I need to make this crystal clear.

I am a teacher.

We do not pick and choose which children we get.

So ALL children who wind up in my classroom?

Get treated with — FULL EQUALITY! And FULL RESPECT!

I create a culture of inclusivity. With my kids working in tandem.

I come from an extremely diverse school district.

I don’t do black only.

And I never will. You know why? I’m not insecure in who I am.

Mixed black.

White mom.

Black dad.


Diversity — working intersectionally — is resisting Donald Trump’s policies. Far more effective than black only.

And most if it?

On facebook. Lol! A much larger percentage of diverse heads. Anyone you see with only black or white responses to posts?

Leave them alone.

You want diversity. It’s absolutely necessary. It’s not an option in this revolution.

Better get your Motley crews together.

A real dump the tea in the ocean.

Boston. Home, of the American Revolution.

This is — all — consequently directly linked to his finding out?

About the hoeing and HIV spreading.

On black only twitter. And in hip hop.

State of Michigan had mad problems with their voting machines.

Donald Trump pimped Dream Hampton.

I didn’t know anything about it.

Dream Hampton contacted Donald Trump. To set you all up.

Stop fucking hoes.

Please, leave the hoes alone. I don’t care what shit they talk about black this black that.


Which Dream Hampton , white mom — black dad, totally uncomfortable being mixed black.

Helped, to create. Black only twitter.

She knew that black peoples, only 13% of the American population? Could not survive white supremacy.

An HIV positive hoe!!

25 years of spreading HIV all through hip hop. And no one thought?

Let’s do this real quickly and discreetly. Get rid of this bitch.

She’s a major problem.

She looks to kill black men. She uses her body as a biological weapon.

Instead of saying, how you treat — the best! — women is incorrect.

She can’t say that. Because she isn’t one.

I can.

I don’t give a fuck how you treat the hoes. Treat them like the hoes they are.

It matches their characters.

Your best bet black men?

“Grab them by the Pussy”

If it is necessary? To save humanity.

Kill them.

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