I only want to hear from black on both sides detroit. Only. They don’t get near as much airtime as they should.

The people she’s speaking of? Are the people who work hard for everything they have.

Regular Black, blk.

We need those jobs. Got it? Good.

Daily rotation. To counteract the demons. Who stroll in and out of that city? Casually. Take it or leave it. Not important, to them.

I call Jessica Care Moore a hoe, not cuz she fucks on the first date (though mc lyte warned me? So I never have. Well, sort of. We talked on the phone for 5 months first. Had I known that nigga was caught in a hoe moment dream? That’s as far as it would have gone.) I call Care Less a hoe? because of how she lies cheats steals damages men and women. So they make up songs about how “that bitch can stand outside forever like the Statue of Liberty.”

Hip hop is done with her. Legendary.

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