i like this dude! (this does not mean run to africa lol! it means invest GOOD money in africa, so that biodiversity remains — and the human species? survives! are ya’ll crazy?! this is not “trash” asshole. i’m telling the truth!)

he’s a biologist. richard dawkins. not hal. the rampant capitalist attorney (and he can’t sue me for slander, cuz then that would mean he’d have to open up his books, to show what he really charges…and so people could see whether he’s really a civil rights attorney for disenfranchised black and brown people, like gary bellow [the majority of whom, are broke] — or if he is trying to make the most profit possible and giving the least back. i’d also like to see his transparent donations to the arts and charities, over the last 10 years. he’s paid. even i have records of charitable giving. and i’m in poverty.)

this dude’s shirt? is the truth! lmao!

word up. all people come from black people. deal with it. as long as there are black people? we will have diversity in humanity. and without black people? there won’t be a humanity anyway.

so yes. black women are awesome. (but you ladies — are mixed lol — i want you to keep lying about yourselves, so people just look at you, like, yo! that’s true. those chics loathe what created them. they don’t see color when it comes to their people. but white supremacy is all around them. so… i guess in your gentrifying city? you don’t want your mom or the white side of your family around, because that means they’re a part of the problem? race is complicated. i’d rather have white people with great characters around me all day long, before you hoes. lol)

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