i should post a pic of my wild ass locks. i chopped them off when i needed new energy. i had them for like 15 years. i had them twisted? once. in cuba. i had this big ass fro, that was starting to dread in the back lol, and one of the black women on the trip was like, “girl! let’s fix that!!” so, she did…i’m not posting the pic. it’s not about me. it’s about my vision.

“some are leaves, some are branches” that’s what my hair looked like. and, i wore it back in a ponytail when i was in school? cuz to wear it out? would have been a huge issue. people discriminate based on stupidity. i was just trying to be free. i wear my hair in a bun? all the time. but not in the dominican republic. there? i feel free to wear my hair out whatever way i choose to. blown out. in a big ass afro puff. and just out and poofy as i don’t know WHAT! LOL yeah, i get some looks. and a LOT of SMILES. mostly from brown girls who have hair like mine.

i’m sort of a punk lol. but it’s my choice what i decide to do with my hair. and i support all women doing what they want to with their own heads.

(note to self: i didn’t ask for any of this. i was very happy with the way things were going. i almost ended my life. i’ve come very very close, staddling a bridge…multiple times. so please don’t tell me that i need to bow down to any man. or that i owe them. the truth is? they DIDN’T help me, they tried to silence me. they know it too. i fought, and fought, and fought…i am following my own heart and my own vision. and i’m not letting them abandon any women, hurt them, after stealing all their joy for their selfish bullshit. they will step up and they will support the one woman they chose, and that they’ve got to take care of — like she has taken care of him. in real life. not, online. mocking me on soundcloud…trying to get me to kill myself. i’m the one who made the decision to fight back. they didn’t do shit. but run away, and abuse more women. i’m not mad at the women. at all. i’m mad when women KNOW they are doing the WRONG thing, because they are selfish, and don’t care about other women — at all. if you do everything in your power to steal somebody’s man, if you fuck around with multiple dudes while your husband is waiting at home for you, if you try and use and abuse men? you are HURTING them. and then they start making songs about bitches and hoes…and the cycle continues. you need to come correct. period.)

note to her…you’re hurting people. when you decide to take out your pain at what has been done to you on everyone else? and turn into a woman, like those men i’m talking about? you damage everybody. i have so much empathy for you. i understand. but you got to be BETTER than that. words are not actions. words are words. it’s what people DO with words, that are actions. you have a son! i assure you, he is only going to do to women and men, what he sees you do to them. you cannot love someone you don’t even know. you are following my words, of pain. so i’m trying to tell you how to get free. write it all out in your book. big, big hug to you. and if i ever meet you in person? i will you give you one. for more than a minute. to boost your seratonin. don’t cry. write.

I love you.

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