Words just flip in my head.

Ya neva really loved me, it’s my creativity, and money — I never ever see-eeeeeee! wit A side of stank ass HIV infecting pussy!!

When black people supercapitaluze off disenfranchised abused super creative black people.

Who’s lives don’t matter.

Except in the billions


Ah… hip hop relief! Real green and clean!

I’m so glad I brought my campin gear! Beach!

I’m a tad impatient on my money.

Ya neva really loved me. It’s my lifestyle! It’s my lifestyle!

Oh oh oh oh.


Jessica “care” Moore pussy.

Really! Ya’ll niggaz are stupid as shit!!

nasty gaaaaaal !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!

Erry’body been in it. I don’t support that trash hoe shit!!

I just really need some time baby! Check up on my line baby. All the time. Oh ohhhh

Well, I don’t know what you checking on future. Cuz I have never written your abusive hoe moment ass one word!

I told ya dumb disrespectful ass you can fuck up yo own commas by yoself!!

And you should write your own words. Instead of having YG ghostwrite your lyrics for you.

Cuz that ENTIRE SONG! is his!

It’s YG! Featuring future! Wit yo fake #1.

Copying my jeans and locks!

You the jessica moore male version.

Please, go fuck that skank trash hoe!!

I am insulted after what you did to yo baby mama? You would even try and see me!

Trash dumb hoe moment nigga!!

Fuckin err’thang!

I’ll break your finger — off! Lmmfao!

And don’t forget to use a condom in her Petrie dish of new genocidal diseases. Pussy!!

Jessica Moore the biggest trash whore in hip hop!

Thinkin. I’m an ERIC!!

Talib — the non Scholar!!

Go away!

You couldn’t handle my — all natural —

BEST! Juicy CLEAN fresh smellin


on a good day!


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