I was never on social media like that! Lol I had a Facebook page, 2. one for fringe, and one that was personal. both, private! wtf?! And, one myspace account. public. i had no clue i was being stalked! lol! those two chics sent their stalking ass henchman on all three pages — to spy on my life. And copy. Here I am thinking! Poets! Writers! I love them and buy their works! And they steady trying to destoy my life! The shock!

1💜 *side eye*

But yes. I do understand the benefits of social media. There are some awesome humans that use it, who I respect heavily— and pay — for their creations.

And I will be using it for business. I’m just being who I am (um, I’m a teacher?!) patient!

You know how long you would survive in a classroom with kids who speak very little English? Any kids, for that matter. Kids who have all kinds of differences…adhd, schizophrenia, bipolarism, autism, etc? If you had no patience?! 0.1 days. Lol

It’s not the after school program where kids do nothing but color and write poetry. And sometimes, get yelled at by frustrated untrained people who spend all their time on their smartphones — looking at social media (A lot of after school programs are nothing but babysitting services — for parents who have no other options). And it’s not the restorative justice circle where kids — do ALL THE WORK! (‘I had a restorative justice circle’ wtf?! That’s not even what restorative justice is! ✌🏻️)

Lmao! Please don’t try and tell me how to do multiple things at once. I have that covered. I’m a very good teacher. I exceed expectations on my evaluations!

It’s not just me. There are MILLIONS of us! Lmao!


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