I don’t break hearts. I’ve never dumped a man. Other way around.

FJ, I got a favor to ask. I’ll pay you tonight. Can you please help Jessica Moore find a good boyfriend who will love her and her son for exactly who they are? I’m sure you know many men who fit the bill. And have nothing to do with my past, present, or future.

(Nick Cannon looks available? He’s an excellent father. So I’ve heard. And I think he may be becoming a peaceful seikh. And besides, laughter is very healing.)

Thanks sis! 😘

It is possible to make your dreams come true. With a single man/woman — who’s been damaged — like you. That’s the best kind of love. Because you appreciate it. And don’t take it for granted.

No money needed. I have a job. Thanks. I just like him. He could go broke. I would still like him. His character. Is awesome.

And, he’s beautiful. Which is a bonus.

I’ll hold him down. Nothing new. For me.

I already told you what I think. All those self made black men, rappers and excellent businessmen, that Donald Trump loves so much? Need to roll to the White House. For 1) business 2) “ain’t nothin but a gangsta party!” Lol!

Ya’ll don’t hear me though. Cuz I haven’t said? A word. 😒

I’m in class. Bout to review money. Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. 1/2 dollars, coin dollars…And, we bout to move to paper!

Have a great day.

Teacherly advice. From years of observation. If you’re one of those parents who is like “I dare you to bring a white woman into my house. I will kill you myself”? Lmao!

Your son is the one who has the biggest crush? On the cute little smart white girl. And is passing her love letters. Or, bothering her, so she’ll pay attention to him.

Like this: “don’t you ever bring an ironhead into my house with a million tattoos and his pants around his ankles. I’m not playing with your ass. You will see a different side of me that will blow you into next week.”

Or “don’t you ever think to bring one of those jewish boys from your prep school into my house. I will disown you — and take you back to the pound, where you belong with the other mutt like dogs. You’re fired!”


(I’m ready! Put your fists up dad! You don’t wanna play wit me! 😡 Lol!)


Talib is so funny.


He’s playing his own song, like a bipolar person! “The beautiful struggle”! I still got love for you Talib! I love your music! It’s pure excellence!

Dedicated to my crush…cuz, my parents used to dance to this. And they? Solid.

It’s interesting to me that all the music FJ listens to, minus DeBarge — which is our generation. Are my parent’s tunes. More their generation than mine. Me and FJ were just kids. Remind me to drop her some loot for reminding me of DeBarge. And how Janet used to date El. Then was like, bump this! I need a loyal faithful man. Where could he be?! Oh no! Black only love or just love? Fuck it! Love wins! He’s Qatari! And I am happy! Lol!

My parents, are in love. Despite the opposition to their interracial marriage. Which, is ridiculous. People act like black women can’t date white men. Why can’t you? Is there some prohibition against it?

Not for Serena Williams. Who seems quite happy. He’s so supportive! And isn’t that what love between two people is? (I think my crush and I are a nice “black only” duet. Maybe he can get me to rap? I can’t sing. But my rappin ain’t all that bad. Nobody’s mistaking us for an interracial couple. Lol! Facts! If we had a baby? That baby would be Black! Lmmfao!

Race, is very complex. As is character. Which is ultimately, my focus. I learned that? From a black man. Dr. MLK. With his mixed black wife. Coretta Scott King. )

Stupid pigeon brained pussy men. (Not to be confused with the brilliant ones, who love and respect women, as equals. And show it, through their actions.)

(I think Talib has a pigeon hat. Lmmfao! Because he has “a very good brain”. Lol! Do I think Talib’s a terrorist? No. Not at all. I think he’s the biggest bully in hip hop, for no reason. And a fighter for freedom. Personally? I think he should be on the right side of history, and get rid of his harem. And the biggest whore in hip hop. Who does not have a job, and does not want to get one. She’s more interested in how to try to break up my Somali ex’s marriage to his wife. Because she’s white. And her life is unimportant. Even though her mom’s white and her dad treated her mom like shit as well. They could do “great” things together. He can abuse me, again, like she has. And live happily ever after having orgies. So his daughters can learn that their only worth in the world? Is to be pigeon brained hip hop whores. Who lie, cheat, and steal from marginalized people —exactly like the shit his mom had to put up with. Brilliant!! Lol 😒)

(Jessica Moore, question — are you on a humanitarian mission to save Somalis with no water? I have an idea. Why don’t you donate 75% of the profits from black women rockin, to that effort. Made any donation yet? Or just a twitter post. Because I dropped a little loot to that effort with far less resources than you have — as i’m sure my ex does. Monthly. And since you are so interested in the plight of the Somali people and want my ex boyfriend to be your sixth husband? (“It’s not personal. I fall in love sometimes to write more poems.” Which is not me. I didn’t fall in love with him to write poems. I fell in love with him, as a human being. And poetry flowed out of me — naturally.) Maybe you can convince him that he should leave his wife, who he actually loves, really — he told me that not too long ago. All three of us are communicating — about you — and his 4 beautiful children , that he, as a father, is actively involved with. Because he also told me that he wants no part of this mess. He already has massive regrets. And is keeping his soul intact. He wants that. And so does his wife. FYI.)

Elitism in the arts is strange to me. I have no idea how someone could love, Maya Angelou for example — with her made up words, or Tupac — with his bipolar typo scribbles and adaptation of language. And then be condescending about typos. I don’t care about typos at the moment. I’m not in school or writing for a “reputable” outlet. Nor is this a “professional” blog. Not cuz I’m lazy. But because I’m passionate about justice. And resistance has no time for elitism.

I will send you some more money this evening, for your passive aggressiveness towards me, and “unseeing”, because I quoted you — twice. You don’t want me to say who you are. And you inspired me to respond to your attack on me. Lmmfao!

Have a good day sis.

I told you, I think you’re brilliant. And I mean it. I know you’re Black lol, but that’s not why I think you’re brilliant. I think you have “a very good brain”, which is an indirect quote — ”plagiarized” from Idi Amin, by Donald Trump. Lol!

Because all those black male African presidents? Are just — the best!! So loving and kind towards the marginalized, and, women!! Lmao!

This ish STAYS on replay. Because this mixed black, and unashamed of both, dude (it’s very American to be mixed and do black only. You have been infected by racism. Because, you may be hm…a reverse racist?), is pretty brilliant as well. And super funny!


“I’m the typo empress. I’m purposefully writing for meaning. Not grammar.”

There are things that I have never read online. The passive aggressive talk about plagiarizing is interesting to me. Because the person saying it, swears I’ve plagiarized from her. When i’ve told her that I flat out have only read two things that she’s written, and paid to read them. And that my idea formation and personal outlook on life does not come from her. It is impossible for her to fathom that I’ve read a lot of books, written by black women. It doesn’t fit her assessment of who I am as “anti-black” because it is hard for some people to comprehend that it is possible to be pro black and not anti white. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

And yes, I’m an artist in my own right. Not that it’s that important, but I actually went to grad school on a full fellowship, for fiction and poetry. Not because I was privileged. But because i have both the talent and the “range”.

I’m just writing, at the moment, for justice. I’m pretty multifaceted. You create art for the sake of art. It doesn’t matter how it gets created — who is damaged — ethically speaking. Which is also strange to me, because you’re the same person who is sometimes upset and other times happy that you get plagiarized by some of the same people you support who are unethical in their creation of art, and, don’t pay you.

I think you’re very depressed. And your prejudices have something to do with it.

I also think you’re brilliant. Based on your tweets. I’ve actually learned something from you. About transgender people.

And, that I don’t want to hate white people. I’ve paid you for both those as well.

I’m a teacher, which for you — I understand, is horrible lol — busy supporting another artist who is homeless and dealing with a mental health issue. You should probably ask the artists you admire so much, who have plagiarized from you — to kick in the loot. Because they’re flying high — while you’re struggling. And you only support their abuse of you? Because they call themselves black only — which is not the truth, and which seems? Very anti black to me. To steal from you. As a marginalized black woman.

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