I like Paul Ryan. I don’t like politics. I like my tax money? Out of red tape in Washington. And spent locally, and to who I choose to give it to.

I’m a conservative.

And I think, considering the shit he has to work in? He's doing an okay job.

There are NO black and brown conservatives…the real kind…obsessed with recycling and alternative energies and composts? And he knows what we are talking about. As black and brown women. We work off our own merit “slave labor” jobs. No handouts for legs spread, and we give back to other humans. Like Anwar. It is a fact. She will never deny anybody, regardless of the color of their skin, food — if they hungry.


Paul Ryan does humanity , and business— somewhat equally. He’s a flawed man, lol! curbing his desire for patriarchal power, to see the bigger picture…

He’s got empathy for these never been hungry hoes. Lol!

Hello Ayn Rand (who did go hungry, stomach growling) man.

gangsta! Lmao!

(My favorite part of this video? Is the mixed chic at the end. Too bougie to touch any black people. For fear she might get blasted. And does. 2 bottles spread? All over that lookin for a hoe moment, ass


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