is it possible for me to meet feminista jones? the trudz? jamilah lemieux? and that bad ass dominicana chic? they’re my favorite people! on twitter!!

they are ALL ORIGINAL!

all four of them!

i know it’s 3:49 am?

but i’m so happy! i’m over here doing this! and hoping janna ryan joins me! with her kids! paul ryan can join in, if he chooses — correctly! (which he will. cuz paul ryan is a really good dude. he’s a republican *the horror! lol!* but i think paul ryan believes in composts and “the black loamy parts at the bottom”, the end of fuckin wall street fuckin bailouts on the backs of marginalized people! giving back to his community [in his non gold trump tower crib. paul ryan gotta regular ass house, in *the big woods of wisconsin* that he can afford! lmao!] with the maximum amount of saved — frivolous spending on shit!! — tax money, supporting a woman’s right to her own damn body! and independent businesses! not penalizing children for crossing the border to join their documented family members! and he wants — the elimination of poverty!)

and paul ryan? knows! what a BLACK woman IS! *GANGSTA!*

paul ryan for president! lmao!

(my kids? are just starting to understand this! the words, that is! lol! guess what they know how to do? the dougie! all over the classroom! they’re good! lmao!)