Be as mad as you can get! All women (no hoes allowed!!) on deck!

I like Sean Hannity. Lol! And I have never even see that dudes show. Just, his twitter account.

Sean Hannity? Thinks? She?

Rocks! Lmmfao! *ditto!*

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Don’t get your head bashed in, messing with good women dude. Lol!

I am so ready, to have Sean Hannity host, red carpet service. Byron Hurt. On his show. Football! Lmao! Smh (I’m more women’s swimming and soccer. But, I understand. And guess who will do it? Rebel that he is. Sean Hannity. But the divide is so deep? Someone needs to make a bridge. Sean Hannity’s son? Is a hip hop head. Smdh.

😒 Football. Talk it!)

Oh yeah, I don’t give a fuck about the mixed chic’s stolen idea. Black Women Rock! Or, any chics supporting that shit for the weekend. Then going back to their slave labor jobs. While Talib Kweli, the “super brilliant teacher”, fucks her while she’s fuckin niggaz all over the planet? To get that money?

Can you pronounce the name?

Hoe moment hip hop chic. One of 2 — of the biggest?



My parents don’t see, color. As a dividing factor. You test them? You will go up against all elders. I did not grow up in racism. Or any discrimination of any kind. EVERYBODY! is welcome in my parents crib. As long as your CHARACTER, Is aiight. They know no political parties either. Since there are both staunch republicans, and staunch democrats in my fam.

When I say Green Party tho?

They all pause, like, there goes erica again. Let her be her. *shrug* Lol!

(I say Green Party, btw. Because I’m pretty conservative. I want to protect, and not harm, all natural resources. And, that’s actually how I live. And spend my money. I want it out of Washington red tape and bullshit. And I want a strong social safety net, for all those people with slave labor jobs. Free enterprise, or not. Gettin ripped off for all their hard work. On all their own merits. Works?)

I really like my homie though . He’s not a kid. He’s been taught. He’s not an ironhead. He listens when a teacher speaks. And I have a crush on him.

And it’s not my fault. That he keeps rising to my level. My dad will understand. I will bash that nigga over his head? With a brick!

Nah. My white mom already got him in check.

“Erica is allowed to find her own happiness.” And my mom? Will love him! If he treats her and me, with respect. She’ll cook for him and all that!

My white mom? Knows how to throw down! In the kitchen.

“What are your dietary preferences? As you can see, this household goes from pork, to vegan.” Lmmfao! (I am so sorry you gotta — keep working mom! After retirement from the kitchen. Like “fuck all you men! Cook your own shit!” And, my mom? Has always supported marginalized black on both sides women — WORKING! — and, women of all colors. Her entire life! She old! You can’t tell me shit, about “revolutionary women”.


I’m a teacher. I don’t discourage growth. On your own merits. Your own words. Your own life — lived.

There are no duplicates. Of originals. I’m not a big fan of remixed tracks.

I’n a huge fan of sampling. For something? Completely original. That’s hip hop. Total opposite of Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton. Copying? Destroying black and brown people’s lives for your hip hop hoe moment money? Is — White supremacy. And will get you a prison culture — in black and brown communities.

Learn your lessons. Sociopaths. Hip Hop lessons. About copying.

“Then you wanna sell my tape for only 5.99? Please nigga. I worked too hard for this. No more will I take the booty end of the stick” — Phife, tribe.

From original creators. And thinking our lives don’t matter.

Cuz we are “bipolar trash”.

Wow. The arrogance.

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