This is such good — art. Lol!

Trans is very cultural. You can’t fake being trans by altering your physical gender. You either feel it internally so it manifests outwardly, or, it doesn’t.

You think I could get YG to wear a skirt for his wedding. His name is like Irish/Scottish. 🙄 lol!

Check it out. (I hope the white people aren’t mad at me. For appropriating their culture. Lol)


Gender is extremely fluid. It’s a mindstate.

What’s that have to do with surgery to alter parts of your anatomy again?

If you feel the need to alter parts of your anatomy to be who you are? You’re not very gender — fluid. Just, fake.

Exhibit A: dealing with a pigeon brained, abusive, harem hoe man. Who is more interested in himself while feigning interest in you. Couldn’t trust those niggaz wit a cat. Lol

Exhibit B: being loved monogamously while single, and about to buy myself some tacos. And some homeless lonely kids who need a friend, some tacos as well.

Same chic. Same tits. I dare say, healthier in Cali. Feeling very — womanly. Bout to head to Venice Beach. Wit my little booty. To love myself. And hug a surfboard soon as my ass gets knocked off that bitch in Malibu by a 7 foot wave. Lol!

Pisces alpha males are so — romantic. *swoon* I don’t know who the hell thinks YG is insensitive. 😒

He is not insensitive — at all.

He’s just a cis male!

Cis men are not like boo hoo hoo crying all fuckin day and night long. That’s a lil wussy. You supposed to cry, as a human being, but not every single fuckin day. Like, enough is enough already. Suck it up like a WOMAN! 😒

And “girlfriend let me tell you about this man I met. You should see his lips, and his muscles. I mean, I touched his chest! I thought I had died and gone to drag heaven! I mean, he is a goddess!” *zig zag finger snap* — that nigga is GAY! Hello! (And stop trying to invade all their spaces ya hoes!! They are really tired of having to listen to your ass talk about how all men are trash!!

They are MEN! 😳 and they are nice, because many of them love women, but not enough to have you cock blockin they shit! Like, this bitch!! Get out the damn gay bar, shaking yo ass!! Tit’s “poppin. out the top of your turtleneck”. You ain’t gonna find what you lookin for in here!

We don’t care! We’re GAY!)


Imma keep it real with you. I don’t think most of ya’ll black only twitter niggaz even know if you gay or trans or lesbian or not.

I think you were abused.

I know real gay and lesbian and trans people? And they do not spend 1/2 the amount of time on women and men that some of ya’ll do. They feel no need to announce that they are gay, lesbian, or trans, either. They too busy being who they really are.

If you have to try and convince somebody you are who you really are it’s because

1) they lied on you. And you bout to correct that shit right quick.

2) you are really insecure with who you really are and keep having to announce it.

I.E. I’m BLACK! B.L.A.C.K. Did I tell you I was BLACK? Oh yeah I forgot to let you know, in the last five minutes, I’M BLACK.

No fuckin shit? I am not blind (no offense to blind people). I can see your face!



Omg! Does Deray have a crush on Tracee Ellis Ross?


Don’t knock it till you try it? Lol!

YG is so sweet! He like, I know she likes these gay men on they fufu shit. Let me get those niggaz on my team. Then she’ll REALLY love me.

Next week: 😤

Gotdamnit! You fufu niggaz fuckin up my shit! She think I’m gay! 😡

Now I gotta make a single with “me” hittin some pussy! But it can’t be me. Cuz it will be a done deal!

Mind ya business you twitter hoes!! And don’t DM me. Or none of my peoples! We want — women — not no damn sex workers!!

You be preyin on us. Just shake yo ass. Here’s yo money. And get the fuck out my face! DON’T touch me!

Can’t even smack yo dumb ass or, 911!!

“YG abused me because I tried to rape him and he kept saying ‘NO! DUMB HOE!!’ But I wouldn’t stop rubbing my ass on his penis. Amd he smacked me. I’d like to press charges and file for a restraining order. I’m afraid for my life. He’s a really big BLACK man and he is so intimidating. He wears a hoodie, sometimes, and — walks down the street — minding his business. But you know, he’s a black man. So he’s suspicious.”

That’s cool. Bet. Imma get my — WIFE! — to bust! yo! ass!

*watch the bat!*



I know black people look alike to stupid ass Neanderthal hoe moment white people, like, Dream Hampton.

But that fufu nigga!! (who is Dream Hampton’s baby daddy. Maybe. No one really fuckin knows. Wit that hoe. You’d have to start exhuming — dead — hip hop niggaz. Also who, after humpin that Jabba the Hut pussy — Raw?? 😳 — were like,

I’m going to be GAY now. Forever.

Peace! You nasty hoes!!

[I have to put page breaks in cuz she is comin for ya’ll next. And I’M NOT HAVIN IT! MARK MY WORDS! Love ya’ll! 😘]

Those men are so, clean and in shape. I don’t — EVER — want to be near this?

Again. 😷😷/😷😷😷/😷😷😷😷😷)

His face like 😳. And he is also like noooooo! My dick! I like my dick! Don’t fuckin touch it! If one of you hoes attempts to turn my penis into a vagina? When — clearly — I like my body parts! 😫



And THIS nigga!


Who want some, healthy, clean, REAL!



As is evidenced by his new totally single status and some skinny chic wit no booty.


(PRIVATE messages! Lmmfao!)

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