women who report rape. Try making that? Part of your agenda, Donald Trump.

Shaun King busy cheating on his wife. And collecting his checks. Like the slave he is. And calling people like me “disabled”. If I was lookin for that man’s protection? I woulda been dead. He’s a patriarchal oppressor. I see right through him.

Aye dios mio! R. Kelly tryna redeem his hoe moment, abusive ass 2?! Ugh!

I have an idea about social justice. Why don’t all MIXED people who would not exist? Without a white parent? Be honest?!

Then you can set an example, like me, for what social justice — actually means. I doubt it! lol they lie. That’s who they are. Liars. 1/2 truths. “It’s too complicated”.

How’s this Shaun king? My mom is a white woman. My dad was a hoe moment black man who dissed her. I grew up without a real father. I had no clue who I was, until I decided to apply to Morehouse. There, I learned everything there is to know about being a black man. And since, I have acted my slave labor role to perfection! I will not do any journalism that discusses white folks being killed by the police, because i’m still caught up in what it means to “be black” only and don’t give a fuck about the woman who raised me. Hence, I don’t even have a picture in my collage, of my only parent, on my twitter. Just one of me with my ass whooped — by a white dude? Who wasn’t hearin it. And, my black wife that I cheat on with hoe moment chics.


I don’t fuck with mixed chics who lie bout their origins, cuz it’s “politically correct” on twitter. Then on instagram? Do something different. It’s fake. Played. And everyone can see it.

Exactly Asha Bandele! I will continue to treat hoe moment chics, who stalked me — over a man who is nowhere to be found — like you, as enemies. No doubt! Quote Malcolm. And remember, lying chic! White mom! Black dad!

Regular black!

Team Amina!

No *Dutchman* for me! I read it. In high school. Appalled by how that nigga dissed his white ghostwriter, for black only. Then proceeded to beat his black wife, and cheat on her 2!

No thanks. I’m good!

When real hip hop is like, fuck a label! Lol! I make my own music! Lmao!

Delivery #6.

I’m up? 53 bucks! Lol!

Excuse any typos. I write passionately, with agility, resilience. And from the soul. It’s a private blog. Not a published book. (Which isn’t that hard to do. Start a press. You just pay someone to print it. Duh! Everyone! Print your own shit! Lol!)

I will not be giving hoes they hoe moment bodies back, Talib. Those are their bodies! I didn’t fuck you! Or those other niggaz! Didn’t dump anyone either!

I LOVE my ex’s. still! I have only dumped one man. When he went bougie Morehouse. And I was like, this will not work. I can’t be in a poopy popped cherries around the world hoe moment dress. I will get so frustrated by serving dinner to your guests (like that’s my worth…dinner parties?! Lol) I might kick you in your fuckin jaw in front of everybody.

Talib Kweli has a wife who won’t get in a dress and service him? On her knees! Suckin that dick! She got her own career! Slave labor merits! Lmao! DJ Eque!

How come Jessica Care Less don’t have her black on both sides woman, rockin the DJ set?!

I know why. Because you the ultimate hoe moment man. And you play divide and conquer between women. And your wife? Wants no parts of your hoe moment livin. And 9000 kids.

Child support is ALL nkruma books! Bitch!

Reading is sexy. My ex’s? Read. Black men who read?! Deserve an academy award. Don’t know if they can keep up…with how much I write though.

Legs closed. Never see this pussy fucked by mad dudes in hip hop! That’s Care Less. Pick up your trash? And throw it in the dump. #facts!

If you want a hoe moment chic who’s been through every other man in hip hop? Call the hoe.

I want one emperor only. I’m on my haile/haime selassie.

ZERO hoe moments.

Righteous. Living!

Delivery #5. (Is this hoe moment chic sniffin coke, again, in the jazz club? Orjust at home, in bed, lounging? Hoe’s don’t work that hard for they money. And dudes love them! Fork over all that cash? For a piece of ass that his boy has rocked 2!

And screaming at her kid?

Babysitter.com maybe? “It’s lit!” Lmao!)

My man wanted one kid only. His hoe moment chic/baby mama? wanted 6. So she could sit on her ass and watch telenovelas. No education. No slave labor job. Nada. And Not a black face in sight. “I’m not black!”

He bout to dump me, cuz I smoke organic tobacco for my spiritual rituals. *shrug*. I really am not worried about organic tobacco. I’m worried about making all medicinal plants? Legal! Lol

I know her, and her mom — who’s mixed black. Her dad is white. She’s goin through it. Talkin bout section 8 and her mom with cerebral palsy who’s having such a tough time! Always putting the bill burden on her. She wants to —

escape! Lmao!

Why did she order pizza? Outside of the pizza spot she works at! (Cuz we da best!) Lmao!

We goin for Indian buffet next weekend. Girl chat!

(She wanted to know if I was working tonight. She’s been calling? Weekly. Wow. *tears*)

Any hoes know if Farrakhan’s dick is big or small? Bet it’s miniscule. Hence the hoe moment — blah blah blah blah blah — ego. Like I said. Not interested. That’s Jessica Rabbit who Sucked that dick. I go places with my mind. Not my Pussy. There’s a difference between being abused, hence writing to one person only, privately. Then realizing? Oh shit! He tried to play me for a hoe moment dream.

Now, I’m writing only to righteous niggaz, who can be trusted. #squad! For this new shit. Should Donald Trump fail to come correct on his in need of redemption — hoe moment soul.

2nd delivery!

I like niggaz who would not be caught DEAD with a hoe moment chic.

I like chics who demand their respect and put hoe monent niggaz where they belong.

In the trash.


i just got to work! right on time. and there are 3 orders. and my dominican homie is like, nope! no phone! google map! not blog! lmao!

jessica care less’ writing skills? mad shoddy. her best? is a retweet. she waits, till i have to go to my REAL SLAVE LABOR JOB (didn’t i tell you i was workin at six. work-ing! hustling!

to get started with a retweet. like the non writing hoe she is)

cuz that hoe? don’t work!

she fucks! for hip hop money.

she takes a year, for a book of poetry? *i want my hoe moment body back!* *release!* *2017* lmmfao!

I take? 30 days. all in the bin.

a poem. a day.

for that hoe moment chic.

(i write a poem a day. really. that none of ya’ll have seen. lmao!)

jessica care — hoe moment — less. will not be using the name “johnny”, my dad? John? for any of her hoe moments. as far as he’s concerned? you the same age as his ONLY DAUGHTER!


and guess who’s team my dad is on? lmao! no doubt.

also, he loves his one wife only — my WHITE step mother.

you don’t want to fuck with my white mama. lmao!

she’s a much tougher scorpio. she will beat your lying black only mixed ass? into the next solar system. (she doesn’t do the police, fbi, or nation of patriarchal misogynist islam either. lmao!)


I gotta go to work! Have a good night!

i agree with paul ryan on this. we need multiple corporations to pick from for our healthcare. and they all need to be regulated. if they pull a stunt on the american people? they all need to be liquidated. just like you wanted to vote. no Wall Street Bailouts!

awkward. he’s REALLY young. like one of my old students! but, he’s an adult now. and if he has a girl? absolutely not! i don’t go out on women, i work with them! but, his daughter is so cute! she’s like a little asian muñeca! lmao! and he only has one kid, which is a non hoe moment blessing. and, he’s from the hood! like me! he comes from nothing! like me! and, i have a little crush on him. but, only in 4 years. once ivanka’s through with using her very good brain on the part of her dad. and then, we may all be able to meet up for a regular black meal, somewhere…anywhere…regular black.

um, four years is a long time. i will most likely, die alone. like my ex predicted.

that’s cool. if it saves humanity, and the planet.

i just want to let talib, know? while he built off my words? with his “beautiful b sides”? he is a man who linked himself with hoe moment whores, riding my back. and he is a married man. and, hence? we will only ever be (as a future possibility)? friends.

i don’t come after any hoes. I am:

#1. and only.

in my book of life.

dedicated to:

janna ryan

(she’s humming it, in the background, and paul is like…fuck my life! lmao!)

guess what janna ryan believes in?

planned parenthood, among other things. lol!

elizabeth ryan steady grillin these niggaz, like, “rifles? and how to you plan to use them? and on whom?” lmao! great job janna! (elizabeth ryan got her hands? behind her back. like, i ain’t shakin your hand! lmao!)

it’s paul vs. me. cuz ain’t no way he having a picture of a diverse group of black and brown kids, hugging him? in some underfunded urban public school, and he talkin some israel only shit. pin that tweet all you want. we know what it is to be regular black. and so does paul ryan!

imma kick his ass back to his roots!

with his mcdonald’s job. and social security benefits. i’m ready for his ass. one false move? you getting destroyed! lmmfao!

  • my mana is on 100. i’m ready to go to battle! it’s a dungeons and dragons war! righteous vs. the hoe moment demons! guess who’s winning?
  • HIP HOP! righteous!

the best part of the documentary, *four seasons lodge* with the jewish holocaust survivors? is how those chics are swimming, like, whatchu think this is bitch?! i ain’t gettin my hair wet! lmmfao! total comedy! lmao!

regular black.

i don’t give two fucks about your home with a swimming pool. people need to DRINK WATER! go the the ymca (ya’ll got those?! lmao!) or find an ocean — since you live on one — israelis.

i’m a jew. a REAL one! genetically! ASHKENAZI! and i do not like how the israelis are representing me! ya’ll better step up! or ship the fuck out!

I am so glad I’m an American. I can’t stand religion! See: Ayn Rand, if you need a reference for that! lmao!

Paul Ryan is gettin on my last fuckin nerve with this Israel shit! Listen homie! I’M TIRED OF BULLSHIT! BLACK OR WHITE, MAKES NO FUCKIN DIFFERENCE! LMAO!

Taurus! Bull! I shit out waste! And recycle it! lmao!




I can’t even tell the difference between an actual Israeli, and an actual Palestinian! (And you should have heard these chics going at it in class. A JEW and a MUSLIM! And then, how they were determined that this SHIT WILL END — IN THEIR LIFETIME! you got a little while, they still in high school! lmao!)

Here’s an idea! NO FUCKIN NEW SETTLEMENTS! Israeli’s are stealing all the resources needed to live! While Palestinians live in poverty! On “food stamps”! In “hud housing”! (like regular ass black people! lmao!)

PAUL is going to REPRESENT ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY! THAT IS YOUR JOB, HOMIE! Or, i’m chopping off your head! lmao!

I got Rabbi Josh on my side. lmao! From the Hillel House! At UPenn (isn’t that Ivanka’s alma mater? lmao!…fuckin men gurl! uffff! do you really have to put up with this nonsense daily?! wtf?! at least Jared does what the fuck you tell him! with your “very good brain”! lmao! he’s cute as well! are his parents still pissed at him cuz he actually supported your dad? knowing damn well his grandparents are holocaust survivors and discriminated against nobody! *major fuckin side eye!*

jared, loves ivanka. that’s why he did it. smh. ya’ll could learn a great lesson from him. about how to sacrifice for the woman you love! since she does the same, for you! hoes!)

i’m about to watch one of my top 10 documentaries before delivery! i love it! lmao!

REAL! (who the fuck is this “international singing star” Irena Foglemsong? She can’t sing! lol! she must think she Beyoncé! lmmfao!)


When your ex man got deathly afraid when you said, Jacob is going to design my website. Cuz he was thinking, Jacob — in the Bible, who bout to destroy all hoe moment niggaz?! I don’t know what that nigga was thinking lmao! Hoe moment pussy, probably. He was 2 busy dreamin. With that dumb ass lying origin story about Yacub. Knowing damn well, it was black people who were discriminating against white people — first. They still are! Ask an albino on the continent of Africa!

Anyway, the white people banded together, fled over the Caucus Mountains, and began to plot their revenge — for being murdered and discriminated against!!!!!!!

And I was thinking, Jake is this dude with two moms? lol He has a mean social ethic? lol He reminds me of people in my fam. And,

he’s White! *shock* *awe!* *nooooooo!* lmao!

A super talented artist. On a “grassroots grind”. *shrug*

So, is jeff sessions? A man who has done horrible things to black and brown people, the disabled/mentally different, and immigrants — trying to make restorative justice for his crimes against humanity?

Start here.

There is no you, Jeff Sessions, without Black on both sides women. All human life begins in Africa/Afrika. And Black on both sides women contain all the mitochondrial DNA? To create humanity.

Jeff Sessions? This is standard high school biology. If you got a good primary education. Which this country is sorely lacking. Excellent high quality public education. Boston’s doing pretty well. One of the best urban school districts in the country.

This is a “Jewish town” though. Accepting of all kinds of diversity. In fact? They push it. Hard! Largest Metco system in the state. Bussing kids from Boston into their schools, at their expense. Lots of suburban white towns around Boston? Do this. They understand how important diversity is in education. You know why? They’re educators! Lmao! Not Harvard Phd theorists about it. Actual practitioners — in class with kids. (My cousin has informed me that the Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership? At the Harvard Grad School of Ed? Is much harder to get into than the phD program. Which is why niggaz try and take the easy route. I should apply…hm…leadership! That’s me! lol!)

And guess who the hip hop “white” girl is? Not the hoe — in riding boots! For sure. (Bougie black only mixed bitch. Lmao! The “white” girl clocked that hoe. Hence, the stampede! Lmmfao!)

This shit is hilarious! I love my high school! So diverse! And one of the best schools in the state of Massachusetts. Home, of the American Revolution.

I just picked up a delivery shift. 3 jobs mon! Teaching, delivery, writing for freedom (for free). Not bad!

(I be hustlin. My Dominican homie is like “yo Erica! Homie called in sick! You down to get this cash money this evening?!)

Who turns down cash money that you don’t have to fuck for?! Not me! See you at 6! (That’s 150 bucks, as the foundation? Easy.) Lmao!

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