My kids are here. Try not to hoe today hoes. Try to be good role models for children. Not that hard. At all.

Finally. Doing your jobs correctly. Instead of killing the innocent black people they make their murder money off of.

Black Lives Matter. 😒 Basura. I just can’t take a polyamorous, pansexual who spreads HIV. But calls out men for their abuse of women. Seriously. As a feminist. It’s sad as fuck too. Demonizing a woman who never did shit to her. And coopting the voice of black feminism. Cuz, well men in hip hop. You’ve done an excellent job of teaching women how to be hoes for you.

When I was blasting *the chronic* it was cuz I was disgusted with all the black hoes my boy from Cali would fuck. Asking me if they were allowed to get something out the kitchen cuz…

No. you can’t. you are here to fuck. Get paid. And get out.

Pissed that these were educated, beautiful, women — in college — who found hoeing easier than work study, and the pet store. *shrug* telling me I needed makeup high heels and to show my tits.

No. I don’t. I get what you don’t. Equality and Respect.

Long battle ahead. To meet those standards. I wrote about a couple days ago.

I was crying. Bawling. I mean I was so ashamed.

Me: I am so sorry LT! I never thought about the fact that you are dark skinned! I just, never thought about it.

Her: you are TRIPPIN! Stay away from those black twitter hoes!! We been girls for 30 years! What are you talking about? I’m so worried about you yo. Me and Keith [her husband] were just talking about…


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