To keep your soul clean — stay totally out of the war between Dream Hampton and her followers intentional HIV infections. And Ahi Baraka’s and his followers intentional HIV infections. Let them battle to the death.

A black only, but mixed black woman (not all black/or mixed black women), is the original devil. But very early on, 25 years ago. She recruited her first follower, Jessica “care” Moore.

Dream Hampton infected a schizophrenic, severely emotionally and sexually abused man — intentionally. So if you rock on her team, you must know that she is the reason so many black women are HIV positive.

We are life over death. Good over evil.

Kids have become involved. Some innocent. Some birthed for the express intent of transmitting HIV.

We do not do kings. Or queens.

We do intersectionality and diversity only. We hold hatred in our hearts for no man or woman who is who he or she is. In their original bodies and skin.

We do not do slogans. We believe all people who are innocent, and who live righteous lives? Have lives that matter.

All actions.

“Ain’t no hoe inside my DNA. Drippin gold inside my DNA.” — name that creator.

🚲 done. I’m a lil sore.

It’s worth it. I rode:

One time around the pond. Back again.

Now I’m eating mixed curry veggies (with some additional things), and a portabello burger (marinade), stacked. and delicious. Skipping the whiskey. But don’t you.

Healthy lifestyle.

I love the women in my hood.

Free promo for Karen’s son. Had I known before I went to LA, I would have looked him up. I’ve known him since he was a kid.



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