i will be letting my man know, that ya’ll fucked a whole bunch of dudes in hip hop and that you want him, for um, idk? he’s broke! and i’ll tell you what he really don’t like, a woman tryna take his loot! it’s awesome! lmao!

he likes me. he just wants me to quit smoking. badly. i told him, if i can ever get over the very real stress? i may even attempt it. again. but, i am on a big mission. and i have to perform my indigenous american spiritual rituals. organic tobacco. to help me with my creative visualizations. lmao!

he’s like, aye dios mio! no mas escribiendo! tu no estas aki! and i’m like, i know. but i’m trying to save the planet with a team of marginalized and abused women! it’s like an episode of the walking dead. i have to blast back with my words of truth and power! otherwise? someone with real guns might try and kill me!

and i didn’t DO anything!

i’m a writer! i wrote to the wrong person! lol! (a vision of how the world could be. with all people living in peace and harmony, women and full equality, the end of nuclear everything. green living. and a compact, hooked up ride, like a ford save, that runs on AIR! lmao!)

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