I am super enjoying FJ going in on Ben Carson. I mean, I am so pissed at that dude for lying on his mom’s like that. Same mom who raised his no common sense black ass — who struggled with a mental difference.

I’m sick of him speaking for all black people! Just straight lying!! No kids in middle school believed anything that man was writing. None of them. Black, White, Latinx, Asian…

“He ain’t bout that life Ms. M!”


Money! I left my debit card at home. I brought my lunch in today. A super salad. And one for my birthday princess.

“profesora, no tienes carne en eso”


*her shrug*

“¡Me gusta! ¡Deliciosa!” lol!

I will never fuck with any man again? Without meeting his mama — very soon after we decide we like each other. Forget about it. And, if he’s too afraid to meet my father? It’s a done deal. For real. Lol!

(My dad and I look alike. Same cheekbones. Same forehead. Similar ears lol. And a big ass wide mouth and small chin. Lol. The eyebrows and eyes? All my hairy ass German Jew mom. With a unibrow. 🙏🏾...that’s me, praying to have one. My eyebrows? Are excellent. I consider them to be my best feature. Never touched them. Never will. I listened to Frida Khalo. On that one. I don’t mess with my little moustache, either. Lol)

The school lunch crises hasn’t hit quite yet. It is very comforting to talk to women, who know far better than I do? How to deal with something like this. Mainly, my student’s family members — I’ve spoken with 3 of them. They seem unconcerned about providing for an entire school of children.

I will be following their ideas, building with teacher’s and administrators, and contributing what those mom’s tell me to. Should this become a major issue.

(Exactly like I did in DR. Exactly like I did in Jamaica as a kid.

Any woman who feeds Haitian immigrants, out of work, undocumented, stripped of all rights as citizens, who lived through trujillo? Has the full right to tell me what to do — in the campo — mainly, drop all this off to the 3 Haitian families, in 2 different parts of the “city” — and come back to get your meatless food. 😒 Lmmfao!

Si señora. Yo voy ahora.)

I want my homie to build with Mexican immigrants. Talk to his friend’s moms. Educate himself on their feminisms. Don’t be fooled by the domesticity and love and nurturing. Really listen. 😘

Oscar was like, “¡Es mi abuela!” Lmao! (He thought he recognized her.)

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